If you have just bought an insurance plan for your two-wheeler, then you must be feeling relaxed and tension-free while hitting the road. However, the purpose will only be fulfilled if your claim gets approved during any mishap. It is, therefore, necessary to know the intricacies of filing a two wheeler insurance claim.



Things To Consider When Making Two Wheeler Insurance Claim



This blog is dedicated to all the policyholders who are still unsure about the two wheeler insurance claim. Scroll down to get into the details.

Top 7 Things You Must Know To Get Your Insurance Claim Approved

You Need To Take Your Bike For Repair To One Of The Network Garages

If you have opted for a cashless insurance policy, then you must take your bike or scooter to one of the network garages to enjoy cashless reimbursement. If you take your vehicle to be repaired to any other garage, the insurance company will not approve your claim.

Fill In The Correct Details In The Policy Form

When you fill the form, pay attention to the details. You should not take any agent’s help for filling the form. Only you are in the position to furnish the right details. Pay attention to all the details and provide the right information.

Intimate The Insurance Company Within The Given Deadline

Generally, every insurance company offers a time frame of 48 to 72 hours for intimation. So, make sure you follow the deadline. The more you delay the intimation process, the more difficult it gets to get your claim approved.

Do Not Get Your Bike Repaired Before Inspection

Do not hurry to take your bike for repair before the insurance company sends an inspector to evaluate the condition of your vehicle. Let the inspector assess the condition of your bike or scooter and then get it repaired at a network garage near you.

Disclose Even The Minutest Detail To Your Insurance Company

You should not hide any relevant details from your insurance company. Even if you consider any information insignificant, make sure you share it with the insurer. Non-disclosure of important issues can get your claim rejected.

Keep All Your Documents Prepared And Accessible

For two wheeler insurance claim approval, the policyholder needs to furnish different kinds of documents. It is, therefore, necessary to keep each and every relevant document handy.

Do Not Miss Out On Filing An Fir At Your Nearest Police Station

If you do not file an FIR for your bike damage or accident, then it is difficult to get your claim approved. A copy of the FIR is necessary for claim approval.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have not mentioned a nominee in my two wheeler insurance policy. Will that person be able to make a claim on my behalf?

No! In case you have not mentioned your nominee name in the form, and are unable to file a claim all by yourself during an emergency, then that person will not be able to make a claim on your behalf.

Q2. I do not wish to take the help of a legal practitioner or agent? Will I be able to get my insurance claim approved?

Yes, you can try getting your claim approved on your own. However, taking the help of an agent or legal practitioner can help you get things done without any hassle.

Q3. I do not have enough time to fill the policy form by myself. Is it okay to get it filled by someone else?

It is advisable that you fill the form all by yourself. This allows you to provide the relevant details without leaving any room for errors.

Q4. The claim settlement ratio of my insurance company is not impressive at all. Should I buy a two-wheeler insurance plan from the same company?

No. You should always get your insurance plan for your two-wheelers from a reputed insurance company that has an impressive claim settlement ratio.

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