It is important to make sure that your bike insurance is in active mode before you hit the road.  Bike insurance that has expired may result in claim denial and fines. If you've lost track of the policy's expiration date, you can quickly locate it online. Here are a few quick methods to check the expiration date of your bike insurance online.


How To Check Bike Insurance Expiry Dates Online


Check The Expiration Date Through Insurance Information Bureau

On the website of the Insurance Information Bureau, you can find all information pertaining to insurance policies. You can quickly examine the expiration date on this website by following the instructions below:

  • Visit the online portal of IIB.
  • On the home screen, select "V Seva" from the Quick Links section. It will display a form.
  • Enter the information required on the form.
  • Type the captcha code and select "Submit."

You can also follow the below-mentioned simple steps to view the insurance details on the Insurance Information Bureau:

  • Visit the IIB portal.
  • Fill out a query form. On the registered number, a representative will contact you and offer assistance.

The page will display the specifics of your insurance, including the expiration date. The website contains details on insurance plans purchased after April 1, 2020. Any policy purchased before that date is not recorded on the website. Using the same mobile number and mail ID, you can view the information up to three times.

Check the Expiry Date Via VAHAN

All insurance plans are listed on the VAHAN website by the Road and Transport Ministry. In light of this, you can check the policy's expiration date on their website. To observe the expiration date, take the following actions:

  • Go to the VAHAN e-service page.
  • On the menu screen click “Know Your Details”.
  • Enter the verification code and your vehicle number on the following screen.
  • Click on “Search Vehicle”.

The specifics of the policy will then show up on the screen. Under the Insurance Upto section, you can find the expiration date.

Check the Expiry Date Via Your Insurer

Your insurance company maintains records of the plans you have. To view the information, sign in to your insurer's official website. Depending on the insurer, different steps may be required to examine the policy specifics. Having said that, the majority of websites only enable you to view the details by entering your bike's registration number.

All the information about the policy, including its validity, is contained in the policy paper. The policy papers, however, are not required to be carried with you at all times. Get all the information you need quickly by checking online.

Key Takeaway

Gone are those days when it was essential to keep documents safe and handy. Now anybody can keep digital copies of their documents safely. In case anyone forgets to check their insurance expiry date, the insurer will send timely reminders about the expiry date nudging them to renew the bike insurance policy. The insurer may even provide a grace period of 15-30 days to renew the insurance policy in worst-case scenarios.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens if the bike insurance expires?

If the bike insurance policy expires, then the person will not be eligible to make any claims or receive any coverage in case of an accident or damage to the bike. The person may also face legal penalties and fines for riding without insurance.

Q2. Can bike insurance be renewed after it has expired?

Yes, one can renew bike insurance after it has expired. However, one may have to pay the penalty for the lapse in coverage and may have to get their bike inspected before the renewal process.

Q3. How can one avoid their bike insurance from expiring in the future?

By renewing the policy before the expiry date or by setting up auto-renewal options, one can avoid bike insurance from expiring in the future.

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