How To Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date Online?

Purchasing the bike of your dreams is only the beginning; you also need to safeguard it from the various risks and dangers to which it is exposed, just as you would your family and those close to you. According to the Indian Motor Act, bike owners must also have a third-party insurance policy. The bike's registration number is automatically linked to the insurance policy when it is purchased.






However, buying bike insurance coverage does not absolve you of duty because you still need to regularly and on time renew the policy in order to continue to preserve and defend your bike. For this, you must be well informed of the expiration date of your bike insurance policy; otherwise, if the premium is not paid on time, the policy will be null and void, and you will be unable to use any of its features and benefits. You most definitely do not want that. It is crucial to be aware of the policy's expiration date as a result.

Why Is It Important to Pay Attention to the Expiration Date of My Bike Insurance?

For a variety of reasons, you need to be aware of when your bike insurance coverage expires. The ones listed below are the most significant ones.

  • For Not Breaking the Law - According to the Indian Motor Act, if you possess a bike, you must have third-party liability insurance. If the insurance policy's expiration date is missed, your coverage will be null and void, which is against the law and is criminal.
  • For Keeping Your Bike Safe - Just as you safeguard your loved ones via various insurance policies, your dream bike needs protection in the form of a bike insurance coverage. However, if you don't pay your premiums on time, your policy will expire and you won't be able to use its features and advantages. As a result, your bike won't receive any protection.
  • To Avoid Financial Stress- Preventing Financial Burden Your bike needs repairs if it is involved in an accident or other dangers in order to return to its original condition. This repair work could cost you thousands to lakhs of rupees, which could put a strain on your finances. However, if you have a valid bike insurance policy and pay your payment on time before the expiration date, the plan will make up for your financial loss and ease your load.
  • Keep the expiration date of your bike insurance policy in mind to avoid complications and additional costs. Although some insurance companies allow you to renew an expired policy, the process is difficult and will cost you more money. You must keep track of the expiration date of your bike insurance policy to avoid such complications.
  • Maintaining Your Policy Active - If you are aware of when your bike insurance coverage will expire, you can pay the payment in advance and make the necessary preparations. You can continue to use your policy's benefits and facilities in this manner.

Various Ways To Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date Online

Bureau of Insurance Information

The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) maintains all the information regarding insurance plans on its website. By using the procedures listed below, you may quickly view the expiration date of your policy by going to the company's website.

  • Visit the Insurance Information Bureau's official website.
  • The 'V Seva' option may be found on the site, in the 'Quick Links' tab. Toggle that.
  • A new page will be opened for you. There will be a form on the landing page for you to fill out.
  • Include all necessary information in the form, including your name, address, registration number, etc.
  • After entering the correct captcha, choose Submit from the menu.
  • Your bike insurance policy's expiration date will be visible to you.

Through The Insurer's Official Website

All of your insurance policies' documentation is kept on file by your insurance provider. You can examine the information by logging into the official website of your insurance provider. Depending on the insurance, the process for logging in and reviewing the information may be different. To examine the expiration date of your bike insurance plan, you often need to provide the policy number or the registration number of your bike. Additionally, the expiration date of the coverage is stated in your policy document.

Through VAHAN's Official Website

You can also check your two-wheeler insurance expiry date through the website of Government of India's Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. They maintain a database of every bike or automobile insurance policy on its VAHAN website. So, using this website and the instructions below, you may quickly determine when your bike insurance coverage expires.

  • Visit VAHAN's official website.
  • The tab labelled "Know Your Vehicle Details" is located at the top of the page. Toggle that.
  • You must register there by entering your mobile number.
  • You must enter the necessary information, including your bike number and the verification code (if applicable), after successfully creating your account.
  • Now select "Search Vehicle" from the menu.
  • You will see information about your bike insurance policy in front of you. Under the Insurance Up to tab, you can find the expiration date.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the bike registration number?

Every vehicle operating on the nation's roads must have a special identification number, which is assigned by the RTO of a district in one of India's states.

Every newly purchased bike must have one of these registration numbers, which are required by law. The registration number of a two-wheeler also helps in locating information about its insurance.

Q2. How can I check the status of my insurance online if I've forgotten my bike's registration number?

Since a vehicle's registration number is inscribed onto its licence plate, it is technically impossible to misplace one.

In other words, as long as the bike may be lawfully ridden, you can easily check its registration information. Consequently, it won't be too tough to check your insurance status.

Q3. If I lose my insurance policy documents, can I acquire new ones?

Yes, if you've misplaced them, you can submit an FIR at the local police station to get a new policy paper issued.

However, these days it is much simpler to guarantee that the policy information is safe and you reduce the chances of misplacing them due to the online method for issuing insurance policies.

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