Motherhood is a magical experience for women. The way their body, mind and soul transform into being caring mothers for life is overwhelming. In today’s time, mothers have so many options to choose from, whether to get a planned delivery, which hospital to opt for and whose medical care they prefer. However, in today’s time, mothers also have to face issues like complications from lifestyle, stressed living and delayed pregnancies.

For a mother, responsibilities start from the first day of being a mother till forever, and so do the expenses. Maternity care insurance can help reduce the financial burden for new mothers and reduce their stress. How? Let’s take a look.

What Is Maternity Cover Insurance?

Maternity insurance is coverage for all the expenses and costs associated with childbirth up to a specified time. It can be a new standalone policy, or it can be employed in an existing health insurance policy as an Add-on. Simply by paying an additional premium, anyone can include the maternity benefit for themselves or their spouse in their existing health insurance plan.

Maternity Cover Insurance Inclusions

A maternity care policy generally covers the cost of normal pregnancy, labor and delivery, while in the case of a comprehensive policy, it covers newborn health insurance and other expenses as well.

It normally includes;

  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Pre- and post-natal expenses
  • Inpatient hospitalization charges
  • Delivery charges
  • Vaccination cover for newborn
  • Newborn coverage

Depending on different insurance providers, maternity cover insurance typically excludes any ectopic pregnancies or assisted reproductive treatments, for instance – IVF. Also, look for insurance company provisions for maternity care as few insurance companies limit coverage to one pregnancy only or pregnancy within a specific age limit. The degree of coverage can differ between insurers, but the aim of maternity cover insurance is to provide a stress-free environment for new mothers and their newborn.

When To Buy A Maternity Insurance Policy?

Usually, insurance companies in India do not provide maternity insurance when a woman is already pregnant because that pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition which is beyond a policy cover. Let’s look at the crucial norms for buying maternity insurance plan in India;

  • Pre-Existing Clause: To avail of maternity cover insurance, you need to make sure you are covered by a plan two years before planning to conceive a child.
  • Waiting Period: Maternity cover insurance has a more extended waiting period, and only on completion of it the coverage begins.
  • Delayed Pregnancy: With age and time, maternity plans become more costly. So, a delayed pregnancy can make you pay higher premiums to avail the benefit of maternity cover insurance.

Keep in mind that the ideal time to buy a maternity cover insurance plan is when you are newly married and intend to start a family in the next two years. Or you already have a child and are planning for another one in the next two to three years. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the policy beforehand.

Benefits Of Maternity Cover Insurance

Maternity cover insurance does give a financial backing while paying for delivery and hospitalization charges during childbirth but apart from that, it also ensures a hassle-free environment and a pleasant beginning of parenthood.

The chief benefits of a maternity cover insurance plan in India include;

  • Financial security
  • Newborn cover
  • Relaxing onset of parenthood
  • Stress-free environment for mother and newborn
  • Peace of mind for new parents

It is ideal for comparing all the plans offered by different insurance companies and then deciding on which one best fits your needs for maternity cover.

How To File A Claim For Maternity Cover Policy?

You can opt for the cashless claim and connect with the network hospitals associated with the insurer. Once you submit all the necessary documents online, the claim shall be verified and processed instantly.

In case of a reimbursement claim, you can choose any hospital of your choice. Inform the insurance company about the delivery time and other expenses details. Once the childbirth procedure is complete, you can submit the relevant bills and details to the insurer for processing the reimbursement.


The beginning of parenthood is an exhilarating life experience. It is challenging but beautiful. Whether a first or second child, having maternity cover insurance helps you enjoy the moment without the financial worry. It enables you to take in the joy of being a parent and feel gratitude for experiencing the experience of a lifetime.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on maternity cover insurance in India;

Q1. Can I buy maternity cover insurance once I am pregnant?

No, you cannot, as you are opting for the cover too late. Already pregnancy will be considered a pre-existing condition and hence will not be eligible to claim under this benefit.

Q2. Can I make a maternity cover insurance claim in the waiting period?

No, you can only claim after the waiting period is over. So, it is essential to check for waiting periods before you claim your respective maternity cover. Remember, only after the completion of the mandatory maternity cover waiting period can you claim for maternity-related expenses.

Q3. Can I save tax through maternity cover insurance plan?

Yes, one of the benefits of maternity cover insurance is tax exemption. Hence, before choosing a plan, look for the one that best suits your needs and look at its benefits, additional add-ons, costs, tax and other parameters before purchasing the right health insurance policy for you or your family.

Q4. Can I purchase maternity cover insurance as part of the family plan?

Yes, maternity cover insurance can be bought with your health insurance policy as an add-on both within the family or individual health insurance plans.

Q5. Is the waiting period much longer for maternity insurance coverage?

Yes, the waiting period generally is between 2 to 4 years, depending on the insurance company and choice of plan. Only post the completion of the waiting period can you avail the benefits of the policy or make a claim for maternity-related expenses.

Q6. Does unfortunate pregnancy termination get covered in maternity insurance plans?

Yes, most insurance companies do provide coverage for unfortunate pregnancy termination. The maternity coverage may include necessary medical expenses for termination procedures and treatment related to any complications of pregnancy or childbirth.

Q7. Does the newborn baby get covered by maternity insurance?

Yes, your newborn baby gets insurance cover up to a certain period since birth in the maternity cover insurance plan. Depending on your insurance provider and your choice of plan it generally includes cover for any treatment of illness or emergency for the newborn and on-birth vaccinations.

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