Natural disasters are one of the most unforeseen and unpredictable accidents which can cause huge losses on one’s assets as well as put a financial burden on one's wallet. This is why one must always be prepared in case of a future natural disaster whenever it may come by getting their bike insured with a good insurance policy. Here we are going to look at bike insurance coverage in natural disasters and bike insurance benefits.

What Is Called A Natural Disaster?

Natural disasters are classified as natural calamities which can cause huge loss of life, community, and livelihood of one. Mainly natural disasters as the name says come in the form of earthquakes, mudslides, floods, drought, etc. Almost all natural disasters are unpredictable and give little time to one to protect their assets and livelihood and cause massive financial losses. One can never predict such a disaster, but one can protect themselves from it by buying insurance that only helps mitigate the losses but also protects one from going into a financial crisis.

Benefits Of Bike Insurance In Natural Disasters

Getting comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for your bike can not only protect your bike in the long term but also help mitigate huge financial losses if one bike were to be damaged in a natural disaster. Additional customers can also get add-on coverage for their bike if it were to get water damage, needs the replacement of a spare part, or requires consumables replacement, etc.

The following are the benefits of bike insurance in natural disasters:

  • Zero-Depreciation Coverage: By getting comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for their bike one can get a zero-depreciation add-on to their insurance which can help one get the complete value of the bike after it has been damaged or lost the natural disaster and is no longer fixable.
  • Extensive Engine Coverage: A comprehensive two-wheeler plan can help one protect their bike engine extensively as one can get the entire engine replacement or get complete monetary compensation for the repair work done on it due to water damage, dents, engine parts missing, etc., by insurance claim.
  • Extra Consumables: The customer is also getting compensation for all the extra consumables which have been used to get the bike working again by getting a comprehensive two-wheeler consumables add-on.
  • Spare Part Replacement: The customers are also able to claim compensation for all the spare part replacements done on the bike, so it works again after the natural disaster.

How To Claim Insurance For Natural Disasters

  • Take Photos: One needs to immediately take photos of the condition of the bike and a record of the bike's condition after the natural disaster as it may help their claim as to the damages.
  • File for a Claim: The policyholder needs to file for the claim and request monetary compensation to reduce his financial losses.
  • Submit all Proof: One to show or submit all the proof which are required by the insurance provider such as identity documents, bike ownership documents, bike registration, bike insurance documents, and the photos of the damages which were recorded as proof of damage to analyse the extent of the damage and get the compensation.
  • Wait for Inspection: The insurance provider might be sent in as an inspector to inspect the condition of the damage to which one is claiming it to be on their bike due to the natural disaster. 
  • Settlement: After all the due diligence the insurance provider will approve the claim and will settle all the disputes of monetary compensation with the policyholder.


Natural disasters always bring chaos and cause huge damage to one's life and livelihood. One can never predict when the next natural disaster might happen, but one can always protect their bike by getting a comprehensive two-wheeler plan. It not only helps mitigate any future losses but also eases the financial burden on one family. One can now easily protect their bike by getting an insurance plan in just a few easy steps on Quickinsure by visiting their official website and comparing various plans and getting the one that meets all their requirements. A comprehensive two-wheeler plan can also help one get add-on coverage such as zero depreciation, spare part replacement, extensive engine protection, and consumables replacement.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can one get bike insurance for natural disasters? 

Yes, one can buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance package and protect oneself from natural disasters.

Q2. Where can one buy insurance for their bike?

Visit the official website of Quickinsure and compare various plans and get the one that meets your requirement. 

Q3. How much can one get under zero-depreciation coverage?

If the cost to repair the bike is determined to be 75% higher than the IDV or Insured Declared Value of the bike, then the insurance provider will provide the policyholder with the complete IDV amount of the bike at the time.

Q4. How much time does it take to claim insurance when a bike is damaged due to a natural disaster?

On average it takes 5 to 7 days to get the insurance claim approved by the insurance provider after due diligence.

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