Car insurance keeps you sane even in times of unforeseen events such as car accidents. A comprehensive car insurance plan offers much-needed financial assistance during

stressful times. You need not bear the burden of sudden expenses.


However, if, due to some reason, your car insurance has expired, you need to take some immediate steps to maintain your coverage. We have covered all the major things in this blog which an insurance holder needs to do when his policy gets expired. Read on to learn about the same.


Top 7 things you are required to do as soon as your car insurance expires!

First of all, Once you have bought a car insurance policy, you should remember its validity. It is your responsibility to get the policy renewed before it gets expired. If you fail to renew the insurance before the due date, your car will be inspected by the insurer. Also, policy lapse leads to penalties and risks. Thus, it is advisable that you get your car insurance policy renewed well within time. But, in case you have failed to renew your car insurance on time, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Connect with your agent ASAP

Your agent is the first person whom you should contact in case the policy lapses. He has all the necessary expertise to tackle such matters. He may even help in reinstating the car insurance plan. With his help, you may avoid paying the penalty by using some legit tactics. Delaying will result in weakening your case. Once you inform the insurance agent, he will inform the car insurance company and start with the necessary procedures.

  1. Do not drive till you have sorted things out

If your car insurance plan has expired, then it is not advisable to keep driving your car. This simply means putting yourself and your car in a heightened risky situation. Even if your car faces minor damage, the insurance company will refuse to offer coverage since the car insurance policy has already expired. It is therefore advisable not to drive your car before you renew expired car insurance online.

  1. Book your appointment for vehicle inspection

The insurance company will evaluate and assess the condition of your car before approving your request for renewal of car insurance. They will assess the pre-existing damages of your car. Make sure you schedule an appointment for your vehicle inspection as soon as possible. Otherwise, the charges may increase.

  1. Decide upon the new policy

You need to discuss with your insurance agent and decide upon the new car insurance policy in case car insurance renewal after expiry is not possible. Consider the policy you want to buy, check the features, premium, and add-on covers. Do everything. Discuss the details with the new car insurance company.

  1. Keep all the required documents handy

This time, you need to be prompt with your actions. So, make sure you have all the documents ready. Besides, be ready to share the vehicle details.




Q1. My car insurance just expired. What are its legal implications?

Ans: As per the law of the land, you need to have at least a third-party car insurance policy if you wish to run your car on the road. So, in case your policy has expired, make sure you renew expired car insurance online.


Q2. What is the process for car insurance renewal after expiry?

Ans: You should visit the website of the car insurance company and connect with your insurance agent as soon as possible.


Q3. Is it possible to renew expired car insurance online?

Ans: Yes, if you meet certain eligibility criteria, it is possible to renew expired car insurance online.


Q4. Which documents are needed for renewal or buying of new car insurance once my policy has lapsed?

Ans: Registration Certificate of your vehicle and a copy of previous insurance plan are the two main documents which you need to submit for renewal of expired car insurance. To know more details, you can talk directly to the new insurance company or your agent.



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