Buying a car is indeed a huge investment. It represents your social stature, and hence you need to take great care of your car. So, before you get just any car insurance that comes across your way, make sure you compare car insurance plans in order to get yourself the best one.

Just like you would not settle down on a single shirt without trying other designs, patterns, colors, fabric, etc., similarly, you should not buy a car insurance policy before you conduct a thorough motor insurance price comparison.


Here's why you should spend some time comparing car insurance online!

  • You get to make a well-informed and smart choice: When you compare car insurance policies, you will gain adequate knowledge and easily understand the intricacies of a car insurance policy. This knowledge will help you to make the best choice and get yourself an apt car insurance policy as per your budget and requirement.
  • You can save your hard-earned money: Continuous research and comparison bring out the price of various car insurance plans. You can choose one which falls well within your budget. If you do not compare different car policies, most probably, you will end up investing in an expensive policy.
  • You will get to know about different insurance policies available out there: Comparison always widens your scope of choice. You can choose from a wide number of car insurance policies available. You will come to know about their availability when you make the best car insurance comparison.
  • You can easily get to know the reliability of the insurer: When you compare car insurance plans, a lot of information comes up regarding the credibility of the insurer. It is important to verify the trustworthiness of the car insurance company before you buy a car insurance policy.


How to compare car insurance plans online – A step by step guide

Step #1. When comparing car insurance plans online, first of all, enlist the top 10 car insurance companies which offer third-party as well as comprehensive car insurance plans.

Step #2. Then you have to visit the official websites of all of these insurance companies.

Step #3. Alternatively, you can also choose to visit the website of insurance aggregators.

Step #4. During the comparison of different car insurance plans, you will get the knowledge of multiple discounts and schemes.

Step #5. Once you are satisfied with the price, the coverage as well as terms and conditions, select the one which appeals to you the most.




Q1. How can I compare my car insurance plan online?

Ans: You can visit a few of your favorite car insurance company websites. This will help you to get a detailed comparison among all of them.


Q2. Can I buy add-on covers for third-party liability-only policies?

Ans: No, add-on covers are available for only comprehensive car insurance policies.


Q3. How can an online comparison of car insurance policies help me in saving a few precious bucks?

Ans: When you opt for motor vehicle insurance comparison, you will be able to choose a plan with better coverage. You can even avail of a discount if you are lucky enough. Comparison of car insurance policies also helps in choosing a plan with an affordable premium.


Q4. How should I compare car insurance plans – online or offline?

Ans: Although offline comparison of motor vehicles is possible, yet we would recommend you to compare car insurance rates online. It offers effective comparison right from the comfort of your own home. You will get to explore various options, enjoy better deals, and bag amazing discounts easily. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection.

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