Workmen compensation is one of the best ways employers can protect them and their employees from financial losses that they might suffer if the employee were to be injured or hurt due to any work-related circumstances. Sometimes employees can also suffer serious risks that can cause partial or full loss of their limb or any other body part leading them to suffer heavy financial losses in the future. But this can be avoided by getting a workmen compensation policy. But many times, people are unaware as to workmen compensation policy exclusion that can cause their claim to get rejected if their injury falls under such circumstances. Here we are going to look at what are the exclusions under workmen compensation policy and why one should be careful of these before getting their workmen compensation policy.

Exclusion in Workmen Compensation Policy:

The following are the WC policy exclusion one needs to watch out for when getting their workmen compensation policy:

  1. Non-fatal injuries:

Employees cannot claim workmen compensation if their injuries are non-fatal and can be treated with simple medication and rest.

  1.  Injuries not leading to disablement for more than 3 days:

WC policy is not liable for paying the employee if their injury is not serious and will not cause them any or not more than 3 days of disablement.

  1.  Under-influence injuries:

Any injury or damage occurred to the employee when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs then they are not able to claim any workmen compensation.

  1.  The accident that happened during working at another place:

If an employee incurs any injury or damage while working at a different work site than where they have registered their workmen compensation policy, they are not able to claim any financial support as it comes under workmen compensation policy exclusion.

  1.  Injury caused due self-negligence:

If any injury or damage has been caused to the employee due to their negligence at the work site such as not properly wearing safety equipment, ignoring safety warnings, taking unnecessary risks, etc., they will not be able to claim any compensation from their workmen policy.  

  1.  Attempted suicide:

If one has attempted suicide or has died due to suicide during their job, they or their family member are awarded any compensation as it comes under workmen compensation policy exclusion.

  1.  Common occupational diseases:

One is not qualified for any compensation if they have contracted any common occupational disease or illness while working as it is a WC policy exclusion.

  1.  Injury due to war or terrorist attack:

Employees are not protected by the workmen compensation policy if there is an ongoing war or if their workplace is being attacked by terrorists.

  1.  Using false or fake information:

If employee information is found to be false or faked when claiming their compensation, then they are immediately disqualified from getting a workmen compensation claim.

  1.  Employees that are not considered workmen:

Many times, employees are not properly considered as an employee if they don’t fall under certain categories set by the government that can cause them to not get any compensation if they were to get injured or hurt during work.

How to Avoid Exclusions in the Workmen Compensation Policy?

Following are how one can avoid getting their claim turned down by the exclusion under workmen compensation policy circumstances:

  1.  Verify all the details:

Both the employer and the employee need to verify all the details before getting a workmen compensation policy and understand all the WC policy exclusions beforehand.

  1.  Compare with different providers:

The employer must properly conduct their research on various workmen compensation policy providers in the market. One can also use aggregator platforms such as Quickinsure to check various available plans on workmen compensation policy.

  1.  Keep away from alcohol and drugs:

One needs to keep a check on their alcohol consumption and avoid using any drugs while working to not get any rejection of claim if some unfortunate incidents were to happen due workmen compensation policy exclusion.

  1.  Take caution:

Both the employer and the employee must always be vigilant and take caution by following proper safety standards and always wearing their safety gear while on the job to avoid creating risky situations.


Working at a job site can be dangerous and can sometimes even result in heavy physical and financial losses if one is not careful. Employees can sometimes have unfortunate accidents on the job while working that can cause them to have financial damage. One can avoid such losses by getting a workmen compensation policy, but one needs to carefully read all the terms and conditions, especially all the exclusions before getting an insurance policy. Now, one can easily get their workmen's compensation insurance policy in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting official website- https://quickinsure.co.in/ and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.


  1.  Is it mandatory for employers to have a workmen's compensation policy?
  • Yes, as it has been made mandatory by the government WC Act in 1923.
  1.  What things should one avoid for claiming workmen's compensation?
  • One should avoid careless behaviour such as not following proper safety standards, drinking alcohol on the job, and using drugs.
  1.  Who is responsible for getting a workmen compensation policy?
  • The employer is responsible for getting a workmen's compensation policy for all their employees.
  1.  Where can one buy a workmen compensation policy?
  • One can get workmen's compensation policy by visiting Quickinsure official website- https://quickinsure.co.in/ and comparing various available plans and get the one that is most beneficial to them.
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