Car owners in Kolkata never feel secure when it comes to the safety of their cars. The potholes and monsoons in Kolkata make it a nightmare for those who drive cars on Kolkata roads. Every year during the monsoon season, different parts of Kolkata face the issue of waterlogging. This year too, there is no difference. Waterlogging and floods can adversely affect car machinery. Also, the rate of car accidents is quite high in the cultural capital of India. In the last month, as per the Police reports, over ten car accidents took place in Kolkata. Thus, the streets and weather of Kolkata have never been friendly towards car owners.

Have you just bought a brand-new car? Or, are you planning to buy a second-hand car soon? No matter what’s the situation is, remember that car insurance in Kolkata will save you from big troubles. You will be able to save big on your expenses and liabilities in the long run. Want to know how this is possible? Let us take you on a journey where you will get to know all the intricate details about the best car insurance in Kolkata.


Car Insurance: What does it mean?

Car insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance – all serve one single purpose. This is a legal document that offers protection to you and your car from damages and risks like thefts, natural disasters, and accidents. The job of car insurance is to make you financially secure during unforeseen circumstances. Also, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is compulsory to have third-party car insurance if you wish to drive a car on the roads of India.


Car insurance types:

  • Third-party car insurance:
  1. It covers property damage: Third-party insurance covers damage to property or vehicle damage of the third party.
  2. It helps in fulfilling legal obligations: The policy covers legal obligations as well.
  3. It is suitable for old vehicles as well: Third-party plans are suitable for old cars whose market value is less than replacement or repair expenses.
  4. It covers bodily injury and death: Such policies also cover body injuries as well as the demise of the third party.
  • Comprehensive car insurance:
  1. Such policies offer a wide range of coverage.
  2. A comprehensive car insurance plan offers coverage to collision and different other risk factors.
  3. This insurance policy includes accidental damages to the third party as well.
  4. The insurance holder gets protection against car theft.
  5. It offers protection to the owner-driver even if he is at fault for the accident.
  6. Comprehensive car insurance plans cover natural as well as manmade disasters.


Points you should consider while buying the best car insurance in Kolkata

  1. Coverage: The coverage offered by any insurance plan will vary according to the type of car insurance policy. It is, therefore, necessary that you research well about the coverage before you invest in any car insurance in Kolkata.
  2. State’s guidelines: Insurance guidelines can vary as per different states. Consider the state guidelines of Kolkata and make sure your insurance policies are compliant with them.
  3. NCB or No Claim Bonus: No Claim Bonus brings down your premium to a great extent. Suppose you have not raised a claim throughout the whole year; the insurance company will entitle you with a bonus amount. This amount will then be reduced from the premium to be paid.
  4. Exclusions: Enquire about the situations or factors which do not get covered by the insurance provider. You should enquire well about the various exclusions before you invest in an insurance plan.
  5. The reputation of the insurance provider: If you wish to buy the best car insurance in Kolkata, then you should enquire well about the reputation of the insurance company.
  6. CSR: You should also check about the CSR or Claim Settlement Ratio of the insurance company. The CSR should be high if you wish to choose the best car insurance company in Kolkata.
  7. Add-on coverage: Research well about add-on coverages that you can use to enhance your overall insurance plans.
  8. IDV: The insured declared value or IDV is the current market value that you can calculate by eliminating the depreciation.
  9. Network garages: If you are looking for cashless services, then you need to enquire about the network garages associated with your insurance provider as well.




Q1. Can I cancel my car insurance?

Ans: It is quite difficult to cancel car insurance until and unless there is not a genuine case. Also, you need to intimate the insurance provider at least one month ahead.


Q2. Why should I insure my car?

Ans: Car insurance will keep you protected against liabilities, damages to third parties and self, and bodily injuries.


Q3. What do you mean by Zero Depreciation Plans?

Ans: When you buy Zero Depreciation Plans, the Car Insurance Company offers the entire claim amount irrespective of the depreciation.


Q4. I am considering making a shift to CNG; then should I have to inform the RTO?

Ans:Yes, you need to inform the RTO as well as your insurance company.

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