Ever since the lightweight scooter arrived in the Indian market, it has gained much popularity and become even a favourite choice among people of all age groups and genders. Everything about the scooty is just marvellous whether it is functionality, price, weight, or ease of ride. Even tourists are fascinated by using lightweight scooters due to its great mileage. No matter to whatever extent the petrol price rises, the love for riding a lightweight scooter will remain forever in the hearts of millions.

List Of 5 Best Lightweight Scooters In India

When we talk about the best lightweight scooters, then it’s not just the price that matters but there are a number of other factors too that help in choosing the best model such as – features, mileage, engine capacity, comfort, safety, etc. So, let’s take a ride on the top 5 best light weight scooters of the year which one can consider buying.

TVS Scooty Zest

It’s simply the best and lightest scooty in India especially for women that are easily manageable. Instilled with dynamic designing, it’s regarded as the most powerful scooty. The average mileage of this scooty model is about 65 km/litre. Its highest fuel tank capacity is 5 litres and weighs 97 kgs. It is even quite spacious and has a smooth seating position.

Apart from the above, it has some other exciting features too which are listed below:

  • DRL (Daytime running lamps).
  • USB (Universal service bus) mobile charger.
  • Anti-skid tubeless tyres.
  • Telescopic suspension.
  • Underseat storage light.

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Vespa VXL 125

It has been the most preferred scooty by women for a long time. It comes in many variants and is a bit expensive compared to other scooters in the country. Its retro style of design has made it a top choice among many prospective customers. The maximum fuel tank capacity of Vespa VXL 125 is about 8 litres and weighs 114 kgs. Without giving a single thought, it’s the best choice among people of all age groups.

Apart from the above, it has some other exciting beneficial features too which are listed below:

  • Alloy wheels.
  • Broader tyres.
  • Tubeless tyres.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Hydraulic brakes with central lock braking system.

Yamaha Fascino 125

It’s the best choice for someone who is short heighted and looking for a lightweight scooty for daily commute purposes. It’s simply the best and incomparable choice for any city ride. The most shocking thing about this scooty is that it’s available under just 1 lakh rupees. This scooty is 30% more powerful with 165 more mileage compared to others. It’s not only stylish but easy to handle.

Apart from the above, it has some other exciting beneficial features too which are listed below:

  • Telescopic suspension.
  • Front disk brake with UBS (Unified Brake System).
  • Telescopic suspension.
  • Start/stop system.
  • 21 litres underseat storage capacity.
  • Side stand engine cut-off switch.

Honda Activa 6G

Instilled with unparalleled features, this scooty arrives within the budget of most people. With a maximum fuel tank capacity of 5.3 litres, weight 107 kg, and mileage 45 kilometre/litre, this scooty has been proven to be a most popular and convenient choice among people of all age groups.

Apart from the above, it has some other exciting features too which are listed as below:

  • LED headlamp.
  • Engine start/stop button.
  • Fuel injection (FI).
  • External fuel lid.
  • 12-inch front wheel.
  • 3-step adjustable rear suspension.
  • Underseat storage.

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Honda Dio

We just cannot miss out on mentioning the name of Honda Dio when we talk about lightweight scooters available in the Indian market. With a maximum fuel tank capacity of 5.3 litres and weight of around 105 kgs, this typical scooty has become a most popular choice among new generations, especially youths.

Let’s look at its most exciting, yet very important features:

  • LED (Light emitting diode) headlamp
  • Telescopic suspension.
  • External fuel fill.
  • Engine start/stop switch
  • Fully digital metre.
  • Side stand engine cut-off.

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There are a myriad of benefits to lightweight scooters. They not only require less effort to propel to have a smooth ride but even allow you to cover a greater distance without any assistance. It’s also quite portable to take on any vacation or trip plan. The easy automated operation of such scooty adds up to an extra benefit to it. The use of lightweight scooters is seeing a sudden surge in the Indian market making them popular choices among the new generations.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are lightweight scooters in demand in India?

Usually lightweight scooters are easy to handle and easily portable anywhere. Therefore, people prefer buying lightweight scooters.

Q2. Are lightweight scooters safe and comfortable to ride like other heavy-weight scooters?

Definitely, there’s no doubt in the safety and comfort zone of lightweight scooters. It gives a similar experience to a smooth ride to any other scooter.

Q3. On what factors does the best lightweight scooty depend on?

The choice of the best scooty can be made on the following factors which are: features, mileage, engine capacity, etc.

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