Every year, heavy rainfall causes severe damage to a lot of parts in India. News channels focus on the damage to construction and lives, but they generally don't say that floods also damage cars.

If there is damage to your car because of a flood, you must contact your insurance company to cover the repair cost of your vehicle. Here we will discuss details about car flood damage insurance claim India.

What is car flood insurance?

Whether you are eligible for car insurance for a flooded vehicle is decided by the insurance company according to the type of insurance plan you choose for your vehicle. A flood damage insurance plan only applies to the comprehensive coverage insurance plan. 

Comprehensive Insurance for your car is considered optional and is not mandatory as compared to Third-party insurance liability. The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy will cover the damage to your car even if your car gets damaged by unforeseen events and natural calamities, including floods, earthquakes, or other disasters.

Moreover, by choosing a comprehensive insurance policy for your car, you can also enjoy better insurance coverage in case of accidents, fire, artificial calamities, and theft.

However, you must consider the extent you can get from the insurance coverage before choosing the insurance plan for your car. A flood can cause severe damage to your car, and unsurprisingly, it will decrease the value of your car.

Moreover, your car might have major repair costs, and you may even have to face a total loss. The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is a good choice for a car insurance claim from unexpected losses. 

How many kinds of flood damages are included in insurance policies?

The major types of damage to your car include

Damage to the car engine: If flood water seeps into the car engine, it can cause partial or total damage to your car's engine.

Damages to the car upholstery: The flood water can damage the car's interior. The water ingression causes dampness in your car and affects the car seats, carpet, and other soft interior furnishings in your car.

Damage to electric and electronic parts of the car: The functioning of the electric and electronic parts of the car can be badly affected by water slippage. There are chances of short-circuiting and malfunctioning the warning lights on the car dashboard.

Damage to the gearbox: Ingression of flood water in the car's gearbox can result in the malfunctioning of the unit. Also, there are chances for entire damage to the car gearbox.

Which car insurance claim will be the best to choose for you?

If you live in a flood-prone area, you must prefer car insurance to cover your car against any damage from natural calamities, including a sudden flood. Only the Comprehensive Car Insurance policies apply to flooded vehicle coverage.

However, the insurance plan is optional, and you have to select the plan yourself after consulting with the insurance company. However, you must choose this insurance policy as comprehensive car insurance provides broader insurance coverage for your car.

A comprehensive Insurance Policy for your car will cover all-natural and man-made calamities, including damages from accidents, man-made disasters, explosions, fires, theft, and third-party liabilities. Moreover, you can enjoy add-on covers, including zero depreciation, engine protection, etc.

The add-ons will extend the base plan for the insurance coverage for your car. Comprehensive Insurance Policies are easily available online, and you can choose this car flood damage insurance claim India for you after comparing the prices.

Best add-ons with comprehensive car insurance

The Comprehensive Insurance Policy is notably considered as the best to choose for insuring your car. However, the Comprehensive Plan is only the base one and does not provide full coverage for your car.

Therefore, if you want to extend the base plan, the wise choice for you will be to choose add-ons with the comprehensive plan. Car Insurance Add-ons work as additional covers and provide financial support to you against any specific damage or loss to your car.

Here are some of the best Add-ons that you can choose with Comprehensive Car Insurance.

NCB protection cover: In cases of filing a claim during the tenure of the policy, there are chances of losing the NCB or Non-Claim Bonus for your car. The primary function of an NCB protection cover is to protect your NCB claim even during the policy period. By choosing an NCB protection cover, you can enjoy up to a 50% discount against your insurance claim if you don't claim the insurance coverage for five consecutive years.

Engine protection cover: Your car engine can get damaged due to not using your car for long years or due to the ingression of flood water. Comprehensive Insurance will not cover any damage to your car engine. However, an Engine protection cover will provide financial support for repairing or replacing a damaged part of your car.

Zero depreciation cover: The add-on will be a beneficial car insurance claim to get the full repairing value for your car repairing, and there will be no calculation of your car's depreciation.

Consumable covers: The add-on will protect your car against expenses because of consumables, including an accident or natural calamities like floods, cyclones, etc.

Return to invoice cover: The add-on cover will provide you with the full price for the car you had paid for at the purchase time. The car's invoice value is calculated according to its registration cost, policy terms, and road tax.

Tips to follow incase of a submerged car in a flood or water

  • You must avoid switching on the ignition or push-starting it if you find your car submerged in water
  • Never attempt to start the car even after receding water from it.
  • Always disconnect the battery after taking your car to the garage.
  • The flood water can lead to the damaging of the lines, pads or the brake discs. Thus, you should always keep a constant check on your car brakes.

Essential steps to follow to protect your car from flood damage

  • If you live in a flood-prone zone, always try to park your car on higher ground if it is raining heavily to protect your car from flash floods.
  • Always roll up the windows if it is raining heavily to protect your car's electronic components as well as the upholstery.
  • Disrupt the battery to protect your car from accidental short circuits.


Q1. Which car insurance covers insurance payments for a flooded car?

Ans: Comprehensive Car Insurance covers car insurance claim flood damage.

Q2. Is it essential to prefer add-ons with my comprehensive car insurance?

Ans: The add-ons are not mandatory to choose with your comprehensive Car Insurance. However, choosing some of these add-ons will provide more protection to your car as comprehensive Insurance is only the base insurance plan.

Q3. Does the car insurance cover consumable replacement services also?

Ans: The Comprehensive Insurance plan does not include consumable replacement. However, you can choose a consumable replacement add-on to get these services.

Q4: Will there be an increase in the insurance premium after a flood damage claim?

Ans: If you claim the flood damage claim during the policy period, the premiums will increase as the NCB will no longer be available after your claim. However, you can choose a noteworthy NCB Protection Cover add-on to enjoy a discount even if you file a claim.

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