There is a huge demand for two-wheelers in India because of the increase in the population. Cities across the country are seeing a sharp increase in the number of two-wheelers running on the roads. This is because a two-wheeler is the most cost-effective and convenient mode of transport in India.

Now, it is mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance if you want to drive a bike or scooter on Indian roads. Actually, the government has made it mandatory to have at least a third-party liability insurance policy when driving a two-wheeler in India. So, you can get into legal trouble if you don’t have one with you or if the one you have has expired.

This means it is important to keep track of your policy’s status. But many of us are prone to misplacing and losing all kinds of documents, including insurance policy documents. However, it is now possible to check bike insurance status online using the registration number of your two-wheeler. 

How to Check Insurance Status of Bikes Online

At the time of purchase, the insurance policy of your bike gets linked to its registration number. With the rapid growth of Internet technology and the digital transformation of industries picking up momentum, the bike insurance policy check has become simple and easy. To make the process more secure for users, the government has verified and approved a few websites where you can check without worrying about the safety of personal data.

Check Bike Insurance Status via IIB

IIB stands for Insurance Information Bureau and is a web portal developed in 2009 by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to enable the smooth operation of the insurance market in India. All information related to the insurance policies issued in the country is compiled on the platform and made accessible to policyholders. The aim of developing this portal is to enhance the insurance sector’s overall transparency level. For a quick two-wheeler insurance check on this portal, you just have to follow the steps given below: 

  • Visit IIB's official website at
  • Click/tap on the V-Seva tab under "Quick Links" on the home page
  • You will be taken to the page "Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System"
  • Fill in all the required information: owner's name, address, mobile number, email address, and registration number of your bike.
  • Fill in the captcha
  • Click/tap on the "Submit" button

The insurance information for your two-wheeler will be displayed on the screen of the device you are using to access the portal. This includes specific information about your bike insurance policy, expiration date, etc. However, you have to keep some points in mind when using the IIB portal for a bike insurance status check online. The web portal displays information on the insurance policies of vehicles bought after April 1, 2020. Furthermore, you can access the details only three times using the same phone number and email address.

How to do a two-wheeler insurance check online via VAHAN

If you cannot verify the status of your two-wheeler insurance via the IIB portal, you can visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (VAHAN). The steps to be followed are: 

  • Visit the VAHAN website at
  • Click or tap on the "know your vehicle details" button at the top
  • Enter your mobile number and create an account
  • Enter your bike’s registration number and the verification code
  • Click or tap on the "search vehicle" button
  • Information related to your bike insurance will be displayed on the screen

 You can visit the official website of the Regional Transport Office or that of the State Transport Department for the same.


Q1: How to Do a Bike Insurance Check Online via Insurance Provider?

Your bike insurance provider will have a record of all the insurance policies issued by them. You can visit the website of your bike’s insurance provider and check your policy’s expiration date. The method employed for verification may differ among insurers, but it is possible to check by entering your bike’s registration number.

 Q2: What options are there to check my bike insurance status online?

 There are three ways to check the status of your bike insurance policy online. You can visit the IIB, VAHAN, or your insurance provider’s website and provide the registration number of your two-wheeler.

 Q3: I bought my bike in 2021. Can I check the policy status on the IIB portal?

 No, it is not possible as the IIB portal provides information on policies purchased after April 1, 2020.

 Q4: What is the registration number of a bike?

The RTO in a district issues a unique identification number to each two-wheeler plying on the roads. This number is your bike’s registration number.

Q5: Is it possible to get new policy documents if the original document is lost or misplaced?

Yes, it is possible. You have to file an FIR with the nearest police station before requesting a new one.

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