Bundled Motor Insurance Policy for Two-Wheeler

Bundled insurance in two-wheeler insurance means a policy that covers for own damage for one year and also covers a third party for say a period of 3 to 5 years. It is stressful for bike owners to renew their policy and also for getting more coverage in case of an accident, bundled two-wheeler insurance is offered by insurance companies.


What Is Bundled Insurance Policy In Two Wheeler Insurance


The bundled two-wheeler insurance offers mandatory third-party insurance for a longer duration and optional own-insurance coverage for one year. So, you can pay a premium for one year and renew annually for your own damage while for third-party you get cover for 3-5 years. Bundled insurance policy in a two-wheeler provides the advantage of not only broader coverage but also relieves you from remembering the renewal dates along with providing more comprehensive coverage through Add-ons.

Bundled Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy has Certain Inclusions, Exclusions and Also Add-ons That Can Help Increase Coverage

Inclusions To Bundled Two-Wheeler Insurance Include

  • Loss or damage on a two-wheeler due to perils like accident, fire, lightning, theft or burglary & housebreaking, flood, earthquake, riot, strike, vandalism or any malicious damages.
  • Loss on two-wheelers due to legal liability to death or bodily injuries, property damage of a specific amount as stated by the particular insurer along with the cost & expenses incurred.
  • Risk on two-wheelers due to personal accident for the owner or driver or in the name of an individual who holds an effective & valid driving license for the registered vehicle.

Exclusions Of The Bundled Two-Wheeler Insurance Include

  • If the vehicle is used for hire or reward.
  • If the two-wheeler is employed in racing, speed testing or reliability trials.
  • If the vehicle is used outside the geographical area or outside India.
  • If the vehicle is driven under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If there is consequential loss or wear & tear or mechanical & electrical breakdown.
  • If there are nuclear perils of war & terrorism.

Add-Ons Under Bundled Two-Wheeler Insurance Include


Bundled insurance for two-wheelers are one among many insurance plans to ease out buying insurance for the vehicle. The Premium for bundled two-wheeler insurance depends upon the age of vehicle and its cubic capacity.The Policy can be cancelled by either the insurer or the insured in case of double insurance policies, in case vehicle is not in use because of Total Loss or Constructive Total Loss and in case the vehicle is sold or transferred to another. So, depending upon your requirement, choose bundled two-wheeler insurance wisely and read all terms carefully before making any insurance purchase.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on Bundled Insurance Policy in Two-Wheeler Insurance;

Q1. Does a bundled insurance policy for two-wheelers cover natural calamities?

Whether your Bundled insurance for two-wheelers covers natural calamities or not mainly depends upon your insurance provider and the terms of your insurance plan. Make sure to read the conditions carefully before making any purchase.

Q2. Can Bundled insurance for two-wheelers be bought for new vehicles?

No, bundled insurance for two-wheelers can only be bought for vehicles that have completed 5 years. After 5 years, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle shall be determined as per the understanding of the insurer and the insured.

Q3. Does Bundled insurance for a two-wheeler provide the cost of transporting a damaged vehicle in case it is disabled?

Yes, in case of disabled vehicle, the insurance company shall provide cover for protecting and removing the damaged vehicle to the nearest garage or even re-delivering it to the insured.

Q4. How to purchase Bundled insurance for a two-wheeler?

Bundled insurance for two-wheelers can be purchased online at the insurance company's website or offline at their office. Make sure to always compare insurance plans before making your decision and choose wisely.

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