Yamaha MT 15 has made a remarkable impact on the market since its launch in 2019 in India as it offers its consumers features such as heavy style looks, fast acceleration, and top speed reaching up to 130 Km/h. This has also made many people wonder whether they should get MT 15 insurance for their vehicles or not. Here we are going to look at Yamaha MT 15 insurance and its importance.

Yamaha MT 15 Bike Specifications:

Yamaha MT 15 Bike Variant

STD, Deluxe, MotoGP edition.

Engine Type

4-Stroke, SOHC,4-Valve

Engine Displacement (cc)


Max Power (RPM)


Max Torque (RPM)


Cooling Type


Emission Type


Fuel Type


Fuel Supply


Fuel Capacity (Lit)


Mileage (Kmpl)


Body Type

Sports Bike

Width x Length x Height (mm)

800 x 2015 x 1070

Ground Clearance (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Kerb Weight (Kg)





Front: Telescopic upside-down Front Fork, 37 mm and Rear: Linked type Monocross Suspension.

Tyre Type


Top Features of Yamaha MT 15 Bike:

The following are the top features of the Yamaha MT 15 bike:

  • LCD Console with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Alert system for calls and SMS.
  • Split body seating.
  • Dual channel ABS.
  • Disc brakes on both wheels.
  • Alloy wheel with tubeless tyre.

Types of Insurance available for Yamaha MT 15 Bike:

The following are the various types of insurance plans that you can avail for your Yamaha MT 15 bike:

  1.  Third-party insurance:

It will only cover third-party damages that may have happened on the road due to the owner's fault.

  1.  Own-damage insurance policy:

Own damage covers damages that have happened due to any natural disaster, theft, fire, etc.

  1.  Comprehensive insurance policy:

A comprehensive insurance policy will cover all the damages due any unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.


Yamaha MT 15 Insurance Price:


Own-damage insurance

Third-party insurance

Comprehensive insurance

Yamaha MT 15 STD




Yamaha MT 15 Deluxe




Yamaha MT 15 MotoGP





You can refer to the above table for an idea about the Yamaha MT 15 bike insurance price. The above figures can vary with market trends and insurance providers' policies.

Inclusion in Yamaha MT 15 Bike Insurance:

The following are the various inclusions you can enjoy by getting MT 15 insurance:

  •  Accidental protection:

The insurance provider will cover any losses that may be incurred due to any unforeseen and unfortunate accident on the road.

  •  Third-party protection:

You can avoid any third-party liability by having Yamaha MT 15 insurance.

  •  Vehicle Theft protection:

In case of theft of your vehicle, the insurance provider will mitigate the losses.

  •  Fire damage protection:

Damages or losses caused by any unfortunate fire or explosion due to a faulty ignition system or any other circumstances the insurance provider will cover for it.

  •  Natural disaster protection:

Avoid any losses caused by unforeseen natural disasters by getting comprehensive Yamaha two-wheeler insurance.

Exclusion in Yamaha MT 15 Bike Insurance:

The following are the various exclusions that you should take note of before filing for a Yamaha MT 15 insurance claim:

  •  Self-inflicted damage:

Any self-inflicted damage will not be considered by the insurance provider for a claim.

  •  Negligence:

Damage due to negligence is not valid for insurance claims.

  •  Expired policy:

If the insurance policy of the vehicle has expired, then the owner won’t be able to file for an insurance claim.

  •  Irregularity in documents:

If any irregularity is found such as a fake identity card, bogus claim, etc., will result in immediate cancellation of the insurance claim request.

  •  Gradual Depreciation:

Normal or gradual wear and tear of the vehicle is not considered by the insurance provider.

  •  Drunken driving:

Damages caused due to drunken driving are considered by insurance providers for a claim.

How to Buy Yamaha MT 15 Insurance Online:

The following are the steps that you need to follow to buy a two-wheeler Yamaha MT bike insurance policy online from Quickinsure:

Step 1: Fill in your two-wheeler details on the Quickinsure website or simply provide your bike/scooter number.

You need to provide your two-wheeler details such as its make, model, and contact number. Optionally you can also give the nearest RTO location, NCB, and manufacturing year.

Step 2: Compare the best bike insurance quotes from top insurance companies in India.

Based on the information provided by you, you can compare various provider insurance quotes and choose the best two-wheeler insurance plans from the top insurance company that suits your needs.

Step 3: Make the required payment online.

Pay the car insurance premium charges directly to the insurance company and get the insurance policy instantly in your mailbox in just a few hours.

How to Renew Yamaha MT 15 Insurance?

The following are the various steps that you can follow to renew your Yamaha MT 15 bike insurance online:

  • Step 1: Go to your insurance provider's official website.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the profile section and click on your registered insurance policy.
  • Step 3: Select the option Renew insurance policy.
  • Step 4: Pay the required premium charges and deductibles.
  • Step 5: Download your new insurance policy document for record and safekeeping.

Add-on covers for Yamaha MT 15 Bike:

The following are various add-on covers that you can get along with your Yamaha MT 15 insurance:

  • Return-to-invoice cover.
  • Zero-depreciation cover.
  • NCB protection add-on cover.
  • Pillion rider cover.
  • Consumable add-on cover.
  • Tyre Protection cover.
  • Road-side assistance cover.


Today roads have become more and more dangerous even though there is rapid advancement in safety technology and traffic laws to protect people driving on it. This is especially true regarding high speed, such as the Yamaha MT 15 bike. Therefore, it is always important to have an insurance policy that can help you protect yourself from such risks. Now easily get a comprehensive Yamaha MT 15 insurance policy in just a few steps from Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that meets your needs.


  1.  Do you need to carry your insurance all the time?
  • Yes, as it is required by law that the owner/driver must always carry their insurance policy document with them when they are driving.
  1.  Is it mandatory to have insurance for your Yamaha MT 15 bike?
  • Yes, as the government has a mandate to at least have a third-party insurance policy. The owner can be fined and can be put in jail as a penalty for failing to do so.
  1.  Which insurance policy is decided by the IRDAI for all vehicles?
  • IRDAI is responsible for deciding the third-party liability coverage for every type of vehicle on the road.
  1.  Where can I get a comprehensive Yamaha MT insurance policy?
  • You can easily visit Quickinsure online and compare various available comprehensive plans and get the one that meets your needs.
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