If one is looking for a good mileage and cost-effective bike with the latest features, one needs to look no further than the Honda SP125 bike. Honda has unveiled their first BS-VI-compliant model Honda SP125 bike in the market for many customers offering them features such as stylish looks, smooth handling, fuel-injection combustion engine, etc. But it has also made many customers question whether they can get Honda Shine insurance for their vehicle. Here we are going to look at how to get Honda Bike Insurance and what are its benefits.


Honda Sp125 Bike Insurance


Honda SP125 Bike Specification

Honda SP125 Variant

Honda SP 125 Drum, Honda SP 125 Disc

Engine Type

4-stroke SI engine

Engine Displacement (cc)


Maximum Torque (Nm)


Maximum Power (RPM)


Fuel Supply

Fuel Injection

Fuel Capacity (lit)


Emission Type


Mileage (kmpl)


Body Type

Commuter Bikes

Width x Length x Height (mm)

785 x 2020 x 1103

Ground Clearance (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Kerb Weight (kg)



Front: Telescopic and Rear: Hydraulic type

Tyre Type


Honda SP125 Insurance

Honda Shine insurance has become one of the most sold insurances for Honda vehicles as many people are buying Honda SP125 bikes due to its great features such as mileage, affordable price, and smooth driving, especially in the urban areas where people commute daily for their day-to-day tasks. As such it is very important that one gets Honda shine insurance for their Honda SP15 bike and avoid any unforeseen future risks.

Benefits of Getting Honda SP125 Insurance

Getting insurance for their Honda SP125 bike can not only help one avoid any future risk but also help them mitigate any financial losses that may occur due to any unfortunate circumstances. The following are the benefits of getting Honda Sp125 insurance:

3rd Party Damages

By getting Honda bike insurance one can remain protected if any third party were to be damaged by the owner of the Honda SP125 bike.

Accidental Damages

Bike insurance can help one with any financial damage that may occur if the owner were to be involved in an accident due to any unfortunate circumstance on the road.

Natural Disaster Protection

Natural disasters can cause heavy damage to the vehicle and cause huge financial losses for the owner of the Honda SP125. But by getting Comprehensive Bike Insurance one can recover their losses if their vehicle is involved in a natural disaster.

Theft Protection

One can always get the minimum insured amount, that is IDV or Insured declared value for their Honda SP125 if their vehicle were to get stolen or involved in a theft resulting in the total financial loss of the owner by getting Honda SP125 bike insurance.

Manufacturing Damages

If the vehicle were to explode or get damaged due to any manufacturing defects such as faults in engines, ignition issues, etc. The owner can avoid their financial losses by getting Honda insurance.

Add-On Cover That One Can Get with A Honda Shine Insurance Policy

The following are the additional protection covers one can get for their Honda SP125 bike when getting their bike insurance:

Zero-Depreciation Cover

Zero-Depreciation cover is protection against depreciation of the vehicle value even after it has been serviced or repaired.

No Claim Bonus Protection

Premium discount bonus protection at the time of policy renewal.

Return To Invoice Cover

Total financial protection for the value of the vehicle’s on-road price if the vehicle is deemed to be damaged beyond repair.

Consumables Cover

Financial coverage for any extra consumables used at the time of the vehicle service due to any damage.

Road-Side Assistance Cover

If one’s vehicle gets stuck on the road due to any mechanical fault, they can get roadside assistance such as towing services, tire repair, etc., by getting roadside assistance cover.

Exclusion In Honda Shine Insurance Policy

One also needs to take note of the following exclusion when getting their Honda SP125 insurance:

  1. Any damage due to negligence.
  2. Gradual wear and tear.
  3. Damage while driving under the influence.
  4. Damage due to illegal driving.
  5. Self-inflicted damage to the vehicle.
  6. Damage due to commercial use.


Honda has always been known for their best quality and affordable vehicles throughout the world. One such vehicle is the Honda SP125 bike offering its customers smooth driving, good mileage, and cost-effective services. But they should also not forget to buy comprehensive bike insurance for their two-wheeler as it helps them avoid any future risks and mitigates any financial losses that may come due to any unfortunate circumstances. Now, one can easily get a two-wheeler insurance plan for their vehicle in just a few steps from Quickinsure by visiting the official website and comparing various available plans and getting the one that meets all their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is it important for one to get insurance for their Honda SP125 bike?

One should always try to get insurance for their Honda SP125 bike as it helps them avoid any unforeseen future risks. The government has also made it mandatory for vehicle owners to have third-party insurance when driving on the road.

Q2. What are the main benefits of getting Honda Shine insurance?

The main benefits of Honda Shine insurance include 3rd party damage protection, , accidental protection and protection from natural disasters.

Q3. Why should one watch out for exclusion in insurance policy documents?

One must always make sure to read all the insurance policy documents carefully, especially the exclusions as it can help them avoid rejection of their insurance claim in the future.

Q4. Where can one get comprehensive bike insurance for their two-wheeler?

By visiting Quickinsure official website one can easily compare various available bike insurance plans and get the one that meets their requirements.

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