A tyre is subjected to more wear and tear than any other part of your vehicle. It is, therefore, important to insure your car’s tyres, especially because of the condition of roads in India. Moreover, car tyres are not cheap these days. Expensive cars come with expensive tyres. Car tyre insurancecover helps you to avoid unexpected expenditures due to the repair or replacement of tyres and tubes. Read on for more information on tyre cover in car insurance.

Tyre Protection Cover in Car Insurance – What Is It

Your car’s comprehensive insurance policy covers the cost of damage suffered by your vehicle due to accidents, natural and/or man-made calamities, riots, and vandalism. Thisbasic insurance cover, however, does not cover the repair/replacement cost of tyres and tubes if they are not damaged because of a claimable event.

Tyre cover insurance provides protection against the following damages caused to your car’s tyres due to the bad condition of roads in India:

  • Damage caused due to impact or burst
  • Flattening because of rough braking 
  • Damage due to bulging of the tyre sidewall

An add-on car tyre insurancecover bought along with a comprehensive or a standalone own-damage car insurance policy provides adequate protection,coveringthe cost of repair or replacement. This add-on cover also provides protection against damage/cutscaused to the tyres and accidental loss. In addition, it covers labour charges related tothe repair/replacement of tyres. A tyre protection cover enables you to have a great sense of security.

You just have to pay a little extra to buy this add-on cover. Now, if you have included this add-on cover to the car’s insurance policy and raise a claim against tyre damage, itdoes not affect your No Claim Bonus eligibility under the standard policy. However, an overall claim does impact the No Claim Bonus discount.

Tyre Protection Insurance – Inclusions and Exclusions

First of all, the add-on cover is valid only for as many as four claimsduring the period when the policy is in force. Therefore, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the inclusions and exclusions prior to buying the add-on tyre protector in car insurance.

Inclusions of Tyre Protection Cover

Replacementcost of a damaged tyre

Your car’s tyre may be damageddue to reasons such as cracks, punctures, cuts, and bulges, among others. The replacement may be the best solution in such situations. Therefore, the coverage you opt for should be equal to the replacement cost of the damaged tyre.

Labour charges

You will have to incur labour charges for removing the damaged tyre and fitting the new one. If you have the car tyre insurance cover, labour costsrelated to refitting, removing, rebalancing of the wheel, etc., will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Accidental Loss/Damage to Tyres and Tubes

Tyre damagesthat happen during accidents include cutting, crushing, bursting, or bulging. Therefore, it pays to buy the tyre damage insurance cover along with the comprehensive policy.

Exclusionsof Tyre Protection Cover

  • Minor tyre repairs and puncture service costs
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Damages suffered during transportation and due to overloading during storage
  • Repair costsincurred when you participate in arally or race
  • Claims due to theft or vandalism of tyres and tubes


Q1: Tyre cover in insurance – Does it cover tyre and tube repair costs?

A1: Standard car insurance covers the cost of repair or replacement of tyres and tubesif they are damaged in an accident. The tyre protection add-on covers damages caused to your car’s tyres and tubes even if your vehicle has not beeninvolved in an accident. This add-on covers damages caused to your vehicle‘s tyres due to hard braking, sidewall bulging, and impact or bursting.

Q2: Does the Zero Depreciation add-on cover tyre damage?

A2: No, the tyre damage claims cannot be filed under the add-on Zero Depreciation cover. This add-on covers the cost of repair of your car without taking into account the depreciation factor. The Zero Depreciation add-on covers 100percent of the costs related to the replacement of all types of plastic, fibre, and metal components.

Q3: Car insurance tyre cover – Does it cover tire slashing?

A3: Tyre slashing is not covered in the standard or the basic comprehensive insurance policy that you buy for your car. Your car’s tyres can get slashed because of the poor condition of the roads or due to vandalism. However, a car tyre protection add-on cover, if included in your car’s standard policy, will make you eligible for reimbursement of the cost incurred by you in replacing slashed tyres.

Q4: How to protect my vehicle from tyre slashing?

A4: Tyre slashing happens due to various reasons – poorroad conditions, vandalism, etc. Road condition is something that is not in your control. However, certain things that you can do are:

  • Park safely
  • Install motor sensor lighting and security camera where you park your car

Inform the police station near you if your car’s tyre gets slashed

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