Have you got your newly bought car insured? If not yet, then do it straight away. Otherwise, you may face legal consequences as well as be in grave situations in case of some unfortunate accidents. Having a comprehensive car insurance policy will keep you sorted.

It will get you covered against the legal and repairing expenditures for the vehicle. The calm and peace of mind that one experiences by buying car insurance are definitely worth it.

If you are wondering which car insurance you should buy, then we suggest you go for ICICI Lombard General Insurance. It is a premium car insurance company that has a great reputation and reliable claim settlement ratio. This private-sector car insurance company brings you multiple benefits such as claim settlement benefits, swift and timely insurance service, and so on. With its coverage, you can tackle all financial emergencies conveniently.

But know that you won’t be in a position to make the most out of your car insurance plan if you do not claim it right. Are you aware of the car insurance claims process in ICICI Lombard General Insurance? If not, then this blog can be of great help to you! Read on to know all the details of the ICICI Lombard claim process.

What is a claim for car insurance?

Basically, by making a claim for your car insurance, you will be legally entitled to compensation against the premiums that you have been paying throughout the policy term. Claims help you avoid expenses during an unfortunate incident of accident or theft or damage because of floods and so on.

Different categories of car insurance claims

  • Reimbursement claims for car insurance: As the name suggests, this claim process works on the reimbursement model. Basically, you are the one who needs to make the payment for the repairs after the accident.

Then you have to submit the proof of expenses to your car insurance company for the purpose of reimbursement. Remember that the claim approval depends on the terms and conditions of your vehicle insurance plan.

  • Cashless claims for car insurance: Cashless claims mean that you need not bear the expenses on your own. The car insurance company will cover the expenses for all the things covered under your insurance plan.

Just make sure you take your car for repair to any of the network garages of the car insurance company. Any damage which is not included in the policy will not be covered by your insurer and has to be taken care of by the policyholder. ICICI Lombard car insurance has a network of more than 5900 garages. You can approach them for cashless claim settlement.

Things you should do while making a car insurance claim

  • You must inform the insurance company: It is extremely important to inform the insurance company within 36 to 48 hours of the incident. If you do not adhere to this time frame, it may lead to straightaway rejection of your claim. You should therefore adhere to the timeline and inform the insurance company.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station: Whether it is a case of vandalism, theft, or accident, the policyholder needs to file an FIR at the nearest police station. In case you fail to file a report, your claim will definitely get rejected. Once you have filed a report at the police station, carry a copy of the same and submit it to the insurance company. This will come in handy in instances of third-party accidents leading to injury or death. If your car has been stolen, the police will issue an NTR or Non-Traceable Report after a period of 6 months. Then you will have to get your RC transferred and submit a letter of subrogation. After all this paperwork, your claim can be settled by the insurance company.
  • Submit all the relevant documents to your insurer: Submission of the right documents plays a crucial role in helping you settle your insurance claim. A few of the important documents to be submitted for the car insurance claim process are the car insurance claim form, driving license, copy of the FIR, registration certificate, etc.
  • Read through the policy paper again to strengthen your arguments: You need to be aware of each of the clauses of your car insurance plan. If you know your policy inside out, then you can easily make your claim approved.

Things you should not do while making a car insurance claim

  • There is no need to panic: Both in case of accident and theft, it is better for the policyholder to stay calm and under control. Also, avoid fleeing from the accident spot. You cannot move your vehicle from the accident place as well.
  • Stay away from third-party settlements at all costs: You should never ever settle down for third-party settlements. Know that such a settlement is outright illegal and will also lead to claim rejection.
  • It is of no use to hide or exaggerate the matter in front of the insurance company: You should never hide anything from the insurance company and share complete details with them. Also, never attempt exaggeration as they have experienced inspectors who will find out the truth in minutes.

At ICICI Lombard, the car accident insurance claim process is quite easy and convenient, thanks to their E-Claim services. These services enable the policyholder to file a claim by using the app or official website of ICICI Lombard general insurance.


Q. How can I get my car insurance claim registered with ICICI Lombard general insurance?

Ans: To enjoy a contactless experience, you can use the IL TakeCare app. It helps in easy and smooth claim approval.

Q. Is it possible to cancel my claim?

Ans: If you wish to cancel the claim once you have filed it, you can try to connect with your claim manager or insurance representative. Also, you can dial 1800 2666 for telephonic assistance.

Q. What is InstaSpect?

Ans: The insurance app also comes with a feature called InstaSpect, which allows you to register your claims instantly and seek immediate approvals. The feature connects you to a claim manager who offers you complete guidance regarding vehicle inspection by using the video+ calling feature.

Q. How can I renew my vehicle insurance online?

Ans: You have to visit the official website of ICICI Lombard general insurance and go to the motor insurance renewal section. There you can enter the previous policy number or your registered mobile number. You can then check your policy coverage and make the final payment.

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