Some own a car as a piece of luxury, some for passion, some buy by investing their hard-earned money and some buy to fulfill their needs. But buying is not enough, its maintenance and safety is of utmost importance. HDFC ERGO car insurance gives the assurance to protect your car in times of need.

Have a crush on your hard-earned car? Enjoy riding your beloved cars with your loved ones? But what if it gets a scratch or damage or even an unpredictable accident? It is nerve-racking, but not to worry.

Prepare yourself and your beloved car in advance against such uncertainties by buying HDFC ERGO car insurance. It acts as the protective shield for your vehicle against all damages. HDFC ERGO car insurance coverage gives overall protection to your priceless asset with a premium starting at just Rs. 2072.

HDFC ERGO car insurance plans:

Comprehensive car insurance:

According to the Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, if you own a car in India, you must have Third-party insurance before hitting it on the road. Comprehensive car insurance not only gives the Third-party but 360 degrees protection to the insuree.

HDFC ERGO's Comprehensive Car Insurance provides the facility to personalise your policy with varieties of add-ons such as return to invoice, zero depreciation cover etc.

This plan covers:

  • Theft
  • Accident
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party liability
  • Natural calamities
  • Choice of add ons

Third-party car insurance:

In accordance with the Motor vehicle act 1988, Third-party car insurance is compulsory to drive a car on Indian streets.

This plan covers:

  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party property damage
  • Injury to a third-party person

Standalone own damage cover:

This plan covers all the losses and damages to the car due to theft, fire, natural calamities, collisions, accidents etc. Standalone own damage cover also gives the facility of customization of your policy with varieties of add-ons. It protects you against financial losses caused due to damage to your vehicle.

It is suitable for those who already have an active third-party insurance cover.

This plan covers:

  • Accident
  • Natural calamities
  • Fire
  • Choice of add-ons
  • Theft

Private car bundle policy:

This plan avails 1-year coverage against damage to your car, also a 3-year cover against damages to a third party person/ property. It is ideal for a brand new car buyer. Private car bundle policy also gives the facility to customise your policy with varieties of add-ons.

This plan covers:

  • Accident
  • Natural calamities
  • Personal accident
  • Third-party liability
  • Choice of add-ons
  • Theft

Add-on Covers with HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

Engine and gearbox protection:

The heart of a car is the engine, and this add-on cover protects your car's engine from any damages and losses.

Return to invoice:

This add-on cover regains the invoice value of the car in case of total damage or theft.

Zero depreciation cover:

The value of a car depreciates every year. This add-on cover plan avails your whole amount in hand when you claim with no depreciation cuts.

No claim bonus protection:

You don't need to get worried about the NCB discount with this add-on cover. It not only shields your NCB but also gets added to the next No claim bonus slab earning.

Emergency Assistance cover:

It gives you 24*7 support to handle any mechanical or technical breakdown problems of the car.

How to buy/renew HDFC ERGO car insurance plan?

To buy a policy from HDFC ERGO car insurance online, follow these steps:

  • Go to Website Https://Www.Hdfcergo.Com/Car-Insurance.
  • The next step is to enter the car’s registration number
  • Choose the car's manufacturer.
  • Pick the Model of the vehicle.
  • Choose the Variant
  • Choose the Registration year
  • Choose the Registration city
  • Choose the type of policy
  • Choose the NCB
  • Process with the payment by using the link sent to you
  • Check the mail for your ready car insurance policy

How to calculate car insurance premium?

You can use a car insurance premium calculator. It is an online tool to calculate insurance premium. You need to enter asked details such as purchase year, RTO location, car registration number, model/variant, maker etc. Calculating the premium before purchasing a car insurance policy will give a rough idea of policy quotes from the various insurers. It helps you to buy the right insurance plan.

How to claim HDFC ERGO car insurance?

STEP 1: Don't go for hassle full paperwork. Register online for the claim and share asked details.

STEP 2: Both self and app-enabled digital inspections are available.

STEP 3: With the help of a claim tracker, have an eye on the status of your claim.

STEP 4: Sit back and relax as your claim gets approved.

Why not worry about the HDFC ERGO car insurance claim?

  • Paperless claims
  • AI-enabled tools
  • Rated iAAA: The highest claims-paying ability
  • It offers unlimited claims
  • HDFC ERGO car insurance claim settlement ratio if 80:20

Buy/ Renew HDFC ERGO car insurance for old car:

Whether you have a new car or the old one, buying or renewing car insurance always gives peace of mind.

As per Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988, every car (new/ old/ second hand) should have valid insurance to ride a car on the streets or roads in India. In case of absence, a heavy penalty would be imposed or might suspend the license of the driver.

A comprehensive car insurance plan is available for old or second-hand car owners which cover it from any artificial and natural calamities. In case of damage to a third party car, it keeps you financially protected. Personal accident plan also included in it, that avails you financial help of up to 15 lakhs if any injury or harm caused due to accident.

Factors that affect HDFC ERGO motor insurance premium:

Certain factors can change the premium of your car insurance:

  • How old is your vehicle?
  • Which vehicle do you drive?
  • What is your car's engine capacity and fuel type?
  • Where do you reside?

Benefits of buying HDFC ERGO car insurance:

Network of more than 7500 network garages:

Avail cashless claim benefits at over 6000 authorized network garages all over the country.

1.Wide range of add on covers:

Provides extra coverage to your car along with the cost of consumables, gearbox and engine protection, return to invoice, emergency assistance, zero depreciation.

2. Easy on your pocket:

HDFC ERGO car insurance premiums can be easily affordable for everyone without giving an extra stretch. Premiums start at just Rs 2072.

3. Covers towing expenses:

Get up to Rs.1500 reimbursed for towing charges.

4. Convenient payment options:

There are various modes of payment options available for ease of the customer. One can use electronic wallets, Net Banking, Debit cards, credit cards etc.

Also, there is an availability of EMI.

5. Instant e-policy and dedicated customer service team:

The process of purchasing is easy. You only need a mobile or laptop from the comfort of your sofa. Visit and click buy online. For any queries and problems associated, a fully dedicated and friendly team is available.


Q. How can I cancel my claim?

Ans. Most of the time, drivers don't want to pay the deductible and opt to cancel the claim. HDFC ERGO car insurance providers allow you with this facility by just contacting the representative.

Q. How does the insurance policy change when I sell my car?

Ans. When you sell your car, the policy has to be transferred from your name to the new owner's name. There is a need for some supporting documents such as sale deed/form 29/30/NOC of seller/NCB recovery amount. However, you are allowed to transfer the NCB of your policy to your name, if you want it for your new vehicle. Canceling existing policy at the time of selling is also the option available.

Q. What are the exclusions in HDFC ERGO car insurance policy?

Ans. The company does not support the repair of even a small damage. The company does not cover Losses or damages such as general tear and wear damage, depreciation of parts, an electrical breakdown that happened because of collisions under the infliction of human-made calamities or influence of alcohol.

Q. Will the claim be valid if I ask for a claim after the vehicle insurance policy expires for the event that occurred during the car insurance policy term?

Ans. Likewise, it is not acceptable. You need to inform the insurer as soon as possible. The notice period will be very2 days. After the notice period, The insurer can anytime cancel the application of claim.

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