Bharti Axa Car Insurance

No Claim Bonus
Get No Claim Bonus up to 50%
Cashless Claim
Get Cashless claims at 2700+ garages
Road side assistance
Road side assistance
Get road side assistance
Depreciation cover
Depreciation Cover
100% repayment at the time of claim settlement
Road side assistance
Road Side Assistance
Don’t have to worry if you get stuck on road
Consumables Cover
Get cover for consumables like oil, nuts, bolts etc.
Ncb protector
NCB Protector
Bonus is retained even after you make a claim
Engine Protection
Must have cover for area prone to heavy rains
Key replacement
Key Replacement
Cover includes cost of making duplicate key and cost of lock

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, a leading Indian business group and AXA, a world leader in financial protection. The joint venture company has a 51% stake from Bharti and 49% stake of the AXA Group. The organization commenced national operations in August 2008 and currently has 87 branch offices across the country.

Loss Or Damage To The Vehicle Insured

Loss or damage to your vehicle caused by any one of the following events

  • Accident by external means
  • Burglary, House Breaking Theft
  • Fire, Explosion, Self Ignition, Lightning
  • Terrorism, Riots, Strikes, Malicious Acts
  • Transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift
  • Earthquake, Flood, Storm, Landslide or Rockslide

Liability to third parties

The online car insurance policy would also cover your legal liability arising out of an Injury / Death of a third party and Property damage of a third party incase of an accident involving your vehicle.

Personal Accident Cover

The car insurance policy also provides for a mandatory Personal Accident Cover for Owner Driver for an amount of Rs. 2 Lacs covering Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability. It also covers the named and unnamed passengers upto the seating capacity of the vehicle and paid driver.


Normal wear and tear.


Depreciation of the car is not covered.

Electrical and mechanical failure

General Electrical and mechanical failure of vehicle parts.

Alcohol or drugs

Claims arises due to driving a vehicle under influence of alcohol and drugs.

No valid license

Claims arises due to driving vehicle without valid driving license.

Usage of Vehicle for other purposes

If you use Vehicle for other purposes. Ex: If the private vehicle is used as Taxi.

Nuclear risks

Claims arises due to nuclear risks.

Bharti Axa IDV Depriciation Structure

Age of CarDepriciation Percentage
Up to 6 Months5%
6 Months - 1 year15%
1 - 2 Years20%
2 - 3 Years30%
3 - 4 Years40%
4 - 5 Years50%

How to make a claim?

  • Intimate your claim

    Notify claim by calling Bharti Axa at 1800-103-2292 (Toll free) or emailing at Their customer service center will register the claim and provide the claim registration number for all future reference.

  • Send your vehicle for repair

    Find the nearest garages using Bharti Axa garages locator. Survey shall be conducted only at the workshop.Kindly take your vehicle along with essential claim documents mentioned below:

    • Claim form duly filled in all aspects and signed by insured.
    • One self attested photocopy of R/C Book and original for verification and return.
    • One self attested photocopy of driver's license and original for verification and return.
    • FIR/ Charge sheet in case of major damage or third party property damage/ third party injury / death/theft of vehicle/ damage due to riot, strike and malicious act.
    • Satisfaction letter if you would like to avail cashless facility at our preferred garages. (Note:If you are a corporate/ firm then company's seal or rubber stamp is required on the satisfaction letter)
    • Any additional documents required can be called for on a case to case basis.

  • Surveyor will inspect vehicle damage at the garage within 1 working day and give spot approval after assessment.After completion of repair, vehicle will be released to after confirmation that the vehicle is repaired to satisfaction and obtaining a discharge. If availed the services of any of Bharti Axa's preferred garages / garages where company have a tie-up they will settle the claim directly with the garage. All that you need to pay is the amount that is not recoverable under the policy such as deductible / policy excess or payment for any non-accident related work / service.

Bharti Axa Car Insurance FAQs

  • What are the benefits of buying car insurance online?

    The online advantage enables you to buy the policy through web instantly, save time and save money. You can get a free quote, calculate your car insurance premium and buy with the same quote within seven days. You can enjoy hassle free buying without any paperwork. You can buy Bharti Axa private car insurance policy online using credit card, debit card or net banking.

  • What are the discounts allowed under Bharti Axa car insurance?

    The discounts that can be allowed under the Private Car policies are Voluntary Deductible discount and No Claim Bonus. Furthermore, you could avail additional discounts on your online car insurance premium, if you have ARAI approved anti-theft device Voluntary deductible

  • How do I know which add-on is required for me?

    We provide you with customized recommendations based on your vehicle age, vehicle type, No-claims-bonus history etc.In addition, quick online research is not only quite easy and simple but will also provide you of a fairly good idea of what add-ons can be beneficial to you.

  • What is a premium?

    Premium is the fixed amount of sum paid for a policy period by the insured to the insurance company for the benefits or covers availed to take insurance policy and to complete the contract of insurance. For buying and renewal of car insurance online you can pay with credit card or net banking.

  • What is No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

    No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount on premium of the own damage (OD) portion of your vehicle when you renew your policy, provided you have not made any claim during the last policy period of one year. The NCB can be accumulated up to a maximum limit of 50% on own damage premium for private cars. You can transfer the full benefits of NCB, even when you shift your car insurance to Bharti Axa from any other Insurance company.

  • Is my No Claim Bonus (NCB) transferable?

    Yes, in case you are changing from any other insurance company to Bharti Axa GIC Ltd. and have accrued some NCB from them, you can get the same transferred in case your car is insured within 90 days of your renewal due date.

  • What is Depreciation Cover?

    It is a cover wherein the company shall pay the depreciation amount deducted on the value of the parts replaced for up to 2 admissible claims during the policy period.

  • What is Roadside Assistance Cover?

    Roadside Assistance Cover provides you services in the event of breakdown of your vehicle. You might require road assistance to tackle problems such as a flat tyre, a dead battery or keys getting locked inside your car.

  • Is there any separate process of claims with add-on covers?

    No there is no separate process, you shall be covered or reimbursed automatically in accordance with the add-ons you have opted for.