Having your own vehicle has its own set of advantages. You can drive anywhere easily at any time without having to rely on cab facilities and public transport systems. But to keep driving your four-wheeler smoothly, you need to make sure that you have a valid car insurance plan.

Buying a third-party car insurance policy or comprehensive car insurance plans helps you adhere to vehicle legalities. Also, in case your car runs into an instance of an accident, the insurance coverage will keep you covered for all the accident-related expenses.

Thus, you will stay protected from unnecessary financial burdens that take place because of issues like damages due to natural disasters, car theft, accident etc. So, if you have bought a car of late and have not yet bought the car insurance policy, make sure you get one now!

What happens to your car insurance plan when a riot takes place?

Riots can take place when people of different communities get aggressive and start attacking each other. Such situations often lead up to loss of lives and properties. It is necessary to protect your life as well as your car from rioters.

A mob will leave no stones unturned to damage private and public properties. So, in case of unfortunate instances of riots, your car can get damaged severely.

They may harm your car completely or can damage the car in parts. Such as, the engine and windshields can get destroyed completely. Situations of stone-pelting, fire, etc., can ruin your four-wheeler completely. If you wish to take care of and protect your car against riots related damages, then make sure you have got your car insurance policies right.

Does insurance cover damage from riots?

You need a comprehensive car insurance policy to protect your care against damages related to riots. However, a third-party policy will not offer riot insurance coverage to the policyholders. So, in case your car has been attacked and damaged by rioters, you need to arrange the below-mentioned documents to ensure smooth and easy claim approval:

  • A copy of your comprehensive car insurance policy
  • Copy of FIR
  • An elaborate report of the fire department
  • Fully filled claim form
  • Newspaper cutouts that report the riots
  • Replacement and repair bills for the damaged cars (original)

What should you do when your four-wheeler is damaged by rioters?

Civil and social disturbances can affect your properties at any time. You should always stay prepared for such catastrophic incidents. If you live in a riot-prone area, you need to keep a constant check on your four-wheeler.

But if your car still gets damaged by riot attacks, you must collect evidence in the form of videos and photographs.

When you have enough evidence and proof in your hand, you can easily get your insurance claim approved. But make sure you do not cause any delay in registering your claims. Try to inform your insurance company at the earliest instance.


Q1. How much amount will my car insurance company offer to me in case my car gets damaged beyond repair in riot attacks?

Ans: The insurance company will provide to you an amount equal to Insured Declared Value. The amount can be equal to the invoice for the car.

Q2. Can I raise my claim after one week of getting my car damaged in riot attacks?

Ans: It is best to approach your car insurance company immediately after the riot attacks. The more you cause delay, the higher are the chances of getting your claim rejected.

Q3. I have third-party insurance coverage for my four-wheeler. Is there anything I can try to get insurance coverage?

Ans: No, it is not possible to get any coverage for your damaged car if you have third-party insurance.

Q4. What will happen if I damage my car deliberately and then try to pass it on as a riot?

Ans: The car insurance company will first verify the claim requests. They have experienced investigators in their team. If they find out that your claim is fraudulent, then your claim will be rejected straightaway.

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