Hero has surprised everyone with its latest launch two-wheeler named Hero Destini offering its customers top features such as a powerful engine, compact design, and fuel efficiency. This model has made Hero one of the first manufacturers of the two-wheeler vehicle in 125 cc segments whereas others are still in 110 cc. But still many get confused and frustrated about whether they should get Hero Destini insurance or not and whether it will be beneficial for them. Here we are going to look at why you should get Hero Destini insurance and what are its benefits.


Hero Destini Two Wheeler Insurance


Hero Destini specification:

Hero Destini Variant

Hero Destini Prime, STD, LX, XTEC

Engine displacement (cc)


Max Torque (Nm)


Max Power (RPM)


Fuel Type


Fuel Capacity (Lit)


Mileage (kmpl)


Body Type

Commuter Bikes

Width x Length x Height (mm)

729 x 1809 x 1135

Ground Clearance (mm)


Kerb Weight (Kg)



Front- Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorber and Rear- rear-unit swing with Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper.

Tyre Type



Why do you need Hero Destini insurance?

Driving on the road today has become more dangerous as many people are in a rush and usually are not paying attention, leading to a lot of mishaps and accidents. This is especially more in the case of two-wheelers such as Hero Destini. But you can avoid any such future circumstances by getting Hero Destini bike insurance. Therefore, it is always recommended to have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for your Hero Destini.

What are the Benefits of getting Hero Destini insurance?

The following are the various benefits of getting Hero Destini insurance:

Third-party damage protection:

Avoid any financial loss due to damage to the third party because of any unforeseen or unfortunate accident by getting Hero Destini 125 bike insurance.

Accident protection:

Get complete protection from any financial losses from any unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances if you have Hero Destini bike insurance.

Natural disaster protection:

The insurance provider will cover all the damages and financial loss that you have received to your vehicle if you get Hero Destini insurance.

Fire protection:

In case your vehicle is damaged due to any fire or explosion then the insurance provider will cover for any losses that you have received if you have Hero Destini insurance.

Personal accident protection:

By getting comprehensive Hero Destini bike insurance you can get coverage for any hospital bill or treatment charges of up to 15 lakhs or higher depending upon the insurance provider.

Add-on cover that you can get with your Hero Destini insurance:

The following are the various available add-on covers that you can get with your Hero Destini insurance policy:

  • NCB protection cover.
  • Return to invoice cover.
  • Zero-depreciation cover.
  • Road-side assistance cover.
  • Own damage cover.

Exclusion in Hero Destini insurance:

The following are the various exclusions that you need to watch for before filing for a Hero Destini 125 bike insurance claim:

  • Damage due to driving under the influence.
  • Self-inflicted damage.
  • Damage when driving without a valid driving license, registration of vehicle, and insurance policy.
  • Any mechanical or electrical failure except if the damage is due to an accident.
  • Gradual wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by using the vehicle for commercial purposes.
  • Damage due to any war-like situation.

Tips to maintain Hero Destini two-wheeler:

The following are the various tips that you can follow to maintain your Hero Destini bike:

  • Get on-time servicing.
  • Check tyre pressure periodically.
  • Maintain a good fuel level.
  • Take periodic checks on the vehicle's condition.
  • Avoid rough use.
  • Watch out for regular wear and tear.


Hero Destini has become a top two-wheeler commuter bike model that offers its customers features such as comfort seating, good fuel economy, and great maneuverability. But despite this, you should not underestimate the danger of the road and always stay protected by getting Hero Destini insurance for your vehicle. Now, you can easily get a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy for your Hero Destini in just a few steps from Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that suits your needs.


What are the main features of the Hero Destini 125 bike?

The main features of Hero Destini include a smart starter, 13% better fuel economy, latest LED headlight that can give better road visibility.

How much amount will you receive in case of a theft of your Hero Destini?

The amount is calculated based on the current IDV value of the vehicle and the ex-showroom price.

Is it mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance for your Hero Destini?

Yes, as it has been mandated by the government to at least have third-party insurance.

Where can one get a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy for their Hero Destini?

One can easily get a comprehensive insurance policy for their vehicle online by visiting the official website of Quickinsure and comparing various available plans and get the one that matches their requirements.

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