What is Dental insurance?

Dental operations are covered by the best dental insurance company in India. It pays for the medical costs associated with dental care and associated procedures, such as operations and OPD consultations. It makes it easier for consumers to take care of their oral health issues without stressing over expensive dental treatment.

Why Purchase Dental Insurance?

Due to the utilisation of cutting-edge materials, lab setup, inflation, and the requisite competence, dental procedures are typically expensive. However, a few health insurance policies in India include dental insurance coverage either as a standard benefit or as an add-on. With the help of these programmes, customers can get their insurance provider to pay for their dental bills.

In India, there are not many independent dental insurance programmes. The majority of the time, comprehensive health insurance policies include dental coverage, allowing the policyholder to submit claims for both dental costs and other medical expenses including hospitalisation fees, prescription drug costs, etc.

List of Best Dental Insurance In India

Platinum Enhanced Plan for Activ Health by Aditya Birla

Dental research and consultations are insured under the Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced plan. The insurance company's network hospitals that provide the above dental services are covered. However, only those choosing an amount insured of at least Rs. 15 lakh are eligible for this coverage.

Bajaj Allianz Health Care Supreme Plan

Under the outpatient expenditures cover, Bajaj Allianz Health Care Supreme provides coverage for OPD dental consultations and procedures. The plan pays for root canal therapy and extractions as well as consultations and procedures for OPD dentistry.

Health AdvantEdge Plan from Bharti AXA

Under the Royal and Apex variations of the Bharti AXA AdvantEDGE plan, OPD for medical and dental coverage is a supplemental benefit. Dental insurance has a cap of 0.5% of the insured amount or up to Rs. 1 lakh, whichever is less. In-network diagnostics, in-network physiotherapy, in-network pharmacy, and in-network doctors' consultations are all included in the dental coverage benefit.

Care Plus Health Insurance Plan

Outpatient dental procedures are covered by Care Plus Health Insurance's OPD plan. While the coverage previously restricted to a maximum of Rs. 1500 for the sums insured of Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 7 lakh, the coverage limit exceeds to Rs.

MS Healthline Chola Plan

In its Privilege version, the Chola MS Healthline plan covers outpatient dental costs. Up to Rs 10,000 in dental costs can be covered every two years.

Digit Health Care Plus Plan

Dental costs incurred during illness or accident hospitalisation are covered by Digit Health Care Plus. The plan also provides an optional outpatient benefit that covers outpatient dental procedures. The insurance provider will cover the cost of extractions, amalgam or composite fillings, root canal therapy, and X-rays of the teeth. Prescription drugs for the treatment and alignment of adolescent teeth are also covered.

Plan Edelweiss HealthPlus

Under the 'Outpatient Expenses' feature, the Edelweiss Health plan pays the insured's outpatient dental costs. It will pay for clinical oral examinations as well as the dentist's fees. Additionally, it covers the costs of dental procedures such as basic non-surgical extractions, compound fillings, and palliative care for oral pain.

Total Future Generali Health Plan

Outpatient dental diagnostics and consultations are covered by Future Generali Health Total's Superior and Premier plans. Dental coverage under the Superior plan is offered for Rs. 3000 and Rs. 10,000 for individual and floater options, respectively. For individual and floater options, the Premiere plan's dental expense coverage rises to Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000, respectively.

Individual Medishield Insurance Plan from IFFCO Tokio

Dental procedures are covered under the IFFCO Tokio Individual Medishield Insurance plan as one of its Value Added Services. Only dental services received at dentists the insurance company has authorised are covered by the plan.

Premier Health Plan by Kotak Mahindra

Dental costs are covered by Kotak Mahindra Health Premier's health and incentives package. The insured person's outpatient dental costs may be covered by the reward points obtained under fitness programmes.

Plan for Liberty Health Prime Connect

Dental services are covered by the Health 360 feature of the Liberty General Insurance Limited HealthPrime Connect plan. With the exception of aesthetic procedures, the plan lets policyholders use the points they have accrued for their health and wellness to pay for dental care services.

OneHealth Insurance Plan from Magma HDI

The Premium variation of Magma HDI OneHealth Insurance includes an outpatient cover that enables the policyholder to receive coverage for outpatient dental procedures. With a sub-limit of 30%, the coverage is restricted to a maximum of Rs 20,000 once every two policy years.

ProHealth Insurance Plan from Manipal Cigna

Dental procedures are covered by the Health Maintenance feature of ManipalCigna ProHealth Insurance. The coverage amount, however, varies based on the selected version from up to Rs 500 to Rs 20,000.

National Parivar Medical Insurance Policy

Dental procedures received outside of a hospital are covered by the National Parivar Mediclaim policy. On the basis of a floater sum insured, it pays for all of the family's OPD dental bills. The annual outpatient dental coverage ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000.

Premier Mediclaim New India Policy

Costs associated with OPD dental care are covered by the New India Premier Mediclaim policy. For Plans A and B, the coverage is restricted to Rs 5000 and Rs 10,000, respectively. However, the coverage is only accessible after two years without a claim.

Niva Bupa Health Premia Insurance Plan

Under the OPD treatment and diagnostic services cover, Niva Bupa Health Premia Insurance provides coverage for OPD dental procedures. It pays for all dental operations, including those required for restorative and preventive care as a result of a condition, disease, or ailment.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best dental insurance in India?

Ans. You may compare plans from the dental insurance company in India online based on coverage, cost, features, and other factors to determine which dental insurance plan is best for you.

Q2. Are all dental insurance policies going to cover accidental dental injuries?

Ans. Yes, the cost of therapy for an unintentional oral injury is covered by all dental insurance companies in India.

Q3. Do dental insurance policies cover root canal therapy?

Ans. Yes. The best dental insurances in India cover the cost of root canal therapy.

Q4. Does dental insurance pay for the cost of tooth extractions?

Ans. Yes. The majority of dental insurance plans pay for the costs associated with tooth extraction.

Q5. Are dental insurance policies going to cover dental implants?

Ans. No. In India, dental insurance plans typically do not cover dental implants

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