Buying a car insurance claim is indeed a smart move that can help you to drive your car on the road peacefully. However, you should know that the claim settlement process can be a tedious one. Well-reputed and genuine car insurance companies will help you out during the insurance claim procedure. However, you will need to furnish all the necessary details and documents and follow each and every policy norm if you want the decision in your favor.

This blog aims at making people aware of all the steps and technicalities required for the successful settlement of car insurance claims.Read on to get deeper into the details.

Things to keep in mind while filing a car insurance claim

  1. Do not discard receipts and invoices related to car repairing or installation of accessories: Have you installed an extravagant stereo system or anti-theft device in your car? It is advisable that you keep the receipts of purchase and installation for these devices. Also, you should get them insured as well using add-on covers. This will prove to be helpful in case any of these devices get damaged or stolen.
  2. Always intimate the car insurance company within the given claim intimation time window: Generally, every car insurance company offers a time frame of about 48 to 72 hours. It is necessary that you inform about the accident or theft instance to your insurer within the given time.
  3. Do not forget to file an FIR in case your car is stolen or damaged by a third party: Has your car been stolen by a burglar? Has someone hit your car and escaped the scene? If yes, then make sure you file an FIR at the nearest police station. You will be required to submit a copy of this FIR while making a car insurance claim.
  4. Disclose all the important details to the car insurance company: You must not hold back any significant details from your car insurance company. If you get your car modified after purchasing the car insurance, it is necessary that you intimate the same to the insurer. Otherwise, your claim will get rejected.
  5. Always go through claim-related documents carefully: Read between the lines so that you get to know about every clause in the policy paper. Also, fill the claim form with vigilance. Provide correct details. Double-check the details once you are done. Even a wrong address can lead to unnecessary delays in the claim settlement process.


Q. I have bought a second-hand car. But the ownership has not been transferred to my name yet. Will my car insurance claim be approved?

Ans: No. If the vehicle has not yet been transferred in your name, then your claim will not be accepted by any car insurance company. In fact, there is no value of the car insurance policy itself since it is in the name of the previous owner.

Q. My car got badly damaged when I was parking it in a No-Parking zone. Am I eligible for filing a car insurance claim?

Ans: No! If you are not obeying the law and parking your car in a No-Parking zone and get your car damaged in that process, the car insurance company will instantly reject your claim. Even if you met with an accident and filed a car accident insurance claim, it is not possible to get your claim approved.

Q. I had installed a CNG kit in my car. But I have not yet informed my car insurance company regarding the same. Will they approve my car insurance claim?

Ans: No! Each and every add-on, such as accessories and CNG/LPG kit installation, needs to be intimated to the car insurance company immediately. Otherwise, they can reject your car insurance claim straightaway.

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