When buying car insurance, most people just take into consideration what is covered by the policy. As a result, they miss out on understanding what is not covered by their car insurance policy. It is equally important to have a clear idea as to what is not covered by your policy as it helps you to choose the car insurance policy that suits your needs the best. Read on to know more about what is not covered by standard vehicle insurance policies.

Personal belongings

If your car gets vandalized, your insurance company will reimburse the expenses incurred in repairing the damages caused. However, the company will not provide any compensation if theft is involved or your personal belongings such as your phone, laptop, or others kept in the car are damaged. This is because car accessories such as the navigation system, music system, TV, and custom seats are not covered by standard car insurance.

If your car is stolen, you must file a police complaint

Your car insurance covers theft, but it is important to file a complaint at the nearby police station in order to claim compensation. However, if your car gets stolen because of your mistake - leaving the key in the car, not locking properly, or giving the key to someone else - your car insurer might reject your claim.

Using your car for business activities

If you use your car for commercial purposes, the damages caused to the car will not be covered by your standard car insurance. You cannot file a claim in the event of your car beinginvolved in an accident while transporting goods as part of your business activity.

When someone uses your car or you use someone else's car

If you drive your friend's car or rent a car and meet with an accident while using it, you cannot file any claim under your car insurance. An insurance company entertains claims filed by the car's policyholder. If your spouse drives the car registered in your name and the car is involved in an accident, your insurer will not entertain any claim.


Q1: What are the exclusions in the case of a third-party liability insurance policy?

A1: In general, the third-party liability insurance policy does not provide any compensation for the damages caused to the car and the bodily injuries suffered by the insured or the co-passenger.

Q2: What is excluded in the case of comprehensive car insurance policies?

A2: Situations that are not covered by a comprehensive motor insurance policy include the wear and tear of your car, electrical or mechanical breakdown, damages suffered by tyre, tube, engine, and gearbox. Accidents that occur when driving without a valid driving license and under the influence of alcohol or drugs are also not covered.

Q3: What is not covered under standalone own-damage car insurance?

A3: The standalone own-damage car insurance does not cover the cost associated with the following during claim settlement:

  • Depreciation of your car’s value due to wear and tear
  • Electrical or mechanical damage suffered by your car’s engine and gearbox
  • Damages suffered exclusively by the tyres and tubes of your car
  • Liabilities taken on behalf of another person

Q4: Why is it that third-party liability insurance alone is not enough for my car?

A4: Third-party liability insurance covers only other vehicles/property and doesn’t cover accidents/damages to your own vehicle.

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