The Supreme Court of India has made it mandatory to choose two wheeler insurance after 15 years to get a valid permit for riding your two-wheeler. The insurance companies generally offer third-party liability insurance or comprehensive insurance policy to cover damage to your vehicle or yourself.



How To Get Two Wheeler Insurance For Bikes Older Than 15 Years



Most policies for two-wheelers have to be renewed annually. However, recently, insurance companies have been providing multi-year insurance policies. The vehicle buyer can renew the policy at the end of the term period.

Old Bike Insurance

You must be wise enough to ride your two-wheeler and choose due services to maintain it in the proper working condition. If you have been using your bike for more than ten years, then your bike is aged. However, the depreciation period for your motorcycle is calculated from the first time you purchase it. 

Bike insurance for your bike that is more than ten years old with a depreciated value is referred to as old bike insurance. Comprehensive bike insurance and third-party bike insurance are available for your old bike.

Why Should You Choose Insurance For Your Old Bike?

Even if your vehicle is old, you must prefer choosing two-wheeler insurance for your old bike. Insurance for your bike will provide several advantages, including insurance coverage for any damage to your bike in case of fire, accident, and theft.

Besides, the two-wheeler insurance will also protect your vehicle against liability caused by damage to any third-party property and Liability due to bodily injury to any third party in case of accidents.

Facts To Remember While Choosing Insurance For Old Bikes

While choosing bike insurance, you must consider the following points to get more benefits from your bike insurance. These facts include

The Declared Value Of Insurance

The IDV or Insured Declared Value is the most significant factor to consider while choosing a two-wheeler insurance policy for your bike according to the current policy year. Also, you must have proper knowledge of the premium you pay for the insurance.

Coverage From The Insurance Plan

Several insurance companies provide two-wheeler insurance. Therefore, you must compare the insurance policies and decide on the best coverage for your old bike. Online services are easy to choose for finding quotes and offers online.

Terms And Conditions Of The Policy

One of the ideal ways to get the most effective benefits from the insurance company is to make sure to read the policy conditions. It is also a wise choice to avoid any deductibles from the policy.

Depreciation Value Of Your Vehicle

If you want to choose the best insurance policy, consider the depreciation applicable to the value. If there is an accident, the vehicle's depreciation will be responsible for assessing the reimbursement. As your bike gets older, you can expect a high percentage of depreciation and low insurance value for it.

Here we are providing a list so that you can understand the depreciation value of your two-wheeler.

Age of the Vehicle

Depreciation Value

Between 1 year to 2 years


Between 2 years to 3 years


Between 3 years to 4 years


Between 4 years to 5 years


Between 5 years to 10 years


More than 10 years


Add-Ons With Your Bike Insurance

A person, while choosing a bike insurance van, also prefers choosing add-ons with it. However, these add-ons are only applicable to bikes that are less than 15 years in age. The add-ons include Zero dep cover, Passenger cover, Medical cover, Accessories cover, etc. By choosing an add-on, the owner of the bike has to pay some extra money for the premium.

How To Buy Or Renew Two Wheeler Insurance After 15 Years Online

  • Choose your preferred bike insurance plan. Go to the company's website and then to the bike insurance page. Also, make sure to provide the details of your bike, including the make, variant, model, date of registration, etc., to get the quote for your preferred policy.
  • You can now choose the insurance for your old vehicle. As mentioned earlier, the insurance companies provide Third-Party Liability Only and a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for old vehicles.
  • Make sure to provide the details of your previous insurance policies, including the date of renewal.
  • The insurance company will provide a quote for the premium. In the case of a standard insurance plan for your bike, you can customize it further by choosing the add-ons according to the IDV of your bike.

Calculation Of Premiums For Bike Insurance After 15 Years

The premium of your bike will be calculated according to several factors, including IDV or Insured Declared Value, the experience of the past claim, fitted accessories with it, if any, and other factors. In the case of an old bike, the responsible factors for calculating the premium for the insurance include

  • The capacity of the engine of your bike
  • The period for which you have been using your bike
  • The IDV or the Insured's Declared Value of the Bike
  • The No Claim Bonus for your old bike, if any


Insuring your two-wheeler, especially when it's older than 15 years, is not only a wise decision but also essential for your safety and peace of mind. As we've explored throughout this article, the process may seem complex, but it's entirely achievable with the right approach. Researching various insurance providers, understanding policy options, and maintaining your vehicle are key steps. By following these guidelines, you can safeguard your cherished older bike and yourself against unexpected challenges on the road. Remember, while the journey to securing insurance may be meticulous, the destination is a worry-free and protected ride.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I get bike insurance after 15 years?

You can choose your old bike's third-party liability insurance or comprehensive insurance.

Q2. What may happen if I don't renew my bike insurance plan?

You must renew the bike insurance policy before the due date so that your two-wheeler insurance policy doesn't expire. If the policy lapses, the insurance company will not be liable for paying against your claim.

Q3. Can I use my bike after 20 years?

A mandatory fitness test for your bike is more than 20 years old. If your bike is registered for personal usage, you can easily use it. However, in the case of commercial registration, using your bike will be subject to the fitness criteria.

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