In recent times we have seen a rapid rise in the use of CNG cars in the modern transportation system as they are not only efficient but also good for the environment, especially in the urban areas where air pollution has risen to enormous amounts. They have also been proven as a great alternative to old fossil fuel model cars and are also very affordable to get. Overall CNG cars are becoming one of the most affordable and economically new-generation vehicles liked by the general consumer people. Here we are going to look at all the things that you should know about your CNG car and its insurance.

How To Install A CNG System In Your CAR?

The following are the various ways you can install a CNG system in your car:

Install an external CNG kit:

Today many people wishing to get a CNG fuel tank in the car can easily get it installed through a certified garage which fits a CNG system. However, the owner of the vehicle must make sure to inform their insurance provider regarding the same as their previous insurance will not cover any externally installed accessories unless added at the time of insurance renewal. The owner also needs to inform their registered RTO so that they can update the RC book. 

Get a new CNG model car:

As there is a new shift towards many consumers buying more economical and environmentally friendly vehicles, various manufacturers are already pre-fitting the new vehicles with a CNG kit. This not only helps boost the consumer perspective toward getting the vehicle but also makes a good impact on the environment by reducing the overall carbon footprint.  

Impact Of CNG System On Your Car Insurance Policy:

Many people often forget to get CNG car insurance or inform their insurance provider about getting a CNG kit fitted in their car which can result in their claim being denied. The following are the various impacts of the CNG system on your car insurance policy:

Inadequate coverage:

Many times, people forget to get a proper CNG car insurance policy which can result in them having inadequate coverage for their vehicle in case of any damage or repair work.

Higher premium:

The owner of the vehicle can be charged a higher premium of up to Rs.60 extra if they get a CNG kit fitted inside their vehicle as CNG systems require heavy maintenance and care over a period. A CNG kit if it gets damaged can also cause heavy repair costs hence increasing the cost of premium.

Endorsement requirement:

It is mainly recommended for owners who have a CNG system fitted inside their vehicle. It requires them to get an endorsement from their current insurance provider for the additional CNG system which they have installed in the old car by modification. The insurance provider will not acknowledge any claim if the vehicle has been modified from its previous insured state.

Insurance coverage change:

It is also recommended that owners of CNG vehicle systems get a separate CNG car insurance coverage that can insure their vehicle from any future risks as many insurance policies do not cover any CNG kit installed on the vehicle.

CNG Car Insurance Premium Calculator:

Getting a car insurance policy can be a mind-boggling process especially if you have to get additional protection in case you have a CNG car. To help with this you can simply use the car insurance premium calculator. By entering common details like car model, manufacture, location, accessories, etc., of your vehicle you can get a fast estimation of the premium pricing of the insurance policy. Therefore, it is always advised to use a car insurance premium calculator before you buy CNG car insurance online. The following is the CNG car insurance price set by IRDAI for basic third-party insurance premiums:

Engine CC

Third-party premium price

Under 1000cc


Above 1000cc but below 1500cc



CNG cars are not only good for the environment but also are a great alternative to traditional fossil fuel cars which run on petrol or diesel. Today with the huge rise in the price of petrol and diesel there has been a rapid shift towards more affordable CNG cars for many consumers. However, people should consider getting comprehensive coverage for their vehicles to avoid any future risks and financial losses that may come with them. Now easily get a comprehensive CNG car insurance policy for your vehicle from Quickinsure by visiting official website- and comparing various available plans and getting the one that meets your requirements.


Why is the CNG car insurance premium price so expensive?

CNG cars require a lot of maintenance and extra care in the long run for them to work properly and cost a lot to do repair work hence CNG car insurance premium prices are so expensive.

Why should you register your CNG kit with your RTO?

You should always make sure to inform your RTO regarding the installation of CNG kits into your car and get it updated in your RC book to avoid any insurance claim rejection.

Can I get a separate CNG car insurance policy?

Yes, you can easily get a separate CNG car insurance policy from the market as many policies don’t provide coverage for the CNG system.

Should you inform your insurance provider if you install a CNG kit in your vehicle?

You should always notify your insurance provider in case you install a CNG kit or make any other major modification that can have an impact on your insurance policy.

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