Ather has immersed itself as one of the most innovative and affordable electric vehicle manufacturers in India. It offers its customers features such as long durable battery life, super acceleration, and a smooth driving experience. If one wants to switch to an electric two-wheeler then Ather electric bike is one of the best choices. They can especially check out the latest variants like the Ather 450X EV bike. Getting an Ather EV bike is good for one but they should not forget to get insurance for their vehicle as well. Here we are going to look at what are the benefits one gets by buying Ather Electric Two Wheeler Insurance and why it is important.


Ather Electric Two Wheeler Insurance


Ather Electric Vehicle Variant and Price

The following are the various variants of Ather electric vehicles available on the market along with their price:

Ather Electric Vehicle Variant


Ather 450 S

₹1.45 lakh

Ather 450 Plus

₹1.13-1.45 lakh

Ather 450 X

₹1.30-1.45 lakh

Ather 450 X Pro

₹1.45-1.50 lakh

Prices are subject to market policy and the availability of the model in the market.

Ather Electric Specification

Engine Description

Motor Type- PMSM

Body Type

Electric bikes

Maximum Power (w)


Maximum Torque (Nm)


Length x width x height (mm)

1837 x 734 x 1250

Wheelbase (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Fuel Type


Battery Type


Battery Capacity (kWh)


Range (km)


Top Speed (kmph)



Front- Telescopic Forks and Rear- Symmetrically Mounted Progressive Monoshock.



Brake System

Front- Double disc and Rear- Disc

Official Tagline

“A Smarter Way To Ride”

Benefits Of Getting Ather Electric Two-Wheeler Insurance

Getting insurance for your vehicle not only helps you avoid future risks but also assists in mitigating any potential financial losses. Here are the benefits of acquiring electric two-wheeler insurance for your Ather EV bike:

1. Natural Disaster Protection

By insuring your electric bike, you can shield yourself from significant financial losses that may occur during a natural disaster event.

2. Third-Party Damage

You can prevent the burden of paying substantial compensation to a third party in case they sustain injuries or their vehicle incurs damage as a result of an accident involving your vehicle. Third-party insurance coverage can help alleviate your financial liabilities.

3. Accidental Damage

The road is unpredictable, and accidents can happen unexpectedly. To be prepared and free from financial worries in the event of an unforeseen accident, it's advisable to obtain coverage for accidents involving both you and your vehicle.

Add-On Cover for Ather Electric Vehicle

One should also consider getting the following add-on covers for their electric vehicle:

1. Fire Protection

Electric bikes are at a higher risk of battery fires or other types of fires, which can lead to significant financial losses. One can mitigate this risk by getting electric bike insurance with a fire protection add-on.

2. Theft Protection

One can incur substantial financial losses if their vehicle is stolen or they become a victim of theft. However, by adding a theft cover to their electric vehicle insurance policy, one can avoid significant financial setbacks.

3. Consumables Cover

Sometimes one may need to replace or get an entirely new part for one electric bike which can cost a lot but by insuring themselves with electric bike insurance one can reduce or recover that cost directly from the insurance company by getting a consumable add-on cover.

4. Zero-Depreciation Cover

One can avoid having their electric vehicle value reduced even after getting new parts or repair services done on it by getting a Zero Depreciation Add On cover with their insurance policy.

Reason One Should Always Get Insurance for Their Electric Bike:

1. Protect them from Financial Loss

By getting insurance one can always avoid going into big financial liabilities that can cause one to stress and worry.

2. Avoid Future Risk

Insurance can help one avoid any future unforeseen risks such as accidents, spare parts replacement, etc.

3. Mandated by Law

The Indian government has made it mandatory for one to have at least third-party insurance for their vehicle by the Motor Vehicle Act.

4. Peace of Mind

One can always relax and enjoy their ride by getting an insurance policy for their electric bike.


In today's era of rising demand for electric vehicles in India, Ather has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of electric two-wheelers. They offer customers features such as rapid acceleration, extended battery life, and super-fast charging. However, it is crucial never to overlook the necessity of insuring your electric vehicle, as the future is uncertain. Getting Electric Bike insurance Policy Online can help one avoid any financial loss that they face if one were to be involved in any accident, requires costly repair, and damages any 3rd party on the road.

Now one can easily get insurance for their electric two-wheeler on Quickinsure in just a few steps and comparing various plans and getting the one that meets their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Ather electric bike come with a warranty?

Ather provides a 5-year warranty for the vehicle's battery and a standard warranty for any part that may have been damaged in manufacturing or transportation.

Q2. Why is getting insurance for one’s electric bike important?

Insurance is important as it can help one avoid any unforeseen risk to themselves and their vehicle in the long term.

Q3. Can one get roadside assistance for an Ather EV bike?

By buying a comprehensive insurance policy for their electric bike one can get roadside assistance for their vehicle.

Q4. Where can one buy insurance for their electric two-wheeler?

One can easily visit Quickinsure's official website and compare various available plans and choose the one that meets their requirements.

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