If you live in Chennai and are planning to get a new or second car, then ensure you make room for a car insurance policy as well. With increased traffic, the roads of Chennai are getting more congested every day, thereby increasing the chances of accidents. Last month, a Tamil actress got heavily injured while her friend died in a car accident.

Besides, monsoons have always been stressful for the Chennai people. Instances of waterlogging always have irked car owners and led to heavy expenses. Having car insurance will make you feel protected against all the hefty expenses. If you are unsure as to how to get car insurance in Chennai, let us help you out.

Car insurance – Meaning

Car insurance or motor insurance, or auto insurance all serve the same purpose. It is a legal agreement that ensures financial security for you in distressful times of car accidents. If you have car insurance, then you won't have to be worried about the damages. Also, in case of any bodily injury or unfortunate death, legal obligation expenses will be taken care of by the car insurance company.

Before you buy car insurance, ask these questions to yourself!

When you introspect and ask yourself these questions, you will get clarity that will help you to get the best car insurance in Chennai.


How much distance do you generally cover?

Consider whether you drive your car daily to commute to your workplace or drop your wife at her workplace. Keep a check on the miles you cover every day. You should get a car insurance policy that reflects the usage of your vehicle. If you are someone who does not drive much, then you can go for a mileage-based insurance

Which car do you drive?

The type of car you drive can help you determine the type of policy you should opt for. Also, insurers have a great deal of experience in determining the price of your vehicle. If you have a flashy sports car, or a modified car, then you will require special insurance for your car. These cars are more likely to be stolen, and also their spare parts tend to be way too expensive. Thus, such a car insurance price in Chennai tends to be costly. At the same time, if you have a Wagon R, the premium you pay will be much lower.

Do you use your car for work?

Driving your car to reach your office is normal. But when you drive your car for doing some economic activity for which you get paid, you will have to get commercial auto insurance. If you deliver pizzas, give a ride to passengers, or use your car for any kind of commercial activity, then a personal auto insurance plan will not offer ample coverage.

Where do you generally park your car?

If you live in urban areas and park your car daily there, it will face a greater risk of theft and vandalism. So, in that case, you should get a comprehensive car insurance plan. In case you move out of the city and shift to a village or town area, your premium charges will go down.

How much attached do you feel to your car?

If you consider your car as something very close to your heart, or a prized possession, then you will definitely want your car to be in the best condition. You will for sure want to get your car fixed perfectly in case it gets damaged. So, you will have to look for a car insurance policy that covers collision, glass replacement etc. However, if a car for you is merely a mode of transportation, then you will be satisfied with a basic car insurance plan.

Have you taken your car on lease or finance?

In case you have taken your car on a lease, you need to keep the car in the best condition. Thus, you will have to ensure your car for its complete value. In this case, a comprehensive insurance plan along with supplemental gap insurance will do the needful for you.

What are your various legal obligations?

In India, it is compulsory to get a third-party liability according to Motor Vehicles Act 1988. So, you need to have at least third-party car insurance in Chennai to be compliant with the guidelines.

Now that you have asked all these questions to yourself and have got clarity regarding your car insurance requirement, let's hop onto the next stage!


Step by step process to buy a car insurance policy in Chennai:

Step 1: Understand your requirement and assess your need: By asking all the above-mentioned questions, you can make a well-informed and smart decision. It is necessary that you decide whether you need a comprehensive policy or a third-party one.

Step 2: Go for online comparison and always look for discounts: Start comparing quotes online. This will help you to save big, and also, you can end up enjoying better coverage options. Keep an eye on available discounts offered by different insurers.

Step 3: Do not forget to enhance your insurance plan coverage with add-ons: Add-ons will always help you enhance the extent of your insurance plan coverage. Assess your needs and choose add-ons that can significantly enhance your insurance policy.

Step 4: Finally, get yourself the best car insurance policy in Chennai: Once you go through all these steps, you are absolutely ready to buy the best car insurance in Chennai.




Q1. Is it possible to pay my car insurance premium in instalments?

Ans: Unfortunately, this is not possible. Paying car insurance premiums in instalments is not allowed.


Q2. Is my car insurance policy transferable?

Ans: Yes, of course! It is possible to transfer the car insurance policy in the name of the new owner as well within the first 15 days of ownership transfer.


Q3. My car has been stolen. How can I place a claim with my car insurance company?

Ans: First of all, you need to inform your car insurance company. Next, you need to lodge an FIR at the nearest police station. An investigator will verify the stolen car and also coordinate with you. You need to inform the RTO as well of the cancellation of your registration. For placing the claim, you will have to submit the necessary documents. Later on, get the RC cancellation acknowledgement from RTO and an NTC certificate. Finally, submit the FIR photocopy, all the necessary documents, car keys as well as the NTC to the insurer.


Q4. Can I renew my car insurance policy online?

Ans: Yes, car insurance renewal Chennai is an absolutely easy process and can be done online conveniently.

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