Getting one’s bike towed can be a frustrating and annoying moment as many people always wonder why their bike is getting towed even though they were only parked on the footpath or the side of the road for a few minutes or any other road violation which needed to be followed by them. This also raises the question of what one can do when faced with such conditions getting their bike towed by traffic police. Here we are going to take a look at how one can avoid getting their bike towed in the first place and what one can do when it gets towed due to some unforeseen circumstances or road violation.

What Do You Mean When A Vehicle Gets Towed?

A vehicle getting towed generally refers to a situation where one vehicle is getting impounded by traffic police for violation of road safety rules or in most cases being parked illegally or not parked in a proper parking space. This can be a big frustration for the people who get their vehicle towed for violations as in most cases they just claim to be parked for a few minutes or near the vehicle hence it shouldn’t be towed for violation at all. Many times this has caused arguments and disputes between traffic police officers and the people who have their two-wheeler get towed. One can never know what can happen to their vehicle so one should always be prepared by getting bike insurance to mitigate the risk of heavy service charges if their vehicle gets damaged when in the holding lot or when it is getting towed.

Reason One’s Bike May Get Towed

There are various reasons one two-wheeler might get towed by the traffic police, from illegal parking to not maintaining proper documents. Following are some of the main reasons why people two-wheeler can get towed:

1. Parked illegally,

2. Not having insurance,

3. Driving under the influence, 

4. Driving without a license,

5. Signal breaking,

6. Speeding,

7. Dangerous driving,

8. Inconvenience to others, etc.

What One Can Do When Traffic Police Tow Their Bike?

People are often confused about what to do when their bike gets towed by the traffic police or how they can contact the right person to get their two-wheeler back. Following are the steps one can take to get their vehicle back:

  • Contact the Nearest Police Station: The owner must contact the nearest police station of the district or the city where their two-wheeler got towed and try to find more information about their bike.
  • Collect Information from Bystanders: By talking to bystanders present at the time of one’s two-wheeler getting towed one can gather information as to why their vehicle got towed and how it was towed, was there any mishap or damage to it. This information can be very useful when one is trying to get back their vehicle or claim damages. 
  • Visit the RTO Office: One needs to visit the RTO office to find more details about their vehicle such as where it has been impounded, what is the location of the holding lot, etc.
  • Showing Proper Documents: The owner must show the proper documents regarding the ownership of their two-wheeler to verify the ownership of the bike.
  • Checking the Condition of the Bike: One must check the condition of the bike for any damage or dents which could have happened when the vehicle was getting towed or stored in the impounding lot. This can also help later when claiming two wheeler insurance.
  • Paying the Fine: The owner must pay the complete fine which has been imposed on the vehicle for violating traffic rules for road safety by the traffic police officer. 


Getting one’s bike towed can be a traumatic and a frustrating experience for many people which makes them go through the lengthy process of getting their vehicle back from the impounding lot. Many of the towing cases happen due to negligence of the owner by not parking their two-wheeler in the parking lot or not having all the proper documents or violating traffic rules. People often get confused as to what to do when traffic police tow their bikes. One needs to immediately contact the nearest police station for more information regarding their two-wheeler. The owner might need to show the required documents, check the vehicle's condition, and pay the total overdue fine on the vehicle before taking it back.

One can now insure their vehicle with bike insurance and forget about the heavy charges one might have to pay for any damage that may have occurred on the bike when it was been towed or impounded in just a few easy steps on Quickinsure by going to their official website and compare various plan and chose the one that meets their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why might one bike get towed?

Most towing of the bike is due to negligence of people for not following traffic rules when on the road like not parking their vehicle in a parking space or speeding through a signal, or not having important documents like insurance.

Q2. Why is getting insurance important for the bike?

As one can never be sure of when an accident might happen due to unforeseen circumstances or when one might need to get costly repair done due to heavy damage on the bike or if some 3rd party is hurt and needs to be paid for their damages. 

Q3. Where can one insure their bike?

One can easily get their bike insured at Quickinsure with a few easy steps at their official website https://quickinsure.co.in/ by comparing various insurance plans and getting the one that meets their requirement.

Q4. What one needs to do first when their bike gets impounded?

One needs to immediately contact their nearest police station for more information regarding the status of their bike or two-wheeler.

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