Claiming health insurance can be a time-consuming process which can make the process of getting checked out of the hospital a long and tiring one, to make this process easier and streamline, across insurance providers, a CCN number is used. CCN numbers are easier to track as they are generated according to the policyholder's request for the claim; this prevents it from being misused as it is only generated after the complete verification of the policyholder’s identity. Here we are going to take a look at what is CCN and how one can use it to claim for insurance.

What Is CCN?

The complete full form of CCN is “Claim Communication Number” which is primarily used as a unique identifier for both the policyholder and the insurance provider for the claim request put in by the policyholder. CCN is very unique as it cannot be misused as it is only generated after the complete verification of the policyholder identity. CCN is widely accepted across various insurance providers because it makes the process of claiming the insurance much more efficient and easier not to mention streamlined. This also helps insurance providers study market requirements as many hospitals generate a CCN to claim insurance benefits for the patient. CCN not only helps in ensuring the proper function of insurance claim but also improve how fast one can claim insurance.

Steps To Generate CCN and File Insurance Claim

Today CCN is being used across various hospitals in and around the country most people often get confused as to what is CCN and how one can claim insurance through it. Following are the steps to generate CCN and claim insurance through an insurance provider:

Apply for the Claim: The first step is the patient needs to apply for the insurance claim at the insurance claim office in the hospital and notify their insurance provider of the claim.

Submit Required Documents: The patient then needs to submit all the required documents which are requested by the hospital insurance claim department and the insurance provider. These documents may be used to verify the policy details and confirm the identity of the policyholder. Documents can range from policy details, government-backed identity cards, and hospital admission notes or billing details.

Generation of CCN Number: After the verification is completed a CCN will be generated by the insurance provider for the claim process. The CCN number is also going to be used as a unique claim identifier for the further process as well; this may include communication with the policyholder for any details that the insurance provider requires.

Tracking the Claim Request: The patient can use the CCN number generated to track the insurance claim request via the mobile app or through the official website of the registered insurance provider. This facility not only helps ensure timely coordination between the policyholder and the insurance provider but also with the hospital claim department. The insurance provider also provides the customers with SMS and Email based tracking of the claim request.

Generation of Claim Amount: Based on the policyholder's request through the CCN system a claim amount is generated by the insurance provider for the requested amount which will help him cover the hospital bill.

Benefits of CCN

The following are the benefits of using CCN in the insurance claim process:

Unique Identifier: CCN has made it easy to identify the claim requested by the patient as it now is tracked and timely processed through it.

Streamlined Claim Process: Before CCN the policyholder needed to go through the different departments of the insurance provider just to get the status of the claim and how long would the claim take.

Increased Claim Process Speed: CCN has made the process of claiming insurance by the policyholder more efficient and faster as it now takes less time for the claim to be passed.

Better Claim Management: CCN can be better managed as the claim gets verified through various insurance departments and doesn’t require much effort as most of it is done through an online database that has multiple verification systems.

Checking out of the hospital is made easier with CCN. Many people wonder what CCN is and how it works as it can be a little confusing as many are not familiar with insurance claims. CCN is a claim number that is unique to the patient or the policyholder who has requested the claim for their need. CCN is generated by the insurance provider after the request for the claim is given by the policyholder. CCN makes the process of claim very efficient and easier. Today almost every insurance provider uses the CCN system in their claim process as it is very fast, easy to track, and better manageable than the old system. Now one can step aside all the worry of one health and well-being in just a few steps by buying health insurance for them and their whole family on Quickinsure just by going to quickinsure.co.in and checking out the various plans for health insurance and selecting the one which is affordable one and satisfy all their need.


1. What is CCN and what does it stand for?

CCN is a unique identifier for the claim process application of an individual. It stands for “Claim Communication Number”.

2. Why CCN is important?

CCN can help ease the process of insurance claims for the policyholder as well as the insurance holder which can help the patient get the best care that they can have on time without worrying about insurance.

3. How CCN helps makes the claim process streamline?

CCN makes the claim process more streamlined as most of the process is done on a cloud database which can be accessed easily by the insurance provider for verification of policyholder claim and identity and make the claim approval faster.

4. When is CCN generated?

CCN is generated by the insurance provider after the policy claim application is provided by the policyholder.

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