Today Mumbai has become one of the most crowded cities in the world and has the biggest rush hours. This has led to many traffic violations by people as they are in a rush to get to their destination. Many times, they are stopped by the traffic police and fined for traffic rules violations. One must also remain careful and prepared by getting bike insurance in advance for the two-wheeler to avoid getting a two-wheeler insurance challan in Mumbai. Here we are going to look at what is a bike insurance fine in Mumbai and what are the various rules and fines for violations.

What Does One Mean By Traffic Violation?

Traffic violations are cases when one is fined for not following the road safety rules made for the general public when they are driving. The fine is based on various factors and violations that one has committed while riding on their two-wheeler. One must also always keep important documents such as a license, registration, and especially insurance. Many times, people don’t get insurance for their vehicle and this can result in them getting a costly bike insurance fine in Mumbai.

What Is The List Of Rules And Fines For Traffic Violations In Mumbai?

People many times are confused and do not have much idea about the rules and regulations of road safety that they have to follow to not get fined when they are driving. Following are the rules and fines that one must know before going on riding.

1. Driving Without a Licence

One can get a fine of up to Rs.5000-6000 when they are caught driving without a license on the Mumbai roads.

2. Driving Without RC

Driving without proper registration of the vehicle one can get a fine of Rs.2000-5000 based on the number of times the driver has been caught driving without an RC.

3. Driving Without Insurance

Not having proper insurance can get one fined for Rs.1000-2000 by traffic police by the rule of two-wheeler insurance challan in Mumbai.

4. Riding Without a Helmet

One can get easily fined up to Rs.1000 and a DL disqualification with 3 months of community service. This rule is also applicable for pillion riders as well.

5. Overspeeding

Overspeeding is dangerous and can get one easily fined up to Rs.2000-4000 based on the number of times the violation has been committed.

6. Overloading

Overloading is risky and can be fined up to Rs.2000-3000 and a driver's license can also be disqualified.

7. Signal Breaking

Many times, people jump signals as they try to get to their destination this can put them and many other people on the road at risk as such signal breaking is fined for up to Rs.500 and can go up to Rs.1500 for repeat violations.

8. Driving on Footpath

Footpaths are made for people to walk and sometimes many riders can use them to avoid rush and traffic jams. This can lead them to be fined up to Rs.200-500.

9. Driving Against One-way

Driving in one way can be dangerous for road safety. This can lead one to be fined up to Rs.500-1500 based on repeat violations.

10. Damaged Headlights

A damaged headlight can be dangerous if one is driving after sunset and can be fined up to Rs.500-1000.

11. Horn in Silent Zone

Use of a horn in a silent zone can lead one to be fined up to Rs.2000-4000. 

12. Juvenile Driving

Juvenile driving is a dangerous and serious crime in some cases and can lead to a fine of up to Rs.25000 and DL disqualification.

13. Driving Under the Influence

One one is driving under the influence; it not only puts them but also others on the road at a serious risk. This can result in one paying a fine of up to Rs.10000-15000 and also led to imprisonment of 6 months.

14. Driving with Illegal or Expired Plates

One can get easily stopped by the traffic police and fined up to Rs.1000-2000 for driving with illegal or expired plates.


Mumbai has one of the busiest roads and rush hours that are very dangerous if one is not careful when driving, especially if they don’t have 2 wheeler insurance. One should avoid breaking any traffic rules to avoid getting fined by the traffic police. Driving a bike without insurance can lead one to get a bike insurance challan in Mumbai. It is always important to keep one's insurance up to date and with them while driving on the road. Now, one can easily get insurance for their two-wheeler online in just a few easy steps from Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that meets all of their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can one check and pay their fine in Mumbai?

One can easily visit the Mumbai traffic police official portal and check and pay for any fine that they have gotten.

Q2. What should one do when they get a fine wrongly?

One can raise a grievance on the official portal of the traffic police in Mumbai.

Q3. Why should one always get insurance for their vehicle?

Getting insurance for their vehicle can help them avoid any unforeseen future risks and also mitigate any financial losses that may come with them.

Q4. Where can one get insurance for their vehicle?

One can easily visit Quickinsure official website and compare various available plans and get the one that meets all of their requirements.


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