We love taking our car for a spin with the family on weekends, a short outstation trip, great family time, who wouldn’t enjoy…

But an unfortunate incident is something no one can predict. In a lesser-known, remote or country side area, you could lose access to a garage or a medical facility in case of an accident. To handle such situations, you can opt for Outstation Emergency Accident Cover that you can purchase as an Add-on with your Car insurance policy.

What is Outstation Emergency cover?

Outstation Emergency Cover for a car insurance policy provides protection in case of emergency accidents or breakdowns while on an outstation trip. You can call your insurer and inform about the incident. Your car repair or damage charges are either paid by the insurer and reimbursed later as per the terms and conditions of your plan.

An Outstation Emergency cover can only be bought as an Add-on under a Comprehensive car insurance plan. It is not available with the Third-party Liability Policy as it is an add-on cover provided for additional coverage for the damage to your car during an accident on an outstation trip.

Say for instance, you are on a short three-day trip out of town with your friends. Your car meets with an unfortunate accident on the way. Luckily you and your friends suffer minor injuries but your car is majorly damaged. You instantly inform your insurer and send the car for repairs. Later, you file a claim against the Outstation Emergency Cover you had bought along with your Comprehensive car insurance policy and got an easy and quick reimbursement for the repairs done on the car.

You can easily purchase the Add-on for Outstation Emergency cover under car insurance through insurer’s website online following the simple steps to register, choose and pay for the plan. Likewise, you can also buy it from insurer or an agent offline by visiting their office and submitting the relevant documents.

Benefits of Outstation cover on car insurance

If you like to go on an outstation trip frequently, purchasing a car insurance policy that gives you an Outstation Emergency add-on on your Comprehensive car insurance plan will give you great benefits like;

  • Financial Protection
  • Easy Repairs
  • Network garage tie-up
  • Cashless claim repairs even for outstation
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reduced stress and hassle when away from home, on a trip

While at a place away from home and facing an unfortunate accident, an Outstation Emergency cover under your car insurance acts as a compelling shield that shall protect you, financially as well.

Claim process for Outstation Emergency cover car insurance

Keep in mind, the Outstation Emergency cover claim for car insurance can be made only if the car insured cannot be driven due to an accident or breakdown outside a 100-kilometre radius from the policyholder’s home. You can apply for claim settlement with simple steps of process:

Step 1: Claim Intimation – You need to inform the insurer about the incident or emergency when you were Outstation. Let the insurer know of the time, place and level of damage to your car under your car insurance plan.

Step 2: Documents – Make sure you keep the following documents ready for claim settlement on your Outstation Emergency Add-on cover under your Comprehensive car insurance policy;

  • A duly filled claim form
  • A written claim application
  • Copy of First Information Report (FIR) if applicable
  • Copy of your Comprehensive car insurance policy
  • Copy of your Driving License
  • Any other documents as requested by the insurer


Once the claim process is initiated, the verification will be done post which your claim will be settled by the insurer.


Types of Outstation Emergency cover on car insurance

There are various kinds of Outstation Emergency cover available as an Add-on on your Comprehensive car insurance plan. You can opt for General, three years or bundled cover. Apart from the validity time, these plans have similar features that you can take benefits of. Let’s take a look at their significant features;

  • Outstation Emergency Cover is claimable if the time required to get the insured car repaired exceeds 12 hours.
  • Outstation Emergency Add-on is claimable when a policyholder faces an emergency while driving outside a radius of 100 kilometres from his residence or place of stay.
  • There is limitation on the number of claims allowed under this Add-on; which is mentioned in the terms of the policy.
  • Claims under Outstation Emergency cover do not affect the No Claim Bonus of the said car insurance plan.


So, remember while going for an Outstation trip next time along with your essentials and fun packages don’t forget to pack in an Outstation Emergency Accident Add-on Cover under your Comprehensive car insurance policy.


FAQs – Frequently asked questions.

Let’s take a look at some frequent queries on Outstation Emergency Add-on Cover under Car Insurance Plan;


Q1: Can Outstation Emergency cover be bought in the middle of a policy time period?

Yes, you can buy an Outstation Emergency Add-on cover in the middle of your policy period for your Comprehensive car insurance plan. You can initiate the process ofPolicy Endorsement – which means making changes or additions onyour existing car insurance policy. You can get in touch with your insurer and purchase the Add-on easily, on a pro-rata basis.


Q2: Is it compulsory to buy Outstation Emergency cover on car insurance policy?

No, it is not mandatory to purchase Outstation Emergency cover on your car insurance policy however it is advisable. The compliance towards buying car insurance in India is limited to buying Third-party car insurance. Though, if you buy a beneficial policy with Add-on gains, it is a win-win situation for you. You not only get protected but also are financially backed and can live stress free.


Q3: Does Outstation Emergency Add-on cover affect the No Claim Bonus cycle for my insurance policy?

No, Outstation Emergency cover does not affect or reset the No Claim Bonus cycle of your insurance policy. However, any other type of damage claim can reduce the discount down, even for a new car.

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