Riding can be fun but one needs to be careful as well when one is on the road. Many times people are not focused on the road and can be forced to apply the brakes suddenly if some unforeseen object or another vehicle comes in front of them. This sudden action can result in forcible application of the brake which can lead to sliding or skidding of the vehicle on the road and cause injuries to the rider. To protect one against such a situation an ABS in the bike is installed which can avoid sudden forceful application of the brakes on the bike and stop it eventually with small but powerful braking application on the wheels to avoid locking of them. Here we are going to look at what ABS is in bikes and what its benefits are.

What is ABS in the Bike?

Anti-lock Braking System or ABS for short is a braking mechanism widely used in today’s modern bikes to reduce locking of brakes during sudden braking application to stop the vehicle. This is extremely useful for riders who like to ride their bikes at high speed. It can also help reduce the chance of one slipping or skidding during riding and help improve the overall safety of the bike. Anti-lock braking system in bikes has also been made mandatory by the government for bike engine capacity above 129cc.

How does the ABS in a Bike Work?

ABS in bikes works by stopping the locking of the wheels when the brakes are applied to them. This is achieved through a complex mechanism of sensors and brake pads which are connected to an ECU (electronic control unit). The ECU takes the input from the speed sensors installed at the wheel axle which gives data about the speed of the vehicle then the ECU calculates the required amount of force that is to be applied in case of braking to avoid any slipping or skidding on the road. The calculated braking force is sent to the braking mechanism which applies the brake pads and stops the vehicle. ABS in bikes can be applied to a single wheel or both the wheels namely single-channel ABS and Dual channel ABS. Both of them are very beneficial for the riders and work in the same manner but dual-channel ABS might offer better efficiency than the single-channel ABS in bikes. 

Benefits of ABS in Bike

An Anti-lock braking system in bikes can be beneficial as it can help one avoid serious risk of wheel locking during braking application on the road and much more. The following are the benefits of ABS in bikes:

Improves Control

ABS in bikes helps improve overall control and also balance of the wheel when brakes are applied.

Shorter Stopping Distance

ABS systems in bikes help reduce the stopping distance of the vehicle by applying efficient braking on the wheels.

Prevent Slipping or Skidding

Bike chances of slipping or skidding are reduced significantly by the use of an anti-lock braking system in the bike.

Low Wear and Tear

Tyres have low wear and tear chances by using ABS as it can reduce uneven brake force distribution on them and increase the lifespan of use.

Improves Safety

Overall safety of the riders was improved as a result of using the ABS system in bikes. It can provide better traction control and also helps stop the bike more efficiently.

Peace of Mind

One can ride their bike with peace of mind with ABS as it can give them better confidence in controlling their vehicle on the road.


One can ride with peace of mind with the ABS system on the bike. Today many people prefer using ABS on their bike as it can give them better control over their vehicles and also improves the overall safety of the bike. ABS can be a bit costly to apply but is worth the upgrade as it can also improve the value of the bike. One should also get bike insurance to protect themselves from any future unforeseen risk. Now, one can easily get insurance for their bike in just a few easy steps from Quickinsure by visiting the official website and comparing various available plans and choosing the one that meets all of their requirements.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is ABS better than traditional drum brakes? 

Yes ABS is better than traditional drum brakes as they give better control over one vehicle.

Q2. Why has ABS been made mandatory for bikes?

The government has made ABS mandatory for bikes with engine capacity above 129cc to improve vehicle road safety.

Q3. Does ABS increase the value of one’s bike?

Yes ABS increases the value of one’s bike as it can help the bike remain protected over a long period on the road.

Q4. Why should one buy insurance for their bike?

Getting insurance can help one mitigate any financial risk that may come from any unforeseen future circumstances.

Q5. Where can one buy bike insurance?

One can easily get insurance for their bike online in just a few easy steps on Quickinsure by visiting the official website- https://quickinsure.co.in/ and compare various available plans and choose the one that meets all their requirements.

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