‘’A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities’’

Why buy health insurance for new born?

When it comes to future planning, the most diligent individuals working towards getting everything right are to be parents. When a child is going to be born, parents have several things and tasks set so as the baby is born, they have nothing to worry about. Be it baby’s room, clothes or other accessories, everything is prepared for.

Similarly, many parents also have an insurance plan for protecting the health of their new born baby.

Newborn baby health insurance provides complete financial coverage healthcare needs like pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, modern day care procedures, ambulance charges and other expenses.

When we think of buying health insurance for a new born, a question comes to mind as to why, what is the need. As a babies are born, they require additional care and attention for good health. Such extra care involves regular medical check-ups, vaccinations and medical treatments.

Also, medical emergencies are unpredictable, thus having a health insurance protection for a new born baby is sensible to get the required medical treatment in times of need with no financial burden on the parents.

Benefits of buying new born baby health insurance plan

Having looked at the why health insurance is important for new born baby, lets take a look at its underlying benefits;

  • Financial security
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation costs covered
  • Modern daycare procedures protected
  • Includes ambulance charges
  • Other healthcare expenses taken care of
  • Lower premium plans available
  • Tax exemption advantage
  • Added benefits of regular health check-ups and No Claim Bonus

Thus, a health insurance plan for a new born baby is a must, to make the parents secure financially as well as emotionally.

Documents required for health insurance for newborn

To purchase a health insurance plan for a new born baby you need to submit the below documents;

  • Baby birth certificate
  • Baby photograph
  • Maternity discharge proof
  • Baby health reports
  • Any other documents as needed by insurance company

A baby being born is a celebratory moment, especially for the parents. Being free from the worry of hospital expenses and other costs will help enjoy the moment and create stress free memories for life time. To have a security during childbirth and free yourself from any financial burden, opting for health insurance plan for new born is wise.

In case of new born babies, a family floater plan can also be opted for. This plan will include the baby and the parents or even grandparents and siblings. It is advisable to select a plan that is best suited to your family and need that is within your budget and provides you the best coverage.

Factors to consider while buying health insurance plan for newborn

As many insurance companies offer good plans for new born coverage, you should consider these factors before making your choice;

  • Lower premium
  • Feature to upgrade
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Inclusions and exclusions
  • Additional clauses such as co-payment

The arrival of a new born in your family brings lots of joy and happiness. It also brings an additional responsibility for the parents. As a new parent, it is sensible to choose a health insurance plan that provides extensive coverage for your newborn babies at an affordable charge.

‘’The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.’’

FAQs – Frequently asked questions.

Q1: Is a comprehensive health insurance plan ideal for a newborn baby?

Yes, always opt for a health insurance plan that provides extensive coverage with benefit of lower premium for a new born. Make sure it covers for all medical expenses like vaccinations and medical check-ups.

Q2: Is new born insurance covered under the health insurance of parent?

No, not all health insurance plans cover for a new born baby. Only if you choose family floater plan or maternity health insurance plan, new born cover can be availed.

Q3: Can newborn health insurance cover be applied for online?

Yes, by visiting insurance provider website and following the steps for application you can easily avail health insurance plan for your new born baby.

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