Bike riding in the rainy season is fun and soothing but it is also dangerous if one is not careful, they can get into a severe accident or can have serious damage to their bike. Monsoon can bring a lot of dangers to bikes such as rust, skidding issues, electric damage, mechanical failure, engine flooding, etc. Bikers need to be prepared in advance to avoid getting themselves or their bike into an accident and having to go into heavy repairs which can cause a significant financial loss for them. Here we are going to look at 10 bike riding tips for monsoon and why one must always follow safety bike riding tips.



10 Bike Maintenance Tips You Need To Know For Rainy Season



Bike Maintenance Tips For Monsoon:

Monsoons can bring a lot of risk to the bike when driving such as skidding, water damage, electric damage, mechanical failure, etc., which can ultimately result in heavy financial loss for the owner. One can avoid these by following safety guidelines when riding in the rainy season. Following are the bike riding tips that one can follow in monsoon:

  1. Perform tyre checks: One needs to perform tyre checks periodically in monsoon season for tyre pressure, threads, and if there is any puncture or deflation of the tyre. This can help one avoid any failure of the tyre on the road in rain which can cause one to stop or worse get into an accident due to slippage, skidding, etc., of the tyre.
  2. Avoid speeding: High speed on the road is risky and can be seriously dangerous in the rainy season as it can cause slow application of brakes or worse accidents if one is not careful. Maintaining an average speed limit of 30-40 km/h can help one slow down their bike on time and help them avoid getting into an accident. 
  3. Get your headlight checked: Headlights can get damaged or covered in dirt on the road. Dirt can get stuck on the headlight cover when one is driving in the monsoon. One needs to get the headlights checked periodically for any issues and keep it clean from dirt and mud which get stuck on its cover. This can help bikers avoid any visibility issues when driving in low light or nighttime.
  4. On-time servicing: Getting the bike serviced on time can help one avoid any future issues in the bike which may arise and help repair any issues that are there in the bike. This practice helps bikes stay in their top performance. 
  5. Proper oiling: Monsoon rain can cause the bikes to lose their smooth movement in the brake pedal, gear shifter pedal, clutch handle, or any other part which requires greasing and oiling. One needs to properly oil their required bike parts to maintain a smooth riding experience and avoid any rough handling on the bike. 
  6. Apply antirust protection: One of the bike riding tips is to get anti-rust protection for your bike to avoid any rust damage to the bike due to the water in the monsoon season. This can also help one maintain the bike body in the long run.
  7. Get rain cover: Sometimes it is hard to get shaded parking for the bike on the road which can be dangerous for the bike if the bike is to be parked for a long time outside the rain. Getting a rain cover can help one cover the bike from rain and help to avoid any rain damage to it. 
  8. Get protective rain gear: Getting protective gear is a good safety bike riding tip to protect oneself from any rainfall or water damage on the road in monsoon. One can get a waterproof helmet, raincoat, and boots for rainy rides as they can help them stay dry and clean.
  9. Buy insurance plan: One of the best bike riding tips for monsoon is to get comprehensive insurance coverage which can help them protect bikers from any 3rd part damage but also ease any financial worry which may come from accidental damage or repair costs of the bike.
  10. Get monsoon add-on: Getting zero depreciation and a personal accident cover is one of the best safety bike riding tips to avoid any future issues and ease any financial worry that may come with it.


Monsoon bike riding can be fun, but one must not forget to get proper precautions and protect themselves from many dangers that come with it. Monsoons can bring flooded roads, potholes, skid-risk roads, etc., which can harm the bikers if they are not careful when riding. One can follow safety bike riding tips such as performing tire checks, avoiding speeding, on-time servicing, wearing protective rain gear, getting comprehensive insurance with monsoon add-on, etc., to protect themselves from future risks and financial losses that may in monsoon. Now one can easily get insurance for their bike in just a few easy steps from Quickinsure and comparing various plans and getting the one that meets their requirements.


  1. Why can the monsoon season be risky for bike riding?
  • Monsoons can introduce numerous hazards like skidding, flooded roads, potholes, and slippage, which significantly amplify the risks for bikers on the road.
  1. Why is it important to follow safety tips while riding a bike?
  • Adhering to safety tips while riding a bike not only helps prevent risks like skidding, slippage, and accidents but also provides financial protection against potential consequences.
  1. How can insurance benefit individuals during the monsoon?
  • Insurance can aid in mitigating 3rd party damage, facilitating zero depreciation claims, and alleviating any financial concerns that might arise.
  1. Where can one purchase bike insurance?
  • One can conveniently visit the www.quickinsure.co.in to compare the range of available plans and select the one that aligns with their requirements.
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