Honda has become the world's best vehicle manufacturer with its models focused on affordability and economically best in the market to the general consumers. Honda has applied this strategy throughout all its vehicle segments. One such example is the Honda X blade bike that offers its customers a chilling compact design look with a smooth riding experience that they can afford very easily. But many times, people can get confused when getting Bike Insurance for their own Honda X blade bike and are unable to decide whether they should get insurance or not. Here we are going to look at what Honda bike insurance is and what are its benefits.


Honda X Blade Bike Insurance


Honda X Blade Bike Specification

Honda X Blade Bike Variants

Honda X Blade Disc, Honda X Blade Double Disc

Engine Type

4-stroke, SI, BS-6 engine

Displacement (cc)


Maximum Torque (Nm)


Maximum Power (RPM)


Fuel Supply

Fuel Injection

Fuel Capacity (lit)


Emission Type


Mileage (kmpl)


Body Type

Sports Naked Bike


Diamond Type

Width x Length x Height (mm)

786 x 2013 x 1115

Wheelbase (mm)


Kerb Weight (Kg)



Front- Telescopic and Rear- Hydraulic, Monoshock

Tyre Type


Honda X Blade Insurance

One can never know what can happen on the road especially when they are driving a Honda X Blade bike. But one can always remain protected by getting Comprehensive Bike Insurance This can help them avoid any future risks and mitigate any financial losses if they were to be involved in any unfortunate incident. It is very important to get Honda X Blade insurance if one owns a Honda X Blade bike as it can keep them protected and they can have peace of mind when driving on the road.

Benefits Of Getting Honda Bike Insurance

The following are the benefits of getting Honda bike insurance:

Accidental Protection

By getting Honda two-wheeler insurance one can protect themselves from any financial damage that one might have to bear if one were to be involved in an unfortunate accident.

3rd Party Damage Protection

If any 3rd party were to receive any damage or financial loss due to the action of the Honda X Blade bike owner and vice versa then they can recover their losses by insurance provider if they have a Honda bike insurance policy.

Fire Damage Protection

Any direct or indirect damage resulting in financial losses caused by any unforeseen fire damage such as ignition fire, lightning, explosions, etc., can be recovered by the insurance provider if they have comprehensive bike insurance.

Vehicle Theft Protection

Due to some unfortunate circumstances if one were to suffer from complete loss of their vehicle such as theft or robbery, they can claim for reimbursement of financial losses through their insurance provider if they have comprehensive Honda bike insurance.

Natural Disaster Protection

One can never know what will happen when a natural disaster strikes. This can also have a big impact on the vehicle and can cause serious damage to it if one is not careful. But one can avoid any financial loss by getting a Honda two-wheeler insurance for their vehicle.

Add-On Cover For Honda X Blade Bike

One can also buy the following add-on cover to get additional protection for their Honda X Blade bike:

Return To Invoice Cover

One can maintain the on-road price of their vehicle by getting a return to invoice add-on cover with their Honda X Blade insurance.

Personal Accident Cover

By getting a personal accidental add-on cover one can get complete financial protection from any unfortunate accident and get the medical treatment without any worry.

Zero-Depreciation Cover

Getting a zero-depreciation add-on cover can help one maintain the value of their vehicle even after it has been serviced or repaired for any damages.

Consumables Cover

Sometimes, getting one vehicle serviced or repaired after it has been involved in an unfortunate accident can be costly as it can require many consumables such as engine oil, nuts and bolts, etc., resulting in heavy financial losses. But one can avoid such risk by getting a consumable add-on cover with their Honda bike insurance.

Exclusion For Honda Bike Insurance

The following are exclusions one needs to keep in mind after getting Honda bike insurance to avoid any claim rejection:

  • Self-inflicted damage
  • Damage due to commercial use
  • Damage due to negligence
  • Damage while driving under the influence.
  • Damage due to any war
  • Gradual wear and tear


By getting Honda X Blade insurance one can always make sure of any financial losses due to any unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances. But always make sure to read the Honda bike insurance policy documents and avoid any future hassle. Now, one can easily get their comprehensive two-wheeler insurance in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting their official website and comparing various available plans and getting the one that meets all of their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it mandatory to buy two-wheeler insurance for Honda X Blade bikes?

One must at least have third-party insurance when they are driving a Honda X blade bike on the road as it has been made mandatory by the government.

Q2. What are the main benefits of getting Honda bike insurance?

The main benefits of getting Honda bike insurance are 3rd party damage, accidental protection, and natural disaster protection.

Q3. What are the main exclusions of Honda's two-wheeler insurance?

One should always avoid rejection of their claim by being mindful of the main exclusions like any damage due to negligence, damage due to driving under the influence, and any self-inflicted damage.

Q4. Can one buy Honda insurance online for a Honda X Blade bike?

Yes, one can easily get a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy for their Honda X Blade bike by visiting Quickinsure website and comparing various available online plans and get the one that meets their requirements.

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