The Bajaj Chetak is a delicately crafted electric scooter that has skillfully arrived in the Indian market with its huge number of customers. It comes with exciting and practical features like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and a digital instrument cluster. It takes around 5 hours to completely charge the Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter to its full capacity.


Bajaj Chetak Electric Bike Insurance


What are the Benefits Covered Under Bajaj Chetak Bike Insurance?

There are numerous benefits that can be covered under Bajaj Chetak Electric Bike Insurance. Some of them are listed below:

  • Any expenses incurred by the third party in case of any injury, death, or property damage.
  • Any loss or damage that occurs due to natural catastrophes like flood, earthquake, cyclone etc. is incurred by the insurance dealer.
  • Any loss or damage occurring from man-made catastrophes such as vandalism, riots, explosions, etc. is incurred by the desired insurer.
  • Compensation provided by the insurer in case of loss of the Bajaj Chetak electric bike.
  • Claims can be made in case of severe fire explosions in Bajaj Chetak electric bikes while in running mode.

What are Various Add-on Features Available for Bajaj Chetak Bike Insurance?

Zero Depreciation Cover

Zero depreciation cover involves complete settlement of the claim amount without undergoing any sort of reduction in the amount caused due to normal wear and tear during the entire journey ride of the specified electric bike. Zero depreciation is also referred to as “nil depreciation” and this benefit is mostly taken by new drivers, new electric bike owners, and people living in accident-prone areas.

No Claim Bonus

No claim bonus is a reward offered to the policyholder in case he/she hasn’t made any claim throughout the entire tenure of the policy. A huge amount is discounted on the policyholder for the premium amount only if no claim is made during the entire policy period. This rewarding plan lapses and the discount becomes null on even a single claim being made.

Engine Protection Cover

The engine acts as the heart of any electric bike from which all the power is drawn for the movement of the vehicle. Injection of water and oil leakage can be the causes of engine damage to any electric bike. The following damages are incurred by the insurer under the engine protection cover:

  • Damages are caused to the engine parts due to water injection while washing services are carried on.
  • Damages caused to the engine and its parts due to leakage of lubricating oil.
  • Any physical damages to the gearbox or differential parts.
  • Engine failure or engine corruption while attempting to start on a wet engine.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

In case any person suffers from any electric bike malfunctioning while riding in the middle of the road journey such as a tyre puncture, jump start etc. and the desired person is a policyholder of any insurance dealer; then he/she may call on a toll-free number or any representative number given at the time of policy purchasing.

The roadside assistance add-on cover always offers complete coverage and one can enjoy free services on the spot such as puncture assistance, emergency fuel delivery, vehicle key lock-out assistance, cab service, accommodation, shipment of spares, route guidance, and relay of the emergency message. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should one opt for Bajaj Chetak insurance?

Since Bajaj Chetak Insurance is faster, more convenient, and cost-effective, it’s beneficial to opt for this insurance. Secondly, it even offers a variety of options to choose from. Hence, opting for this insurance is a value for money.

Q2. Can anyone convert third-party insurance for any electric bike into zero depreciation insurance?

No, it’s not possible to convert any third-party electric bike insurance into zero depreciation insurance cover. However, it’s possible in the case of a comprehensive insurance plan or a standalone own-damage bike insurance.

Q3. Why is safeguarding an electric bike’s engine important?

The engine is the most expensive component in any electric bike and the entire movement of the bike relies on the engine power. Therefore it’s crucial to safeguard the engine part most.

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