Hero Electric is India’s pioneering and leading manufacturing company of electric bikes with hundreds of thousands of happy customers which is still in the growing phase. Hero electric bikes were introduced in the market with a vision of the fastest mobility for millions across the country. A close inspection and rigorous testing are being done by the quality engineers with stringent quality checks before the Hero electric bikes reach the customers.


Hero Electric Bike Insurance


What’s the Process of Buying a Hero Electric Bike Insurance?

One needs to undergo several steps before buying a hero Electric Bike Insurance. Following are the steps involved in the process of buying the insurance:

1. The insurance policy buyer is required to visit the desired insurer’s website from where he/she is willing to buy the insurance.

2. Enter the desired electric bike number and other policy details whatever is being asked on the website application form.

3. In case a person is unsure about the bike number, then enter the bike name and bike registration number in the given slots.

4. In the case of a newly bought electric bike, one can even enter the model number.

5. Click on “view quotes” to Check Bike Insurance Premiums, coverages and other details in order to choose the best possible insurance type.

6. After selecting the desired insurance type, enter the necessary details like owner’s name, date of birth, email address, nominee name, etc.

7. Make the necessary payment to get the insurance policy for the electric bike instantly.

What Kind of Benefits are Covered Under Hero Electric Bike Insurance?

There are numerous benefits that are covered under different types of insurance provided by different insurance dealers for different brands of electric bikes. Let’s take a look at some of the basic coverages provided under Hero Bike Insurance:

Fire and Explosion

In any case, at any point of time, an electric bike catches fire while in running mode and burns the entire body of the electric bike; then the insurer can provide compensation for the same by which one can either change the entire body of the electric bike or buy a totally new electric bike.

Theft Cases

In case an electric bike is stolen by any mischievous person and the owner is the insurance policy holder of any insurance dealer, then he /she can get the desired amount of the lost electric bike once they claim to the respective insurance dealer with proper documents and proof of FIR.

Natural Calamities

In case an electric bike has drifted away from any sort of natural disaster such as flood, earthquake, or cyclone; then the insurer provides special provisions to combat this issue only if the person is the insurance policy holder of any insurer.

Personal Accidents

In case, while riding an electric bike the person gets injured or unfortunately meets death; then the insurance dealer is responsible to provide compensation amount to any of the dependent family members of the owner of the electric bike.

What’s the Claim Process for Hero Electric Bike Insurance?

There are a few differences in the claiming process of different contingencies under Hero Electric Bike Insurance. Let’s have a look at them:

The Process of Claim in Case of Theft of Hero Electric Bike:

1. The first and foremost thing to do is to register an FIR for the lost electric bike by visiting the nearest police station.

2. Inform the desired insurance dealer within 2-3 days about this issue along with all the other details such as the registration number and policy details of the lost electric bike. It’s vital to keep the important details and documents handy.

3. After submitting all the necessary documents including the FIR report and claiming form, keep tracing the insurance company to know the result.

4. The insurance dealer will eventually compensate the claim amount into the policyholder’s account instantly once it is confirmed about the unavailability of the electric bike.

The Process of Claim in Case of Own Damage for Hero Electric Bike:

1. Fast and quick information is to be provided to the insurance dealer about the incident within a few days of its occurrence.

2. Keep a record of incident scenes by taking pictures without the displacement of the vehicle from the incident scene.

3. The insurer will send an inspection officer to the incident location to assess all the damages or loss occurred to the electric bike.

4. The policyholder can either demand cashless service for the repair service or he/she can even claim for the reimbursement of the desired amount.

5. The claiming amount might depend on factors like the coverage type of the insurance plan or IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the electric bike before being damaged.

The Process of Claim in the Case of Third-Party Insurance for Hero Electric Bike:

1. Get an FIR report of the accident as it’s compulsory.

2. Inform the respective insurance dealer to fulfil all the other necessary documents.

3. Keep a record of some taken pictures as proof of evidence.

4. Fill in the claim form by entering necessary details like the owner’s name, policy number, registration number of the electric bike, etc.

5. Wait for the approval of the claim being made after proper scrutinization by the insurance dealer.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s the weight of a Hero Electric Bike?

It generally weighs up to 70 to 75 kilograms.

Q2. Does Hero Electric Bike have tubeless tires?

No, there’s no such thing present in Hero Electric Bikes.

Q3. What is the average speed of a Hero Electric Bike?

The average speed of an electric bike is about 42 kilometres per hour.

Q4. What’s the grace period for the renewal of Hero Electric Bike insurance?

It takes around 30 days to renew the policy before it expires.

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