Even though in today’s digital time, where everything is available online with ease, elements like buying insurance online still causes a doubt in the mind due to its cruciality. There are various myths and misconceptions about buying insurance online that generate hesitation and confusion. Let’s take a look at common myths of online vs offline bike insurance. While understanding how buying online insurance is easier and convenient than buying offline insurance for your bike.

Myths of Online vs Offline Bike Insurance

No Personal Assistance – Every insurance provider has a genuine website with all its details, contacts and plans along with constant 24/7 online assistance. Through options of chat, call, or mail you can get help on everything like queries on insurance plan features or even how to make payment online. The customer support section of every insurance provider is available 24/7 for any personal assistance.

Internet Conversant – With the digital era and smartphones, buying insurance online is just a task of a few clicks. It does not require any expert help. A basic understanding of how to function a computer and the use of the internet is more than enough to purchase bike insurance online.

Complicated Process – Factually buying insurance online is much easier and simpler than the offline method. Just visit the insurance provider’s website or download the application on mobile, select the plan you wish to opt for, share your bike details and insure your vehicle immediately. There is no paperwork involved thus making the process of buying insurance online much uncomplicated.

Complexity of Claims –On the contrary claim settlements online are much simpler and faster for bike insurance. Any dent, broken mirror or minor damages can be settled easily online. One just needs to visit the website or the application on mobile, upload the damaged vehicle pictures and get the claim settled online. On receiving the settlement, you can repair the damages at a garage of your own choice. For bigger damages the claim settlement team of every insurance provider assists and guides through necessary steps to be taken.

Online Insurance is Costly – The best part about buying insurance online is that it does not have any agents and there is no commission involved. Thereby reducing any operational costs. Buying online bike insurance is a direct to customer model which is highly within the budget.

Limited Choice of Plans – Buying insurance online gives a platform to compare different plans of various insurance providers. We can choose and select as per our need and convenience. There are also easy comparisons of add-on covers and services. By sharing your bike details, you can get tailor-made plans as well. To get to an informed decision it is more beneficial to buy bike insurance online.

Policy Renewal – Policy renewal process online is beneficial and time-saving. Your insurance provider sets reminders along with No claim bonus and other discounts at renewal with best possible deals.

Buying Online Insurance is not Safe – All insurance providers are registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India – IRDAI and have to follow all their rules and regulations. Thus, online insurance is highly secure and systematic with no middlemen or agents involved.

Personal Data Security – Most insurance providers use secure server protocols and are designed to work in a secure environment. The exchange of personal details and transactions are protected and encrypted, making it safe and secure to purchase bike insurance online.


Buying bike insurance online is trouble-free and offers reasonable insurance plans with convenience. Being the digital age, making use of technology rightly is wise as you can get access to insurance coverage for your bike at a reasonable rate and with great ease of transaction.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on online vs offline bike insurance myths.

Q1. Is it sensible to purchase bike insurance online?

Yes, purchasing bike insurance online is very safe. For comprehensive or third-party bike insurance plans the insurers follow protocols to ensure secured transactions.

Q2. Is buying bike insurance online much cheaper?

Yes, when you buy bike insurance online, there are no agents or middlemen involved. So, no concept of commission. Also, due to a strong online system there are reduced operational costs. Thus, making purchase of bike insurance online much cheaper.

Q3. Is online bike insurance policy valid?

Yes, online bike insurance policies are just as valid as an offline one. You just need to save a soft copy record of the online insurance policy in a government-approved mobile application as well.

Q4. Can renewal of bike insurance be done online?

Yes, renewal of bike insurance can be done online very safely. It is very accessible, paper-free and trouble-free in comparison to the offline or traditional mode.

Q5. Is inspection of vehicles required at the time of renewal?

No, if a bike insurance policy is renewed before its expiry, then no inspection of the vehicle needed.

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