If you are looking for both performance and style, then look no further as the Hero Karizma bike offers you all of that along with a smooth driving experience. Hero has always been known for its economical bikes that are consumer-friendly. One such example is the Hero Karizma bike which has attracted many people over the years with its features such as good mileage, ergonomic design, and advanced ignition system. But still, many people get confused about whether they should get a Karizma bike insurance policy or not. Here we are going to look at why you should have Hero Karizma bike insurance and what are its benefits.


Hero Karizma Bike Insurance Policy


Hero Karizma Bike specifications:

Hero Karizma Variant

Karizma, Karizma R, Karizma ZMR, Karizma XMR.

Engine Type

4-stroke single-cylinder OHC

Engine Displacement (cc)


Max Torque (Nm)


Max Power (RPM)


Top Speed (Kmph)


Fuel Type


Fuel Capacity (lit)


Fuel Reserve (lit)


Mileage (Kmpl)


Body Type

Commuter Bike, Sports-style Street bike

Cooling System


Width x Length x Height (mm)

805 x 2080 x 1190

Ground Clearance (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)



Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and Rear: Swing Arm with 5-step adjustable type Hydraulic shock absorber

Tyre Type


Hero Karizma bike insurance:

Having bike insurance can not only help you avoid any future risks but also any financial damage that may come with them. It is especially important when you are driving a two-wheeler. By getting Hero Karizma insurance you can avoid any legal liabilities that may arise due to any unfortunate accident and can always remain at peace of mind when driving on the road. Therefore, it is always advised to get comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for your vehicle that can help you stay protected from any unforeseen future risks.

Types of Hero Karizma bike insurance policy:

The following are the various types of Hero Karizma bike insurance policies that you can get for your vehicle:

Third-party bike insurance:

It is the most common type of insurance policy that also has been mandated by the government for many people owning a vehicle. It helps owners remain protected from any financial loss that may arise due to any third-party damages.

Comprehensive bike insurance policy:

As the name suggests a comprehensive insurance policy has all the coverage that you might need to avoid losses from any unforeseen or unfortunate accident on the road.

Benefits of getting Hero Karizma bike insurance:

The following are the various benefits of getting Hero Karizma bike insurance:

Third-party protection:

You can remain protected from any legal liability or financial loss that may arise due to any third-party damage by having Karizma bike insurance.

Natural disaster protection:

The owner can claim for any financial losses that they might have suffered due to unforeseen natural disasters that result in serious damages to the vehicle by having comprehensive Karizma bike insurance.

Damage due to fire or explosion:

The insurance provider will compensate for any losses that may have happened due to any unfortunate fire or explosion because of an ignition fire.

Theft protection:

The owner can rest assured in case of theft of their vehicle as the insurance provider will reimburse them for any losses that come from theft of the vehicle if they have Hero Karizma insurance.

Accidental damage protection:

Avoid any losses from any unforeseen and unfortunate accident by getting a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy for your Hero Karizma bike.

Exclusion in Hero Karizma bike insurance:

The following are the various exclusions that you should take note of before filing for insurance claim for your Hero Karizma bike:

  • Self-inflicted damage.
  • Damage when driving without a valid driving licence, registration of vehicle, and insurance policy.
  • Mechanical or Electrical failure except in case of accidental damage.
  • Damage due to driving under the influence.
  • Damage due to using your bike for commercial purposes.
  • Gradual wear and tear.

Add-on covers for Hero Karizma bike insurance:

The following are the various add-on covers that you can get with your Hero Karizma bike insurance policy:

Zero-depreciation cover:

Avoid any depreciation in the value of your vehicle by getting a zero-depreciation cover along with your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Road-side assistance cover:

Get immediate roadside assistance for your vehicle in case of a mechanical breakdown or any other part failure resulting in vehicle stoppage by getting a roadside assistance add-on cover.

Consumables cover:

Getting your vehicle repaired can sometimes be costly as a lot of consumables might be required but getting consumable add-on cover with your Hero Karizma bike insurance.

Engine protection cover:

By getting engine protection cover with your Karizma bike insurance you can avoid paying any additional out-of-pocket expenses in case of engine repair or service.

Key protection cover:

In case you lose your key then the insurance provider will provide you with an emergency key if you get a key protection add-on cover along with your insurance.


Today roads have become more and more risky especially if you are driving a two-wheeler. As such it has become important for you to have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance that can not only help you avoid any such risks but also mitigate any financial losses. Now, easily get comprehensive Hero Karizma bike insurance in just a few easy steps from Quickinsure and comparing various available plans and getting the one that matches your requirements.


Can I transfer my existing Hero Karizma insurance policy to another owner?

Yes, you can transfer your existing Hero Karizma insurance policy to another owner by contacting your insurance provider.

Is it possible to change the insurance coverage policy?

Yes, you can easily change your insurance coverage policy at the time of renewal.

What can I do if I forget to renew my Hero Karizma insurance policy?

The insurance provider will provide you with a grace period based on your insurance policy during which you can easily pay the insurance premium and get your policy renewed again.

Should you get insurance policy coverage for your second-hand vehicle?

Yes, as it has been mandated by the government to at least have third-party insurance when driving on the road.

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