It’s quite natural to get attached to one’s own purchased two-wheeler. No matter how expensive a two-wheeler is, it often suffers from wear and tear damage due to its frequent use for daily commutes. It's not at all difficult to extend a bike's lifespan. Being focused and active will help you achieve your aim. One doesn’t need to worry about maintaining the bike in good shape all the time or paying attention to the bike.



5 Bike Maintenance Tips To Make Your Bike New Again


Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Measures to Retain the Bike in its New Condition Always

By Obtaining Regular Servicing

Getting a bike serviced regularly is as important as doing regular body exercise in order to maintain a good shape and good speed of the bike. Even when not in use, bikes still require proper servicing so that their engines won’t get disrupted by any type of corrosion due to excessive heat up of the engine or some other parts of the bike.

By Inculcating the Habit of Smooth Riding

In order to avoid any road mishaps or personal injuries, we must avoid rash driving. There should be proper synchronisation in pressing the clutch and switching the gears. The bike’s speed should match with the number of gears being used. In case of any kind of mismatch, speed and gear may put an extra load on the bike’s engine. Thus, it can badly affect the bike with a slow speed.

By Carefully Managing the Workload

It’s a bad idea to run the bike beyond its capacity limit as the engine may stop abruptly hampering the performance speed. The bike may break down anytime and stop functioning in between the journey if it is taken for a ride for more than a certain number of hours.

Being Proactive

Being proactive means to solve an issue before it becomes a too deep-rooted problem/issue. In case of even the slightest malfunction, visit the nearest garage and get the bike checked thoroughly. Avoid delaying the situation as it may get worse.

Getting Done with the Bike Insurance

However carefully one is riding a bike, we are always prone to accidents without any prior sign of danger. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the bike property with insurance on a continuous basis. It is always recommended to do the bike insurance renewal before its expiry date.

What are the Benefits of Owning Two-Wheelers?

Two-wheeler sales have seen a sudden surge over the past few years in India. Comfort and convenience are the main reasons why bikes are widely used by many. Two-wheeler has become a perfect choice for the modern and fast-paced lifestyle especially demanded by the youth.

If someone lives in a crowded city, mid-tier town, or village, owning a two-wheeler is beneficial to all different types of riders. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of its benefits as under:

Highly Affordable

Two-wheelers come at very affordable costs that can be bought by many instantly. Therefore, it is highly suitable for middle-income family groups. The range of bike costs may vary from 20,000 to 60,000 Indian rupees.

Requires Low Maintenance

Two-wheelers need annual servicing to maintain their proper functioning like four-wheelers except that the price of four-wheelers is comparatively higher than two-wheelers. In case any damage occurred due to an accident or collision, then the cost of spare parts is not that high and is even available at local repair shops.

Safe Mode of Transportation

Two-wheelers are generally safe travel solutions, especially for women. They help them commute through crowded masses with much ease and comfort. Two-wheelers are literally the best choice for daily commute purposes. It is even helpful in navigating congested roads quickly.

Ease of Parking

Due to the sleek and stout ergonomics of two-wheelers, it requires very less space for parking. This unique quality is also very beneficial in finding a spot for parking even in crowded areas.

Ease of Navigation

During extreme traffic and congested roads, two-wheelers skillfully reach their destination without any hassle. Due to their sleek and lightweight qualities, they are easy to navigate on busy Indian roads with much ease.

Ease of Financing

Easy two-wheeler loans are available in the market that can be applied online by filling up the application form. Minimal documentation is required to disburse the loan quickly in the desired person’s bank account.

A two-wheeler is more economical to own and maintain compared to four-wheelers. Hence, it is a cheaper mode of transportation. Secondly, two-wheelers are also considered an easy travel option because of their sleek ergonomics that can fit into even narrow roadways. They are the best options for any vacation trip for about 2 to 3 people.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is it needed to make the two-wheeler in its new condition again?

To increase the lifespan of the two-wheeler, it is recommended to make it new again by performing denting and other regular services to the desired vehicle.

Q2. How can a habit of smooth riding inculcate a positive impact on a two-wheeler?

Rash driving can badly affect the bike’s engine which can further lead to slowing down of the engine and its speed. Smooth riding helps in maintaining speed with the help of gear that refrains from the extra load on the bike’s engine.

Q3. Why do most people prefer owning a two-wheeler?

Due to its highly affordable price, low maintenance, ease of parking, and ease of navigation people often prefer owning a two-wheeler.

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