Car accidents are quite common on the roads of Hyderabad. Over the last six months, more than 134 people have lost their lives in Hyderabad due to car accidents.

Also, monsoons create a great nuisance for all car owners because waterlogging damages various machinery parts in the car underbellies. So, if you are planning to buy a car, then make sure that you invest in car insurance in Hyderabad and plan well beforehand.

You must be wondering why it is necessary to get a car insurance plan for your car. Here’s why!


Advantages of buying car insurance

There are multiple benefits of having a car insurance plan. Read on to know more!

  • You will get a personal accident cover: When you get a comprehensive car insurance policy, you will enjoy the benefits of personal accident cover as well (for a predetermined amount). This cover protects the insurance holder against the risk of permanent total disability or demise because of a car accident. You can also buy this cover for other passengers as well on an unnamed basis.
  • Car insurance provides coverage in case of loss or damage to the insured car: Suppose your car gets damaged due to fire, accident, self-ignition, you will get compensated. Also, your insurer will cover expenses that take place because of terrorism, theft, strikes or riots. Also, a car insurance plan offers coverage in case of damage or loss during transit by road, airlift, waterways or railways.
  • Third party liabilities are also covered, thereby reducing your expenses: In case the car or property of the third party has been damaged due to a car accident, your insurer will take care of third-party expenses and liabilities. You need not pay for the expenditures from your pocket.
  • Huge network of garages: The best car insurance company in Hyderabad will have a long list of network garages. You can take your car to any of these garages and avail yourself of cashless services easily.
  • Bring down your premium with the help of NCB: NCB or No Claim Bonus is the amount that you enjoy in case you have not placed any claim with your insurance company. This bonus is deducted from the premium amount, thereby bringing down your expenses.


Get the best car insurance in Hyderabad by following these easy steps:

  1. Assess your requirement and evaluate your needs: Do not just go ahead with any car insurance plan. You need to understand your requirements precisely and opt for an insurance plan accordingly.
  2. Never skip online comparisons: When you check and compare car insurance prices in Hyderabad online, you are actually increasing your chances of saving big while buying the policy. Keep an eye on discounts as well.
  3. Amplify your coverage by buying a few add-ons: Get hold of a few attractive add-ons and enhance the coverage extent of your car insurance policy.
  4. Get the best car insurance in Hyderabad: After considering all these factors and aspects, finally, get yourself the best car insurance in Hyderabad.




Q1.  My car got stolen last night? Do I have to inform the car insurance company?

Ans: Yes, of course! Without any delay, inform your car insurance company so that you can place a claim accordingly.


Q2. How can I renew my car insurance policy?

Ans: Car insurance renewal in Hyderabad is extremely easy. You can either do it conventionally by visiting the office of the car insurance company. Or you can do it online as well.


Q3. Is there any way to reduce your car insurance premium?

Ans: Yes, you may reduce your premium by using the following three techniques:

  • Use NCB to reduce your premium charges.
  • Use add-ons to customise the plan.
  • Pay your premium annually.


Q4. I have a commercial vehicle. Do I need a car insurance plan?

Ans: Yes. Every vehicle needs car insurance, whether it is personal or commercial.

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