Has your HDFC Ergo car insurance got lapsed?

Here’s what you need to do!

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, one can drive on Indian roads only if he/she has valid third-party car insurance. Car insurance is mandatory in India. Driving a car without a valid policy is illegal and is considered an offense. In the absence of a valid car insurance policy, you may have to face legal actions. Also, in case your car gets damaged in an accident, or natural disaster, there will be no financial compensation.

So, if you are considering buying a car, make sure you buy at least a third-party car insurance plan. Generally, a car insurance policy stays valid for one to five years, depending on your payment. Generally, car insurance companies will send you multiple reminders through text messages, emails, or even phone calls. Some car owners renew the policy promptly. However, some of car owners forget to do the same because of lack of time or carelessness.

What Is a Lapsed Car Insurance Policy?

One needs to understand that an insurance policy remains valid only for a given time period. The policy can be bought for one year or five years. After this time period, consider the insurance plan invalid. Once the policy gets expired, you will not be enjoying any more protection. A lapsed car insurance does not offer coverage in case your car gets into an accidental situation.

Shortcomings you will face in case of a car insurance policy lapse?

Renewal of your car insurance plan after its expiry is possible only when you get the vehicle inspected by the insurance company. However, you will get just 30 days for inspection, or otherwise, you might require to pay penalty charges. The other disadvantages are:

  • If you are driving with lapsed car insurance, you are going against the law, and you may need to pay a challan of 2000 rupees.
  • If you continue to drive your four-wheeler even after the policy being lapsed, you will not have any protection. During this phase, if you run into an accident while driving then know that the insurance company won’t be offering any protection or coverage to you.
  • If you have been a responsible driver, then you might have gathered NCBs. However, if you have not renewed your car insurance for 90 days, you will lose all the NCB and will have to start again.
  • Having a third-party insurance plan is compulsory or mandatory as it helps you compensate for any accident that you may enter into while driving your four-wheeler. If you do not have a third insurance plan, then you will have to bear the entire expense on your own as well as face legal actions.

Things you ought to do when your car insurance policy has lapsed

If you do not renew your HDFC Ergo car insurance on time, then it is bound to get lapsed. It is best to get the policy renewed at least one month before the expiry date. You can also compare your current policy with some other insurance plans before making a choice.

Immediately get in touch with an insurance agent.

If your HDFC Ergo car insurance policy has expired, you need to contact your agent. Professionals always have elaborate knowledge regarding this kind of lapses. The agent can guide you thoroughly in renewing your policy.

Do not drive your car.

If you have lapsed car insurance, you must not drive your vehicle. Otherwise, in case of serious damages, you may require to compensate for the damages to the third party from your own pocket.

Choose your policy wisely.

For smoother and convenient renewal, it is better to renew your car insurance plan online. It will save time, and you will receive the policy within a couple of hours. Before getting the car insurance plan renewed virtually, you should conduct a thorough comparison among different insurance plans so that you manage to get the best deals.

Keep all your documents in hand.

During renewal of your car insurance plan, make sure you carry the below-given documents in hand:

  • A copy of your previous insurance policy
  • The Registration Certificate of your vehicle

Make sure you book an appointment for the purpose of a car survey.

Once the policy has expired, the company will send a surveyor to review the condition of your car. The surveyor will check for any damages and then determine your eligibility.

Some companies also offer self-inspection facilities.



Q1. What is the grace period for auto insurance?

Ans: There is no such grace period in India. So, you will be violating the law if you are driving without insurance. 

Q2. Can you renew insurance policies automatically?

Ans: Yes, most policies renew automatically! However, if it doesn’t, you have to do it manually.

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