One must always try to follow traffic rules as they are important and also help maintain good safety standards for the people on the road especially in a city like Delhi where there is a heavy rush. Many times people are careless and break traffic rules to avoid delay which can get them a fine and one might have more problems if they don’t have two wheeler insurance they can get an insurance challan in Delhi for their bike. Here we are going to look at what is a bike insurance fine in Delhi and what are the various rules and fines for violations.

What Does One Mean By Traffic Violation?

Traffic violations are cases when one violates the laws of traffic on the road which helps maintain safety. Today in Delhi there is a rapid rise of traffic violations as many people are in a rush leading to various violations of traffic rules in Delhi. Many times, people are found to be without insurance which can result in getting a two-wheeler insurance challan in Delhi. One always gets insurance for their two-wheeler and follows all the rules of traffic to avoid paying any fines for violations.

What Is The List Of Rules And Fines For Violations

When driving on the road one must always make it their priority to follow all the traffic rules as it can help maintain good safety on the road as well as it can help one avoid paying any fines for traffic violations. Following is the list of rules and fines for violations:


Fines (Rs)

Driving without License


Not having Registration


Driving without Insurance


Over Loading


Over Speeding


Signal Breaking


Riding without Helmet


Driving under Influence


Juvenile Driving


Dangerous Driving


Driving on Footpath


Driving Against One Way


One can easily refer to the above table for the rules and fines one might have to follow and pay if they are caught in Delhi. Fines are subjected to regulation by the government and can vary with new laws.

Document To Carry When One Is Driving A Bike In Delhi

One should always carry their important documents for their bike when they are driving on the road to avoid paying any fine, especially insurance challan in Delhi for bikes. Following is the list of documents one should always carry with them:

  1. License: One must always keep their license with them when they are driving on the road in Delhi to avoid any fines.
  1. Registration Certificate: Also known as RC is the vehicle registration certificate that is mandatory for one’s vehicle so that it can be tracked in case there is an issue with any authorities.
  1. Pollution Certificate: By the new law mandated by the government all the vehicles on the road must get a pollution certificate or PUC. This helps the government collect data on pollution levels and also helps them make new regulations to control the air quality in Delhi.
  1. Insurance Policy: It has been made mandatory by the government for one to have a 3rd party insurance for their vehicle and they should always try to get insurance for their bike to avoid bike insurance challan in Delhi.


Today people are always in such a rush to get to their destination that they forget to follow proper traffic rules and end up breaking them. This can lead to fines by the traffic police and worse one can get their vehicle impounded. By taking proper precautions and maintaining good driving practices one can avoid paying heavy fines on the road in Delhi. One should also always get insurance for their two-wheeler to avoid insurance challans in Delhi for bikes. Now one can easily get two-wheeler insurance for their vehicle in just a few steps online on Quickinsure by visiting the official website and compare various available plans and get the one that meets all of their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can one pay a fine for traffic rules violations in Delhi?

One can easily check their fine on the official portal of Delhi traffic police and pay their fine accordingly.

Q2. Is there a penalty for not paying a fine for traffic rules violations?

Yes, one will have to pay any extra penalty that they might have gotten by not paying the fine.

Q3. Why should one always get insurance for their two-wheeler?

By getting insurance one can avoid any unforeseen future risk and mitigate any financial losses that might come with them.

Q4. Where can one get insurance for their two-wheeler?

One can easily get two-wheeler insurance in just a few steps online from Quickinsure by visiting the official website- https://quickinsure.co.in/  and compare various available plans and choose the one that meets their needs.

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