Each and every owner of a car must possess an RC, or registration certificate. You cannot drive your car outside of the city or state without a registration certificate, just as you cannot drive without auto insurance. And if you have a car, it's best to keep RC with you at all times rather than leaving it at home. However, the government has now made it optional to carry it physically. It is accessible digitally via a wallet or mobile application.



How To Apply For Duplicate Rc Online And Offline



In India, a large number of people are unaware of duplicate RC books and how to obtain one without experiencing any difficulties, unlike with auto and bike insurance. A registered certificate issued by the State Transport Authority is an official document certifying vehicle ownership. It includes all the specifics, including the vehicle's engine and chassis numbers and other pertinent data. This document becomes crucial if your car is stolen or is damaged beyond repair because it will be needed to pay for a new vehicle. To learn more about how to get duplicate RC book for bike online, keep reading!

How to Apply for a Duplicate RC Certificate Offline

  • RTO Office Visit: If your RC is lost, broken, or missing, you must go to the RTO office and get a copy.
  • Duplicate RC Application Form Filling Out: The duplicate RC application form is different from the primary RC application form. Therefore, you must ensure that you submit form 26A when requesting a duplicate RC certificate.
  • Remit the Duplicate RC Fees: According to RTO regulations, you must pay the specified costs, which change based on the type of vehicle. You can continue with your application after paying the fees.
  • Send the Documents in: The original RC lost report, auto or motorcycle insurance policy, and the RC application form must be submitted along with the required fee.
  • After the RTO has processed your application, you can pick up the duplicate RC certificate from the RTO office.

How to Apply for Duplicate RC Online?

It is the same to apply for a duplicate RC certificate offline as it is online. To submit an online application, you must go to the RTO website and fill out form 26. The online application form and RC costs must be submitted together.

Step to follow when applying online:

  • Check out the ParivahanSewa webpage.
  • Select vehicle-related services from the list under the drop-down option under online services.
  • Choose the state.
  • After entering the registration number, select proceed.
  • Complete form 26.
  • Check the owner information that was produced automatically.
  • Online payment of the required cost.
  • Give the officer at the overseeing transportation authority the generated receipt together with additional supporting documentation.

What are the Documents Required To Apply for a Duplicate RC Book?

Before you begin the process, it is imperative that you have all the necessary documentation prepared. The following paperwork is needed to obtain a duplicate RC certificate:

  • RC Application Form: This form is available at the RTO office. In order to apply for a duplicate RC certificate, you must complete this form and deliver it to the RTO.
  • Report of Lost Registration Certificate: You must file a police station report if you have lost your RC. The most crucial document needed to apply for a duplicate RC certificate is this report.
  • Car Insurance Policy or Cycle Insurance Policy: At the time of application, you must present the RC for the vehicle as well as the car insurance policy or bike insurance.

To sum it up for you-

  • Application form no.26 (A duplicate of the registering authority’s concurrent endorsement that it will serve as the financier)
  • Address proof
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Attested copy of insurance coverage
  • Attested copy of PAN card or forms 60 and 61(as applicable)
  • Challan clearance copy from the traffic officials
  • FIR original copy (In case the vehicle is stolen)
  • Owner’s signature
  • An affidavit stating that RC was lost
  • Chassis and engine pencil print

What is the fee structure for a Duplicate RC Book Apply Online?

Vehicle Type

Fees (in INR)

Non-transport light motor vehicle


Imported motor vehicle             




Imported motorcycle


Other vehicles


How to Check the Status of Duplicate RC Book Online?

You must go to the ParivahanSewa services portal to learn the duplicate RC book status. The status can then be found under "RCDL." In order to find out the status, you have to enter your registration number.



Q1. Is there any difference between original RC and duplicate RC?

The duplicate RC can only be granted in the event that you lose or misplace the original, which is issued after 15 years of expiration.

Q2. How do I use the Vahan website to check or download duplicate RC book online?

  • Visit the Vahan website and make your choice from the drop-down menu under online services.
  • From the list, select vehicle-related services.
  • Choose a state.
  • Click on proceed after choosing your RTO registration number.
  • On the following screen, choose the Know Your Application option under the Status heading.
  • Select the registration option on the new page and enter the car registration information.
  • Select "Submit."

Q3. How soon can I expect to get a duplicate RC book online?

It may take anywhere between 15 and 30 days from the time of submission to receive the duplicate RC. The processing time is crucial to getting the duplicate RC, and it depends on numerous circumstances and some state criteria.

Q4. Can I download RC from the internet?

By entering your vehicle registration and Aadhar numbers on the DigiLocker website or mobile app, you can get RC online.

Q5. Can I transfer or sell your automobiles without a copy of the RC?

No, you are unable to transfer or sell your car without an RC copy. Before selling or transferring your vehicle, you must obtain a new or duplicate RC; this can be done by going through a few online or offline steps.

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