Keeping your insurance policy up to date is important as it can help protect not your vehicle but also you in case of an unforeseen circumstance that can result in a huge financial burden on you. The customers must periodically update their premiums to not incur any losses and go into a break-in period which can result in heavy loss of customers if something were to happen to them or because of him or any 3rd party which might have incurred any damage. Here we are going to take a look at what is a break-in period and how one can avoid going into one. 

What Is A Break-In Period?

A break-in period is described as a period where one insurance policy expires and they have been given a grace period of up to 90 days to renew their policy to avoid any claim issues in the future which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. The policyholder must always try to avoid a break-in period and always stay on top of their insurance policy matters, especially relating to buying or renewing bike insurance. This will not only help them in the long run avoid paying heavy charges on the repair service if the bike were to be damaged in an accident or if they have to pay for damages to a 3rd party due to their fault which may have caused damage to their property or vehicle.

How To Avoid Getting Into A Break-In Period

Policyholders must always be on watch when their insurance policy is due for renewal as it can result in a break-in period which can cause many policyholders to lose their protection against any accidental damage, 3rd party damage, or any NCB which they may have collected over the previous year. Following are the various ways one might able to avoid a break-in period: 

  • Set a Reminder: Policyholders should set a reminder for the payment of premiums for the insurance policy and pay them on time to avoid any future losses.
  • Buy Long-Term Policy: One way to protect you going into the grace period of bike insurance is to get an insurance policy for a longer duration which can help avoid paying future high premiums and also is very cost-effective.
  • Check with your Insurance Provider on a Bi-yearly Basis: Policyholders should check with their insurance provider on a bi-yearly basis to avoid any confusion on when to pay your insurance premium.
  • Pay the Premium on Time: Policyholders should make sure their renewal of bike insurance is done on time by paying their premium on time.

Benefits Of Avoiding Break-In Period

The break-in period is very important as it provides a grace period for the customers to get their insurance policy renewed at the earliest without losing any previous benefits that come with it. The following are the benefits of avoiding a break-in period:

  • Legal Protection: Renewal of bike insurance on time can help one avoid legal complications such as protection against 3rd party damage and the mandatory law by the government for all bike owners to have at least 3rd party damage coverage insurance, by the Motor Vehicle Act of India.
  • NCB Addition: NCB or No Claim Bonus is also added to the new policy in terms of a discount on renewal of bike insurance based on no-claim filed by the policyholder in the previous year. 
  • Financial Assurance: Renewing a bike insurance policy can help one avoid financial burdens such as accident damage coverage, 3rd party damages, and any other damages which may have been caused due to unforeseen circumstances.


One must never ignore their insurance renewal to avoid going into a break-in period which can result in heavy financial losses for one they are not careful. Bike in break-in insurance period means if something were to happen to the bike during unforeseen circumstances the policyholder may not be able to claim any benefits of his insurance plan as it is expired and needs to be renewed with the grace period for it to be valid for the claim. To avoid going into a grace period one must timely renew their insurance policy with the insurance provider. Now one can easily buy or renew their insurance policy with just a few easy steps with Quickinsure from their official website and compare various bike insurance plans and select the one which satisfies their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is the break-in period so crucial for the policyholder? 

The break-in period is very crucial as it can help one avoid many future issues in regards to legal, and financial.

Q2. How can one buy or renew their bike insurance policy?

Visit the official website of Quickinsure and compare various plans and select the one that meets their requirement.

Q3. How long is the grace period for?

An average grace period of 90 days is provided to the policyholder to renew their bike insurance.

Q4. What impact can the break-in period have on the policyholder?

It can have a very big impact and can even result in heavy financial strain on the policyholder if doesn’t renew his insurance by paying the required premium.

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