So, you have just got your brand-new car insured by the New India Assurance company and are already planning to pay the premiums on time. You must be expecting complete peace of mind and complete coverage for any mishap while you are on the road with your four-wheeler. However, the insurance company may straightaway reject your New India Assurance car insurance claim.

If you do not adhere to the policy terms and conditions and commit a few careless mistakes, the car insurance company can easily disapprove your claim. The rejection will be completely legit, and all your time and money will go in vain. So, it is better to stick to the terms and conditions and stay away from certain mistakes. Want to know more about these mindless mistakes? Let us help!

Top car insurance claim rejection reasons:

Mistake #1: Delay in informing your insurance company

Policyholders generally take this thing quite lightly and end up losing out on policy claims. You cannot get your car repaired and then inform the insurance company about the expenses incurred. They won't be able to track the damage and assess the expenses and, as a result, can reject your claim.

Therefore, it is necessary that you inform the company immediately about the damage or theft and ask for assigning a surveyor who can check the condition of your car and strengthen your claim. Also, if you were inebriated when the accident took place, the claim will not be approved.

Mistake #2: Not carrying a valid driving license

It is illegal to drive on the roads without having a license. So, either you have misplaced the license or left it back at home or do not have one at all, and an accident takes place during this, the insurance company can reject your claim right away.

Mistake #3: Missing regular payment of premium

You cannot miss out on paying premiums for your car insurance plan, even for once. If you do so, the policy gets lapsed, and you no longer are in a position to get the claim insured.

When you keep paying the premium on time, it keeps your insurance policy active. Thus, you can easily claim for the insured amount. It is, therefore, necessary that you make ample arrangements for premium payment in order to avoid any instances of claim rejection.

Mistake #4: Putting your personal car to commercial use

You must not use your private car for commercial purposes. Suppose you have your own car which you are using to drive students to and from school. Know that this activity is outright illegal. If any mishap takes place on your part during this, the New India Assurance claim can get rejected easily.

Mistake #5: Not updating the LPG/CNG kit installation

Have you got any CNG or LPG kit installed in your four-wheeler? Does the New India Assurance company know about the same? If not, then this can result in your claim getting rejected. You should always inform the RTO as well as the insurance company whenever you make any changes in your car. If you are fond of modifying your vehicle from time to time, then too, it is necessary that you keep the insurance company and RTO informed about the same.

Mistake #6: Driving beyond the specific geographical region

The policy always defines a specific geographical area. If the theft or accident takes place beyond the mentioned region, the insurance company may reject your claim. The solution for this problem is to be well-versed with the policy paper. When you read between the lines, you become aware of the geographical limitations and adhere to the same to avoid claim rejection.

Mistake #7: Refraining from sharing the facts

It is one of the gravest mistakes to hide any fact from your insurance company. You always need to cooperate with the insurance company and share all the relevant details with them. You should answer all their questions honestly and politely. Your unavailability to share an honest narrative and inability to produce the necessary documents can also lead to the rejection of your insurance claim.



Q. Is filing an FIR compulsory in case of a car accident?

Ans: Yes, if you wish to get your claim registered and approved, then as per the New India Assurance motor claim procedure, you need to file a report at the nearby police station. You have to submit a copy of the FIR along with other necessary documents to the insurance company for the purpose of claim approval.

Q. What do you mean by proof of damages?

Ans: The pictures of the damaged car and its videos serve as proof of damages. These proofs help to back up your claim in front of the claim manager.

Q. What do you mean by consequential loss?

Ans: The losses that take place once your vehicle has already met an accident are known as consequential losses. Suppose your four-wheeler is half-submerged in a lake, and you further try to start your car. In this case, the hydrostatic lock will get activated. The insurance company always rejects all the claims related to consequential losses.

Q. If my claim gets rejected unethically, what should I do?

Ans: If you feel that the insurance company is disapproving your insurance claim unethically, then you can take the help of the Grievance Redressal department of the company.

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