Unpredictable conditions due to natural disasters are a big reason to ensure your insurance is in place. Disasters only create havoc and can destroy everything including vehicles. Natural disasters are caused by arbitrary circumstances in the environment. Such disasters can bring huge losses to mankind like damaging properties or destroying buildings,disrupting lives across, and even taking lives.Vehicles can be equally affected by natural calamities brought upon us. In the form of floods,cyclones, earthquakes and so on. Hence to safeguard your vehicle from damages caused by natural disasters, it is essential to purchase the right two-wheeler insurance plan. Let’s take a look at how two-wheeler insurance can help cover natural disasters.


Does Your Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Natural Disasters


As per the laws in India, it is mandatory to have third-party insurance for your bike. However, the third-party policy only provides coverage for the damages of third-party persons and property. So, if you wish to insure your bike against natural disasters and other damages it causes you have to buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. It is not compulsory,however; it carries a lot of coverage including for damages caused by natural disasters. It also includes damage from unforeseen situations or man-made disasters like accidents, war, vandalism, terrorism, strikes and more. 

With a Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan, you can protect your vehicle against all these damages and havocs. Additionally, you can purchase an extra add-on cover to protect against varied damages extensively. For instance, if your vehicle sustains damage due to a hurricane, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan can compensate for repairs and replacement of bike parts and helps you save on a significant amount.

Add-Ons To Protect Against Natural Disasters

Different add-ons that can be purchased with a two-wheeler comprehensive insurance plan to protect against natural disasters.

  • Protect engine from water regression, repairs, oil leakage, loss of parts or loss of coolant.
  • Zero depreciation add-on that protects you against the cost of replacement of vehicle parts without taking into account the depreciation of your vehicle.
  • Consumables coverage for engine items like gear or grease oil, lubricants, etc. Most of these are not covered under regular bike insurance; thus, you need a consumable add-on cover.

How To File A Claim In Case Of Damages From Natural Calamity?

In case of damage to your vehicle due to natural calamity, your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is there to help. To file a claim on your damaged vehicle you can follow the simple steps which are common to most insurance providers;

Step 1: Click pictures of the damaged vehicle.

Step 2: Contact your insurer to initiate the process of the claim.

Step 3: Depending upon the insurer, you may be asked to fill in forms or submit the required documents.

Step 4: A surveyor will come to inspect the damages to your vehicle.

Step 5: After successful verification by the surveyor, the vehicle will be repaired at a garage set by the insurer.

Step 6: After all evaluation and repairs, the claim will be settled as per your choice for cashless or reimbursement.


Natural disasters cannot be controlled by us - humans. If you feel you wish to cover your two-wheeler from damage from natural calamities, it is advisable to purchase the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan that best suits your requirement. Along with a few add-ons that help increase your protection against both natural and man-made disasters. You also have the option with every insurer to modify your existing policy to more extensive protection during the time of two-wheeler insurance renewal so as to get the exact coverage you wish for.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some frequent queries on two-wheeler insurance coverage for natural disasters;

Q1. The Two-wheeler comprehensive insurance plan covers which natural disasters?

Generally, a two-wheeler comprehensive insurance plan covers all natural disasters like cyclones, fire, floods, earthquakes, lightning, hurricane, explosion, inundation, and storms. However, to check the detailed list of natural disasters covered, you must look at your particular insurer’s two-wheeler comprehensive insurance plan terms and conditions.

Q2. Does third-party insurance cover natural disasters if it is renewed for the longer term?

No, Third-party Liability insurance does not cover natural disasters at all.

Q3. Is it necessary to file a First Information Report (FIR) to raise a claim against natural disasters?

No, in most cases no FIR is needed for raising an insurance claim against a natural disaster. However, your insurer shall specify if it is required to do so, depending on the complexity of the case or damage to the vehicle.

Q4. Does bike insurance offer total loss in case of a natural disaster?

Yes, you can have coverage on the total loss of the insured bike if it is caused by any natural disaster. In such a case, if the complete repair cost is higher than 75% of IDV or the Insured Declared Value of the bike, the vehicle shall be regarded as a total loss. So, the insurer will offer compensation by paying you the IDV of the bike as per the policy terms and conditions.

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