E-scooters are a great substitute to reduce air pollution. In India, some e-scooters are exempted from licensing and insurance requirements with some exceptions too. The world doesn't need any more smog at a time when the average temperature is steadily rising. We will ultimately need to rely on an alternative power source when fossil fuels run out. Numerous businesses have begun producing EVs (electric vehicles) because of this serious realisation.


How To Raise A Claim For Electric Scooter Insurance



The Indian automotive business is gradually switching to electric power in order to help create a greener future. Even though the Indian market has not yet embraced e-scooters in large numbers, they will undoubtedly be around in the future. The government is attempting to promote it by providing significant incentives to consumers purchasing EVs or electric scooters in India.

Benefits of Purchasing Electric Scooter Insurance

One is already contributing to a green environment by purchasing electric scooters but securing them with relevant insurance serves the rider or owner living in a society in a more efficient way. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

1. Financial Stability: Securing e-scooters with an insurance plan can keep a person financially safe. In case anyhow electric scooters meet with an accident, then the insurance company will bear all the repairing and replacement expenditure of those damaged parts of the vehicle.

2. Improved Coverage: There is always a scope for enhancing the insurance plan of the purchased electric scooters by availing of add-on features and plans in the policy later on. One just needs to pay an extra amount in their desired premium amount.

3. Speedy Damage Repair: Many times, a person is unable to repair the damaged part of their electric scooters due to their expense. In such conditions, insurance plans or policies play a major role in bringing the e-scooters back on the road for a ride by providing quick and faster financial cover to the damaged parts.

4. Obeying the Rules: It is mandatory for all electric scooters to buy two wheeler insurance plans as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Thus, a person is exempted from any hefty fines for not getting insurance for their respective e-scooters.

5. Mind at Ease: Purchasing insurance for electric scooters not only provides financial assistance to a person but even lets a person’s mind free from any sort of expenses arising out of damage to the vehicle under various situations.

What Does e-Scooter Insurance Cover?

The electric scooter insurance comes with numerous sets of coverages that are paid by the insurer on behalf of the policyholder. Some of these are as follows:

  • Theft Incidents: In case any electric scooter gets stolen, the insurer incurs the cost of the vehicle under its coverage plan.
  • Fire Accidents: In case the electric scooter gets burnt up due to any fire accident, then the insurer provides compensation as per the norms of the plan.
  • The Act of Replacing and Mending: The insurer is responsible to provide all the expenses that have occurred in the replacement and repair activities of the damaged parts of the e-scooters.
  • Personal Mishap Insurance: The insurance company will pay all the hospital expenses in case the person meets up with an accident and is injured badly.
  • Protection Against Natural Disasters: If any damage is caused to electric scooters through natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. then the insurer covers all the losses being caused by providing financial assistance.

The Process of Raising a Claim Under e-Scooter Insurance

To raise a claim for any damage or loss caused to electric scooters, we need to follow the following steps:

1. Informing your Insurance Provider: Informing the insurance provider about the damage caused to the electric scooter either due to accident or natural calamity is very essential so that the insurer can prepare itself to begin with the process.

2. Capturing Images: It is necessary to take pictures of the damaged electric scooters to keep them as proof. This in turn will help to raise a claim online.

3. Making Documents Accessible: The insurer needs a set of important documents to raise a claim for any insurance. Therefore, these need to be kept handy and submitted along with the claim form whenever required.

4. Inspection: An inspector is sent by the insurance company to check the damage in order to verify it against any fraudulent acts. Once it is done with satisfaction, the claiming process starts.

5. Reimbursement of the Damage: Once the inspection is done, the insurer compensates for all the expenses that have been incurred on repairing and replacement of damaged parts of the electric scooters. The claim is reimbursed as per the insurance plan.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it necessary to buy an insurance plan for an electric scooter?

Yes, it is mandatory to purchase at least a third-party insurance plan as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Q2. How can one renew electric scooter insurance online?

To renew the electric scooter insurance online, one needs to visit the website of the insurer or any other aggregator website and fill up the details like registration number, name etc. and get into the desired insurance profile. Spot the button of “Renew” and do the payment through a credit/debit card, UPI transfer, Net Banking etc.

Q3. Will the insurance company send an inspector to inspect the damage to the electric scooter?

Once the person informs the desired insurance company about the damage caused to the electric scooter, the insurer sends an inspector for verification to check if any false claim has been made.

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