Insurance payouts are made in two different ways: claim reimbursement and cashless service. In the former method, you get the damages sustained by your vehicle following an accident rectified in any service centre after duly intimating the insurance provider and then filing a claim with your insurer. In the latter case, you get your car repaired at an approved service centre without paying any money. This is the benefit of buying a cashless insurance policy.


When you get the repair work on your car done in one of the cashless garage facilities, the service centre sends the bills directly to the insurer. The insurance company then settles the payment against the bills with the approved service centre. This means a cashless car insurance policy allows you to take your car to any garage that is part of your insurer’s cashless network and get it repaired without spending any money. Cashless claim car insurance settlement is far superior to the conventional method as it is easy, hassle-free, and super-fast.

However, what you need to remember is that the benefits are limited to the coverage of your car insurance. For instance, a basic car insurance policy does not cover engine damage due to waterlogging. Besides, you are required to pay a small percentage of the bill amount to cover the depreciation and deductible costs as specified in the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy. However, the payment towards depreciation charges could be avoided by including a zero-depreciation add-on cover in your standard car insurance policy.


Cashless Car Insurance How Does It Work

Car insurance providers often establish tie-ups directly with garages around the country. These authorized or approved garages are referred to as "network garages." The network garages provide cashless repair services to set right the damage suffered by your vehicle due to an accident. All that you are required to do is to locate a garage close to your place. Of course, the first step is to inform your insurer about the accident. The network garage will repair your car and then initiate the claim process with your insurer. The insurance company settles the repair costs upon receiving the bill or invoice presented by the concerned network garage.


Benefits offered by Quickinsure Cashless Car Insurance

Unlike normal car insurance policies, there are no formalities or paperwork involved. Furthermore, the claim process is very simple, as there is no cash payment apart from the cost of deductibles and the depreciation charges to be borne by you.

Your claim will not only be processed faster but also settled quickly. All that you are required to do is provide your policy details to the network car garage where your vehicle will be repaired.

In the case of cashless car insurance, all transactions are between the network garage and your insurance company. This makes the whole process hassle-free as all aspects will be automatically taken care of.

Your cashless car insurance also offers the advantage of doorstep pickup, repair, and drop-off. Moreover, the repair service comes with a 6-month warranty.

If damage is sustained by your car in an accident, the repair costs can be quite high. Getting the car repaired at a network garage eliminates the need to withdraw money from your emergency savings.

Insurance companies often choose top-rated service centres as their network partners. These network garages always provide the best service for you at all times.

There is complete transparency with respect to the terms of the claim in the case of a cashless car insurance policyas everything is done digitally.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to file a claim in the case of cashless insurance?

The claim process in the case of cashless car insurance is simple. However, you need to know the names of the cashless service or repair centres near your place or the location of the accident. Call your insurance company at their toll-free number. The companywill be send a link to your registered phone number. You need to click a few pictures of your car on your smartphone and upload them. The next step is to choose a repair method: reimbursement or cashless. If you choose the cashless repair option, you can take your car to a network garage near you and provide details of your car insurance. The garage will take care of the rest.


Q2. What happens if there is no cashless garage near me?

Quickinsure has cashless garages pan India. If one is not available near you, Quickinsure will make an advance payment to the workshop. After completing the work, we will transfer the balance amount, less depreciation and deductibles, based on your reimbursement claim.


Q3. What is a network garage?

 A garage approved by us for carrying out accident repair work.


Q4. What expenses in a cashless car claim are to be borne by me?

 The voluntary and compulsory deductibles as per the terms and conditions, as well as depreciation charges, have to be borne by you.


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